Supreme Commander


This game adds strategy and scope ranging from quick rushes on 5kmx5km maps to 81km to 81km maps with numerous tactics and strategies at a player's disposal. You can essentially do anything on this RTS game, there's so much diversity. The unfortunate factor is after playing this game, all other RTS games fail in comparison. I recommend watching videos on Praisegugleourmaster's youtube account to see the gist of things. Make sure to google Forged Alliance Forever (FAF) if you're interested in this game.. Its the community driven fan site.

Supreme Commander is easily the best RTS game I've ever played. It blends tactics and strategy together in such a way that you can win EITHER by out-thinking or by out-playing your opponent. To be truly good, you need both mechanical skill and the ability to apply said mechanical skill in the best way possible. The only other game that even comes close is Starcraft 2, and I feel that places too much emphasis on mechanics and too little on everything else.

This game offers by far the most comprehensive RTS-experience one can have in 2012. The player is constantly engaged in small skirmishes across the map. However, in contrast to many other similar games, the player must also make large-scale strategic decisions in order to win.

While todays RTS tend to reduce the old idea of base-building to just a few and the decision whether a match is won edges closer to the tactical level, Supreme Commander and its expansion Forged Alliance steer into the opposite direction. Sporting armies easily numbering the hundreds, the players have to focus on the rather 'Grand strategy' part, deciding where to put their resources to good use. And, unlike most siblings at this level of strategy, the player is supported by its UI, not obstructed, allowing for a rather relaxed management unlike some click-fests.

Albeit the learning curve is rather steep at the beginning, those looking for a more "strategic" game are rewarded.

I never liked rts games but when I first time tried to play this one - I got wondered.
This is how should look every rts game - epic scale, lot of tactics, lot of units, lot of micro & macro, very smart eco system, equilibrium in factions & etc.
Playing since 2007 year, even star craft 2 didn't impressed me like Supreme Commander & Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance

There is so much diversity in this game. Battles range from tiny bots battling it out, relying on the players' micro, to massive artillery battles, to massive experimental weapons of mass destruction. There are nukes, satellites, customizable command units that can fry any unit with its overcharge ability. It has a better economy system than any RTS out there, and the best naval combat I have ever seen. You can get both versions of this game for 11$, and it will last forever. Try it now.

Definitely the best strategy game made. This game has everything from the small scale micro to the epic strategy elements. Each team is very individual and balanced well. Another big winning point is the economy. It is the best I have ever experienced in a game, much more involved than any other game of this type. Overall, the most epic game in the world :P

Even thought Starcraft is more popular, it seems mostly because it is simple. Supreme Commander is simple in it's economy, just like starcraft (without having to build pesky buildings to increase unit cap) however, it has much more complex gameplay and economy balance. It's not just a spam and conquer like starcraft, this is a true strategy game, deserving of the title, with it's perfect scale, and massive battlefields, and not just a spam and conquer game of tactics.

This game was really held back by hardware reqs upon release and slow patching from the dispute between publisher and dev, but all those problems are behind the game now in its current form on 'Forged Alliance Forever'. Truly one of the top 3 greatest RTS made, and certainly the most epic.

So many different strategies possible with Supreme Commander and its expansion, Forged Alliance. I love how there is a hero unit that determines the match by playing as the player's avatar, yet also can be used a combat and building monster for deciding the game from beginning to end.

RTS made for the mind as well as well as the keyboard. Only a few will like this game, but those that do won't ever play another. After an initially high investment into learning the game, you will be hooked for life and your real life will suffer as a result.

This is the only true real time strategy game. The key word here is 'strategy'. All other so called rts games are actually rtt (real time tactical games). Strategic views in the game allow you to see artillery fired from one location and impact another location 20-50 miles away. Get the 'Forged Alliance' version. The newer version is dumbed down. This game is better than the other 'rts' games I've played including Red Alert 2's Yuri's Revenge with Mental Omega add-on, Rise of Nations, Generals and the Medieval Total War series.

Best rts ever with forged alliance expansion, yes it can be a bit hard on an old pc, so worth the effect and now with the new forged alliance forever client and an active community of players and mods with 100's of maps, and lastly how many rts games let you build 1000 units and buildings to bash your opponent with laugh out loud not forgetting up to 12 players in a game.

Fun to play and truly a strategic game. Supreme commander allows you to utilize micro, unit combination, and macro to an incredible level. Every game you play is truly about strategy.

Easily the best 'Real Time Strategy' game ever made, in terms of size and scope. Where as Starcraft may have tried to focus on delivering a polished small scale strategy game, Supreme Commander captures the essence of fighting a war rather than a battle.

Supreme Commander is low on the list because of its complexity. But if you actually understand how to play it quickly becomes apparent that it is vastly superior to every other RTS. Its not even close between 1st and 2nd place.

This is an awesome game, far better than the most of the games on this list. The only reason its voted so low is because a majority of today's gamer's enjoy simplistic point and click RTS that have been released over the last decade, but hey.. Just my honest opinion.. Also.. The Supcom community is the best community I've been apart of.

Most games that claim to be "Strategy" games are simple, claustrophobic, and turn into glorified clicking contests. If you want a game that does away with pointless micro, allows for massive scale battles and encourages combat at the actual strategic level using strategic weapons, this is the game for you.

It's been said before... Other 'strategy' games are simply tactics. The amazing strategic zoom feature and huge maps allows for a true ebb and flow on maps as you counter successful attacks with powerful counters.

The Forged Alliance Forever project continues to improve the community.

This game has surpassed the average RTS player. IF you are tired of video games, and what freedom, try this game and if you survive the noob bashing you will experience RTS on the biggest scale.

There is no RTS which has the depht of this one. There are games which are over after 10 minutes but if the opponents are equally good these games can easily have more than hours of full warfare with all kind of units this game offers. Hard for beginners but best for real strategists.

Learn the difference between a "strategy" game and a "tactics" game. Supreme Commander's immense scale and huge number of unique units leave room for so much creativity. It one of the only real "strategy" games on this list.

Supcom, and FA specifically, offer a level of complexity and tactical diversity unmatched on this list. The list of features separating this game from the pack is too extensive to list but can be found with a little homework. What turns many new players away from the game is the fact that the entry level will lose at the beginning. This isn't PAC-man. Proficiency requires determination, intelligence, humility, and an unflinching love of real time strategy. CoH shouldn't be within a 5-mile radius of this list.

Supreme Commander, despite its age, still offers one of the most complete real time strategy experience on a PC. Huge battles raging across whole worlds, hold one's breath for that one leverage which can change the tide... Can you handle it?

A complex stress test of the players multitasking abilities. Eco is imperative as a rate of spend and recieve fluctuates constantly, much like life. Good micro is critical and strong macro crucial as the scale of game play grows almost infinitely. Bring a strong CPU because you're going to need it. The FAF community referred to by Beastmode is a true testament to the quality and longevity of this game. New mods and balancing are a constant evolution and the community itself functions as an active participant in future versions. I love this game.