Best Rugby Union Club Teams

Could be from England, Wales, France, South Africa wherever but they can't be national teams and they must play union.

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1 Leinster

Simply put Leinster are the best overall team in the world. There are twice the amount of teams in the northern hemisphere leagues than in the south so the odds are greater to win there. Therefore to win the amount of titles that leinster have put them ahead of any other team worldwide. Some people say that because the international teams in the southern hemisphere win more titles than those in the northern then that means that the southern hemisphere clubs are better, nonsense. Just look at the record of the British and Irish lions against the clubs of the southern hemisphere and you will see that. Although not the same as individual clubs it shows that teams from the northern hemisphere can win down south. Its something that I for one would love to see. Anyhowleinster have the stats to prove that the are number one, fantasies aside.

Best squad ever. They are deep with subs and have the determination to come back and win. They also have loads of world class quality in players like, Rob Kearney, Brian O'Driscoll, Jonathon Sexton, Jamie Heaslip and Isa Nacewa. They are clearly the most consistent team in Europe and they are the best. They could beat any of the teams listed and have way too much talent to stop winning. Also they have won the heineken cup more than munster could ever dream of so it is clear who the best team is.

Crusaders are a team of team of the past. Leinster are clinical and punish the slightest of mistakes.
Strong in all positions, attacking and defense. I would like to see them play crusaders, it would be interesting. If it were a friendly crusaders would win like in most games New Zealand teams play, but, it it were a competition leinster would could come out on top.

Better than crapy munster

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2 The Crusaders

Firstly one cannot compare the northern hemisphere domestic competitions to southern hemisphere rugby. Traditionally South Africa, New Zealand and Australia have been the best Rugby teams in the world. Super rugby is leagues ahead of anything else. The traditional "best super team" are the Crusaders. Next best would be the Bulls. Either of these teams would smash any team out of the northern hemisphere.

One can't look past how good the crusaders are they haven't won super rugby since 2008 but played in semis against the bulls at the high veld and played a flash hot reds in 2011 and lost to the eventual champs the chiefs the past two years, just look at the quality of opposition they play each week, English and French clubs would struggle even if they hosted the crusaders

Definitely the most successful team for many years. Its a pitty their winning coach left to coach the Australian Rugby team! Because ever since then, theyve lost badly lolz. - Hummer09

They show potential of regaining their former glory.

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3 Waikato Chiefs

Waikato Cheifs win almost every game they play! Surely you should vote for these guys, I mean, they have some of the All Blacks best players! And we all know that the All Blacks dominate.

They the best

We got Sonny Bill

Chiefs unstoppble

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4 Munster

Munsters legacy is great but they have slowed in recent years. Never fear though because they look to be getting back into there mojo again. Come on the red army

Munster are capable of beating any international team, Australia being their most recent victims.

In terms of shear rugby pride and support I don't think anyone on the list even comes near to matching munster.

Just look at the history of the club we have international wins over new Zealand and Australia

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5 ASM Clermont Auvergne

Best European club at the moment

They are players. They are industrial. They are inventive. They are losers. They are thé best!
So many memories with AS montferrandaise. So many Genius.

6 Biarritz Olimpique
7 RC Toulonnais

They've got the best players of any club and the best bank balance that can bring in the big names easily, such as ma'nonu and Brian habana, and at one point the greatest fly half Johnny wilkinson, as well as a dominant forward pack.

I love Toulon I think they are the best team in France with Montpellier

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8 Saracens F.C.

Back to back European Champions Cup titles and on the verge of achieving the same in the Premiership, Saracens have become a powerhouse in the club game, and with the age profile of their players, they can only get better!

Saracens F. C are the best club franchise and the best financed in England and have a brand that is moving much quicker than any time in the world

Premiership champions again and our team has won every domestic trophy this year men's and women's plus A teams, plus just beaten in the semi final in Europe.

