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21 Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology was the first game I ever played... So much memories... After 10 years, I still play it, and I enjoy it the same. That says something, doesn't it? It's just something else... It's the very definition of a simple game, yet it's awesome...

AoM for ever! - RigasUT

I love this game to death! My only regret is that it faced a natural death as newer games stole the spotlight. To this day I secretly hope that everyone will discover what a great game it is.

I used to no life age of mythology for so long... Great game! I really enjoyed it because the strategy is a lot like real life!

AoM is by far my favourite RTS game ever. The second best for me is Warcraft III, which says a lot.
AoM is extremely balanced, has near perfect game mechanics, has a fun story mode and I could spend hours with the map editor! It's such a shame that it didn't get so much recognition. I would've loved to see even more expansion packs including other civilizations and mythologies.

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22 World in Conflict

Unlike a lot of RTS games around, World in Conflict has an extremely good storyline, and is so immersive! I'm serious, the game story feels so right, and the game play in itself walk together with this immersive feeling that the game provides. It is so much fun, and beautiful to look, mostly because I, at least, think the game it is realistic with this new war concept. Seeing the battles, and the battlefields, the fighting taking place, the airdrops... the amount of things that happen, but not in a way that you could not follow. What I mean is that really looks like a real battle, the details of the game is another factor that helps in this realistic and immersive feeling. Like I said before, the campaign is one of the bests among the RTS games, and as you play to accomplish the objectives you really have fun, and as you keep playing you get more and more willing to keep fighting to proceed and find out whats comes next. Characters and the way that things go it's another factor that ...more

This game has a great storyline and an awesome engine. It is ought to be higher up in the list. This game was not marketed well but that doent mean that gamers should overlook this

This game's epic scale battles and amazing graphics along with very intresting weapons such as the nuke make it one of the best RTS games ever.

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23 Halo Wars

Extremely awesome, I love Halo wars! Halo Wars I like a tower defense (exceptional of the the campaign mode) Combined with a Halo game. Very good! I would really recommend trying the Halo wars demo on the Xbox 360 game marketplace or buying the full version.

Just awesome, one of the things that make Halo Wars better is that it is on a console, as many of us know, most console RTS suck, so it is a great game and for a console for the win

The best RTS ever! It combines HALO and Strategy games! You can't ask for more!

Best RTS on a console ever

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24 Command & Conquer: Red Alert

The Best RTS hands down. Thousands of people still play this game as well. Red Alert 1, has the greatest campaign I've ever seen, and red alert 2, was perfect for on line gaming. Red Alert 3 is total garbage, and any real red alert would agree.

I'm putting all of the Red Alert games, aldo Red Alert 3 is my favorite because of the graphics, before it was released I used to play Red Alert 2 all the time, and loved it.

First rts game I ever played. I still find myself loading it up! The expansion with Yuri and the mind control... My favorite game of all time.

One of two 'It' factor games, The original Redalert and Age of Kings defined the genre

OpenRA is an updated version of Redalert and is free to download

Watchout for TLOS RTS it has the same vibe and humor but on an epic scale

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25 Shogun: Total War

Very good game. Much better after playing napoleon total war. But rome total war is much better in my opinion its a must play if you like rts based on history good turn by turn game.

26 Age of Empires

The first was the best in my opinion. You can never beat the appeal of that game. Sure the graphics weren't much but it had style and I still play it even though it is 16 years old! All you AoE II players say "your armies aren't big enough" but you're just jelly. You don't need huge armies to make it fun!

The Best of the Best

I started to play aoe in 1999 with aoe trial. Got in love since then. I still play (2013) and still learn some strats, the replay is big on this game. You can outmicro / outboom / outstrategy your enemy in very diferent ways. The game has some bugs that should be fixed as well as balance better some civs. An improved HD version of age of empires 1 was released by Aoe 1, rise of rome, aoe 2, aoe 3, all great games!

27 Command & Conquer Red Alert 2

A C&C game is not in the top 10? WORST LIST EVER! This game had it all; though it's story is nothing to write home about, it's music is a memorable selection of techno tunes, it's graphics look good for 2.5D standards, and it's multiplayer was top of the class. I prefer Yuri's Revenge if only because it balanced characters such as Tanya, added new units, a whole new playable faction and team-based skirmishes, but that doesn't stop Red Alert 2 on it's own being worth your time and money.

It's 2015, I'm 16, and believe it or not I've been playing this since I was about 4, I still play it even today (well the expansion) and it never gets old, amazing game. Also if you ever feel you're getting bored of it, there are hundreds of AMAZING modifications for this game. The gameplay never ends. If you love RTS games and don't have this, get it right now. Be sure to pick up the expansion pack as well.

