Planescape: Torment


Superb world (or worlds) in greatly atmospheric background, memorable characters and one of the few RPG games you can actually finish using your brains rather than brawn!

You will never see anything like this. It breaks RPG stereotypes in crazy universe! Philosophical succubus, guy who lost his head... You can't describe this tou must play!

Best game ever produced. Take the planescape writers, and the fallout producer and you get the idea. This epic game is the only pieace ever produced that can touch the planescape setting.

Should be #1. Is no other game that has such a story behind it. This could and should have been a whole series of games.

Class. Full stop. This is role playing - which many of the games on this list simply are not.

The best story in rpg of all time

How the hell is this AMAZING game only Number 47?! Games that aren't even RPGs are ahead of this! Words cannot express how disappointed I'm feeling.

Such a strong storytelling. Rich and complicated characters, nice music and scenery. Trully, a masterpiece, the only hame it's own kind.

Easily the best d&d game ever. In fact easily the best game I have ever played. The story line is one which is so brilliant and fascinating that I had major trouble turning it off. The best charicters and twists in any game iv played. This game really should be number 1 but unfortunatley most rpg players will probably never play it as it is an old game now. Like rpgs on pc? Do your self a favour and find this one!