Again back to back European and wining the Double in euro and England, if the European cup final wasn't fixtured at such a ridiculous time a week before the semi final and final of the English league we would of won the double double as injury's are huge and fatigue great for success. also the six nations should be moved to make it a fare season for all clubs.

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9 Western Province

Definitely agree with daiyaan Leicester won't know what hit them

Daiyaan knows whats he talking about but I think he's making habana sound too good

Iv watch many of there games by there home ground newlands like any other Capetonian and we all agree they are top 5 not 10,

I like Western Province

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10 Stade Toulousain

The best records in Europe and probably in the world. Find me another team that won 19 national championship and 4 continental cups at this level. Winner of the 1st European cup and always there since then! The team is usually compared to what Real Madrid is to Football

Won the European Cup for 3 years in a row

Toulouse has the most prestigious record of achievements in European rugby.
This team should be re-named Touwin.

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11 Leicester Tigers

Have dominated club rugby since the mid-late 90's, winning countless premiership titles and league cups, as well as 2 European cups and a number of appearances in the final! Easily the most successful and consistent, and always provide a strong contingent for the England team,

The most consistent club in the UK since the professional era. Have finished top of the table more than any other and have been in more finals than any other team. The silverware is part of the story but the fact that they are ALWAYS there is telling!

Consistently the best club team in the world. The cups and league statistics prove this. They are the Manchester United of club rugby. Occasionally, another team will win the league but it's only seen as a blip!

Dragged English rugby into the professional era.

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12 Glasgow Warriors

Finalists in the pro 12 2 years ago and winners last year, looking good again this season. Maybe not the best team in the world. But getting bigger and stronger

Really good team great players and coach

Strong team in defense play in a team good sportsmen ship

13 Aviron Bayonnais
14 The Sharks

Never one super 15, however they have been finalists numerous times and have one of the best home records the world has seen. Unbeatable at the shark tank, just not this year...

They play very good always doing what they should be doing they focus and wow they are the best team ever

The Sharks is the best rugby club in South Africa and I think they should play against other clubs around the world to show their strenth


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15 The Bulls

They are the most consistent team in the world if you look at international and domestic competition. Domestically they won 23 out of 53 currie cups from their inception in 1938. Internationally they are the second most successful team in the super rugby and they are one of the only if not the only team to have beaten all the first tier test nations

They are the most succsesfull South African super rugby team and in my opinion they must be the best club in the southern hemisphere... if not the world..

For years players has been bought (Stolen) by Nothern clubs to the point where the Bulls were almost completely depleted. However, even in the midst of this did they win the Super 15 3 times. I would like to see another club depleted from buyouts can do this. Most of the Southern hemisphere teams may, but would struggle. The Nothern teams under thest condition would fall apart faster than a matchstick house in a tornado.

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16 Llanelli Scarlets

Totally agree

Pro 12 Champions!

They've beaten international teams (All Blacks, Aus, RSA) there's no one better

British and Irish lions past and present, always produce world class players, always local talent, great club, fantastic fans, love rugby!

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17 London Wasps

Going strong not quite up with the saints in my opinion but still exceptional

They are simply the best

Slow process but denfintely in top 10

18 Stade Montois
19 Northampton Saints

Strong history and professional approach to playing the game as it should be played

Incredible first I think of

Second year at the top

Simply the best

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20 Stormers

I wouldn't say the Stormers are the best team in the world, but they're really good and are probably amongst the top 10. I love rugby so I watch any game that comes up. From what I see, there are few teams who can match the Stormers...

I love the Stormers

WOw you guys for me the stormers are the best TEAM EVER! How could they be in 20th place. You guys really have to watch them how well they play now. They might be at the bottom half in this year (2014). They won the cell c sharks, toyata cheetas and the western force. You all just think they suck because they at the bottom, but that still does not mean their not good. Stomers are not good, they ARE AWESOME! Guys just watch them then you know how good they are


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