I still play this game today! This is by far one of the best RTS games because if its simplicity and allowing any individual across a variety of ages to get into the game. The soundtrack was superb as well as the graphics for a game made in 2000.

Just like what was said in the comments down below its one the best real time strategy games out there with crazy ww2-ww3 timeline and humor it's one the better pc games out there.

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28 Army Men: RTS
29 Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

Combination of RTS with TPS. Love the fact how you need a great commander at the same time skillful player.
Absolute masterpiece. The previous Savage : Battle of Newerth was great too

30 Heroes of Might and Magic III

Best strategy game ever made. No strategy game since then even came close to its brilliance.

Best strategy game ever made. Since then no other game has come even close to its brilliance.

Just amazing. I still play this game today, it's just so amazing. If you haven't tried it, give it a go at once!

Arguably the best RTS game of all time... and definitely should be top 10.

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31 Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

"This game hooked me on computer games. "

Same happened to me! Long long time ago!

This is the very first RTS game in history. The grand father of all the rest!

The original RTS! Plus I worked on it.

Westwoods first RTS... And more appropriately the father of the genre. Released in 1992 it game westwood 2 full years before the original warcraft (orcs & humans was released in 1994) and people started saying "wait who is Blizzard because the screen caps in pcgamer were looking pretty bad ass". The original C&C was released in 1995 as a response to Warcraft. Not only did this pc game hook me on pc games for life, but it also got me to read Frank Herbert's book Dune as well as watch the movie. It's a serious shame that the father of a genre was given such a follow up with Dune 2000... Which was bad enough to put tears to my eyes.

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32 KKND: Krush Kill 'n Destroy

Awesome game... Can't believe no one put this down as one of the top 5. It was this VS Warcraft back in the day. I have a serious appreciation for RTS platforms, and this one if certainly worth your time.

My all time favourite. I believe it is the godfather of all rts games

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33 Stronghold
34 Ground Control

Focused exclusively on the fighting side of RTS with no resource extraction or buildings construction. Two pretty balanced and different factions, a great background story for the single player and a multiplayer gameplay hardly beatable.
My best RTS of all times.

35 Shogun 2: Rise of Samurai
36 Stronghold 2

Very boring like eating fish along its hard pinning skels. Graphics amazing. Dead with music and speech. A game in d body box. When compared Strom hold crusader... Mony India. Sorry of my bad inglish

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37 Cossacks: European Wars

One of the best games I have ever played

One of a kind RTS game. Still have in my collection, And trying out the recently released Cossacks 3!

Fantastic game, with huge armies!

Massive battles!

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38 Making History 2: War of the World

A superior WW2 era strategy game. It focuses on grand strategy allowing you to control any nation during the period. Much like the Hearts of Iron series. Highly recommended. A very high quality title.

39 Men of War

This in mind one of the greatest RTS' of all time. Set in WWII you can control Japanese, German, Russian, British Commonwealth and American forces. Each one has dozens of soldiers, artillery, tanks, SP artillery, armored cars, special units and more.

I also love the unscripted bits. The joy you get watching as a p51 mustang fly down fire two rockets sending buildings crumbling and men flying. Only to be hit by an 88MM and sent into a dive, where it then slams into the ground its wings fly off as it rips down the street only to hit and wreck the 88 that downed it. Watching as a Goliath drives into a building filled with American soldiers whereupon it detonates killing a dozen men and completely destroy the building sending rubble flying.

The multiplayer is great too, with maps made for quick fast paced skirmishes, to large maps that become wars of attrition to dig out the bastards and set them alight with a Flammenwerfer.

Watching as a Russian sniper is taking ...more

Played many RTS games but this by far the best one I have ever played. It has realism but is very playable. Tank Vs tank combat is very realistic where one penetrating shot disables a tank. Also being able to break apart your squads allows you change out what weapons they have, so you can have an all round squads or a squad that solely specializes in killing a specific unit type.

I'm playing RTS from Dune and KKND, this one is by far the best one, if you can forget that horrid voiceover.

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40 Medieval II: Total War

Holy... 42?! Dang... I spent a lot of hours and way too many all-nighters playing this game. I always loved being Denmark, conquering all the way up to Russian lands, and then me and the Mongolian Hordes will just screw each other up. 'Cause I didn't have any good cavalry, and that's like, ALL they had.
Also, on the beginning of one play-through as Denmark, my Prince died in like, his first battle (Flaming Ballista to the face, direct hit), so I was really hoping my 50-something King aged would have another kid before kicking the bucket. Lo' and behold, he lived to like, 70, and had plenty more kids. Talk about luck!
Ahh, good times.

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