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The top ten best real-time strategy games of all time.

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41 Shogun 2: Rise of Samurai
42 American Conquest
43 Stronghold 2

Very boring like eating fish along its hard pinning skels. Graphics amazing. Dead with music and speech. A game in d body box. When compared Strom hold crusader... Mony India. Sorry of my bad inglish

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44 Anno 1404
45 Cossacks: European Wars

One of the best games I have ever played

One of a kind RTS game. Still have in my collection, And trying out the recently released Cossacks 3!

Fantastic game, with huge armies!

Massive battles!

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46 Star Wars Empire at War

While it does have a few balance issues, it is an incredibly fun game and got me into the genre of RTS.

For Star Wars fans, this game is a wonder

Persnally, I think this game is underrated and doesn't get all the respect it deserves...

Best sci fi game of all time

47 Making History 2: War of the World

A superior WW2 era strategy game. It focuses on grand strategy allowing you to control any nation during the period. Much like the Hearts of Iron series. Highly recommended. A very high quality title.

48 Crusader Kings II
49 Men of War

This in mind one of the greatest RTS' of all time. Set in WWII you can control Japanese, German, Russian, British Commonwealth and American forces. Each one has dozens of soldiers, artillery, tanks, SP artillery, armored cars, special units and more.

I also love the unscripted bits. The joy you get watching as a p51 mustang fly down fire two rockets sending buildings crumbling and men flying. Only to be hit by an 88MM and sent into a dive, where it then slams into the ground its wings fly off as it rips down the street only to hit and wreck the 88 that downed it. Watching as a Goliath drives into a building filled with American soldiers whereupon it detonates killing a dozen men and completely destroy the building sending rubble flying.

The multiplayer is great too, with maps made for quick fast paced skirmishes, to large maps that become wars of attrition to dig out the bastards and set them alight with a Flammenwerfer.

Watching as a Russian sniper is taking ...more

Played many RTS games but this by far the best one I have ever played. It has realism but is very playable. Tank Vs tank combat is very realistic where one penetrating shot disables a tank. Also being able to break apart your squads allows you change out what weapons they have, so you can have an all round squads or a squad that solely specializes in killing a specific unit type.

I'm playing RTS from Dune and KKND, this one is by far the best one, if you can forget that horrid voiceover.

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50 Medieval II: Total War

Holy... 42?! Dang... I spent a lot of hours and way too many all-nighters playing this game. I always loved being Denmark, conquering all the way up to Russian lands, and then me and the Mongolian Hordes will just screw each other up. 'Cause I didn't have any good cavalry, and that's like, ALL they had.
Also, on the beginning of one play-through as Denmark, my Prince died in like, his first battle (Flaming Ballista to the face, direct hit), so I was really hoping my 50-something King aged would have another kid before kicking the bucket. Lo' and behold, he lived to like, 70, and had plenty more kids. Talk about luck!
Ahh, good times.

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51 Warlords Battlecry III

I got hooked on the first warlords, the last warlords that was made didn't seem like a true RTS! The last warlords was turn based.

Love all the races you can pick and the heros are really original, one of my favorite games of all time

One of the best RTS Games ever. Amazing game, amazing strategies - best to play in LAN multiplayer.

I remember playing WBC2 when I was younger. Lately I found this game and I'm never leaving it again.

The variety of hero and class choosing is insane! You're doomed to find something you like here.

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52 Planetary Annihilation

Isn't even out yet, and it's already my favorite game.
If it delivers on even half of it's promises, it will be the best RTS ever.

Having followed it on Kickstarter, and read all I can come across on the subject, I can say that I have the deepest faith in these industry veterans to deliver a pure-breed strategy game of truly epic proportions.

I loved their previous work, and this time they are entirely unhindered by any publisher telling them what to do. Creativity unleashed, and a true passion for Real-Time Strategy. How could it possibly go wrong?

Well, it could turn out to take 23 years to develop, but other than that?

Looks Great. The fact that they promise the use of asteroids as bombs is epic. Planetary Annihilation will be epic. Hope the hype won't kill this game. Maybe it will get in top ten someday.

Tired of have corners in your RTS game map. Now in this game there are no corners and no ends in the map. the whole planet is your map. Even more, the whole solar system is your map.

It is one of the kind

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53 Empire: Total War

This is one of the most historically accurate and engaging games on this list. Games like starcraft and supreme commander are nothing more than glorified click-fests with no real strategy.

54 Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

The more you play FA the more things you will discover are possible. For instance I was watching a game replay and realized things I could have done. Also, just simple experimenting with game-play is enjoyable. Would love to see more games like FA.

This is and always will be one of my favorite games of all time next to Home-world, The massive scale of things and the fact that offense isn't always best like in almost every game you play out there.

I tried so many games, but this is so good! Try mods like experimental wars and you will love it!

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55 Imperium Galactica 2
56 Stronghold Legends
57 Total War: Attila
58 Warcraft
59 Battle Realms

Never got much light on the big stage but a very underrated and under appreciated game. One of the more unique RTS games of all time.

Easy play mode with 3 civilizations; I love the wolfs; and the training system for samurai to; easy, fun and unique RTS game. Love LF horses to :P

I have played a many RTS games and Battle Realms and it's expansion Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf has no other (competitor) in my opinion.. it's just different and it's just good.. much like supcom and the others/rest it has it's own pros and cons. Love Battle Realms any time of the day.

Awesome game, awesome engine, awesome characters, awesome graphics for that year, original, fun!

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60 R.U.S.E.

Fun WWII RTS game that is for both consoles and for PC. It allows the player to control and upgrade units throughout the years of the war and command units from all side of the battlefield.

RUSE uses some of the best techniques of a real war which are not found in other war games. I've enjoyed the strategies, techniques of RUSE much.

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