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61 Saga: Rage of the Vikings
62 Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction

With three unique factions, bringing three of the most iconic science fictional characters: The Aliens, Predators, and Marines, this game certainly deserves a spot on the list regardless of it's outdated graphics and console restricted title, it still has managed to excite the inner nerdy glee from controlling some of science fiction's bests!

63 Supreme Commander 2

I decided it needed at least a couple of votes. It was not as unique as its older brother, but I still enjoyed it. THe game is able to run on a wider range of computer software, making it more accessible to the casual gamer.

64 Ancient Wars: Sparta
65 Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

It's a faithful, in places even lazy copy of Age of Empires 2. But that's not a bad thing. This game takes the best and improves on it. There are some extra ways to royally screw up compared to AOEII. If you're attacked by air forces while not having anti-air units, good luck. If you're using air forces and the other guy does have decent anti-air defenses, even worse. This means an effective play style is (even) less based on sticking with your plans and more on intelligence gathering and adapting your play style to the opposition. And between extra fast scouts, several other fast units, airplanes and invisible jedi there are plenty of options for checking what the other guy is doing, each of which of course has their own countermeasures. This game really feels like they took an AOE game and took it up a notch. More options, more power. And the graphics and voice acting can be a positive thing as well, in places.

Very fun game I use to love playing it. They need to make a updated version. A lot of teams to chose from and all unique.
Although starcraft was just the most amazing 1. - critcakes

My favorite star wars rts and very easy to get in to. If your good at Aoe this game is for you. Great visuals and fantastic designs for some of the most recognizable and some of the more obscure creatures and characters from star wars. My only complaint are the fake sounding voice actors :S

Very good Age of empires 2 clone improved a few thing as well as star wars themed

66 Europa Universalis III

EU 3 has no graphics but it deserves to be at top 5. One of the coolest RTS I've ever played.

The game is huge and complex.
If you really like strategy this is the game to try.
You can play it for a lot of hours.

67 Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

This is the third best C&C game and the last one on this list, this game was extremely fun and addictive, compared to its horrible sequel ( C&C 4 ).

C&C3 is fun to play RTS with three factions each with unique units and abilities, visuals of this game are awesome.

68 Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II

Way underrated, a true strategy game, with amazing action and very intense multiplayer gameplay.

I was introduced to RTS game with AOE but it was with Dawn of War that I fell in love with RTS games. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be addicted.

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69 Warzone 2100

One of the greatest games I've played since I was a kid. It was the first RTS I've played which featured three-dimensional camera control features.

It's defining characteristics was its customizability. You were able to create tanks through different parts using chassis, drive systems, and mounted objects. The greatest thing about the game was how most of its battles were just me throwing hundreds of missiles to the enemy. That was truly an impressive sight for me when I was a child.

70 Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

VERY underrated...your units actually level up (and this was way before Warcraft III)...East Asians, Arabs, and Medieval have Dragons, Ninjas, Knights, Jinns, it's amazing.

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71 Impossible Creatures

I love it you seem a genial Frankenstein

72 Dungeon Keeper 2

Original, funny and addictive. Not like any other game on this list and by far a lot more fun then a lot on this list. I still play it to this day. Everyone should get a hold of it.

I was deciding between Total Annihilation, Tzar and Heroes of M&M until I saw this game where the decision became a no-brainer, even despite how great the others are.

The most outstanding rts.. Very unique.. N extra fun...

73 Populous: The Beginning

Old as hell, But you WILL NOT be disappointed no matter how high you hold your standards, this will meet them. Rain death on your enemies with meteors Volcanos and Tornados. Beautiful.

A very unique, now almost legendary game. Although it is an RTS, it's pretty simplistic at being one.

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74 Sudden Strike

Most awesome game of its time, not many people know about it but it was the best...

For me Sudden Strike I, II and I are by far much better than Company of Heroes

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75 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

The game that helped sink BigHuge after the success fo Rise of Nations. It's a shame really, as in almost every way this is the better game. Highly original, madly inventive and lovely to look at, it remains an extremely contemporary gaming experience. It might be the last of the classic old school RTS. It's certainly one of the very best.

76 The Settlers

It's not much more than a RTS game, but it's still a very good game that is easily enjoyable. It's not a game with heroes with abilities, or with any jaw-dropping graphics, but if you're looking for just another RTS game that can give some fun times, look no farther than The Settlers.

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77 NetStorm Islands at War
78 Hearts of Iron III

Is the best way to describe this game. Grand strategy at its finest. It might not be on the ground controlling individual soldiers. Instead you control a country, any country from 1936 to 1948. With a huge tech tree with thousands of possibilities. I led the country of Germany, instead of starting war with Russia I calmed them down and focused all my forces to the west. Keeping England, Canada and America at bay as I had my scientists working on Nuclear technology. I then crossed the English channel as my strategic bombers dropped nukes on key British cities sending them back to the stone age. The possibilities are endless and you are given a large amount of freedom. Playing as the island nation of Haiti, I led my Haitian people to conquer the Dominican republic and then onto Cuba. Whereupon I leaned towards the Axis forces and started attacking small countries in south America. What other game lets you do that. None I say (Other then previous Hearts of Iron games)

Playing as ...more

Great game. I agree whole heartedly with the post below me. This is a fine grand strategy game, Uses the Europa Universalis engine. A fine WW2 era strategy sim.

79 Star Trek: Armada

Loved this game and the story line was awesome. Definitely a great RTS for fans of Star Trek or non fans alike. The multiplayer was fantastic. There was plenty of room for strategy with each faction regardless of play style. I wish they would have done as well with sta2. If only they would make another installment as good as the first!

Published in 2000 by Activision this rts was one of my all time favorites and in my opinion deserves a spot at the top, in its prime it had good graphics, exciting multiplayer matches, and a great community

80 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution

In my opinion still the best, strange that its not among the top 10! Intense dynamic combat, very fast paced, with and a nearly infinite variety of tactics and strategies. It's indeed a bit like chess in real time, and very very exciting. But unfortunatly it doesn't have a huge fan base like SC, cause it many ways it is superior. A real shame that this Gem might die off cause of lack of new players.

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