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101 Sins of a Solar Empire

Complex, but very fun! Takes a bit of time to learn it but it guarantees a lot of good, fun game time.

102 Wargame: Airland Battle

The series in general is something I've never played before, massive wars, slower passed game play, big maps all allow for a Real RTS experience. Plus its always fun to watch the giant wars by zooming right in.

103 Travian
104 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
105 League of Legends

Fun, awesome game-play, and great graphics. I strongly recommend it, if you like strategy based games this is the best choice for anyone in my opinion.

Aah why is not League of Legends best fps because is not fps
And isn't rts do you understand this

One of the biggest MMO currently.

League of legends is the number 1

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106 Universe at War

Universe at war is an RTS game which has 3 playable factions, the Hierarchy which are alien mostly, and the faction that invades earth in Universe at war, the Novus which have been chasing the Hierarchy around the universe fighting them for who knows how long, and the Masari, an ancient god like race that has been sleeping for a millennium.

In Universe at war Each faction has their own unique play styles. For example, with the Hierarchy you can stomp around the battlefield with 3 types of Giant walkers with customizable hardpoints and deploy units from them and kickass. The Novus which can be pretty deadly in numbers, spread virus' that they can use against enemies to slow them down, remove fog of war around them ETC. And use the flow network to get around kickly and also use for ambushes. Or the Masari which have 2 different modes, 1 which gives them "dark matter armor, " better rate of fire, but air units no longer fly and they do less damage, and the other mode has ...more

This game is so underrated, but I love it! I have no idea why people don't like it, some people have never even played it, it's a really fun and action-packed game.

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