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101 Gangland - Trouble In Paradise

The best and well... ONLY competitive Mafia RTS out there. It's a shame it never caught on, with a bit of balancing this game could be unique and great. Multiplayer still runs a bit, but single player is very rewarding to play.

102 Pikmin 2
103 Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction

With three unique factions, bringing three of the most iconic science fictional characters: The Aliens, Predators, and Marines, this game certainly deserves a spot on the list regardless of it's outdated graphics and console restricted title, it still has managed to excite the inner nerdy glee from controlling some of science fiction's bests!

104 Pikmin 3 V 1 Comment
105 Dawn of Steel
106 Age of Empires Online
107 Europa Universalis IV
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