Best Rugrats Episodes

Rugrats is a 1991 animated television series that focuses on the life experiences of a group of toddlers that become greater adventures in their imaginations.
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1 Mother's Day

The most emotionally powerful episode in the series as it deals with the death of a loved one. The ending poem was one of the most beautiful moments on the show

I've only seen the Halloween special.

Both funny and sad

2 Angelica Breaks a Leg

Best episode ever, and I never really watched much of Rugrats. The best part is that part where Stu make pudding and 4am

I love this episode, just like everyone else.

Why are you making chocolate pudding at 4 A.M. stu?

My personal favorite

3 Vacation

This one's great! Especially the plot where they went to Las Vegas.

This is a classic, perfectly funny in my taste!

Best rendition of Kim Wilde's song I ever saw

4 Rugrats Passover
5 Runaway Angelica

It's heartwarming how Angelica learns a lesson about unconditional family love

Drew showed Angelica real discipline here.


6 Angelica Orders Out

A very funny episode handsdown. - vestonbruno3

One of my favorites!

7 Reptar on Ice
8 Rugrats Chanukah

My favourite episode.

9 Angelica's Worst Nightmare

This episode is creepy and hilarious. - vestonbruno3

Who put this on here. It was creepy.

10 Mommy's Little Assets

It's cute how Angelica plays with the model city

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? Junior Prom
? The First Cut
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11 Barbeque Story
12 No More Cookies

I love the flashbacks in this episode, especially when Angelica was born.

13 All Growed Up

Sort of sad mostly because of how we grew to love these characters all these years.

14 Real or Robots?

A good instance between Tommy and Chuckie. - vestonbruno3

15 Runaway Reptar

One of the best episodes in the entire series in my opinion.

16 The Word Of The Day

Like Spongebob's Sailor Mouth, it deals with swearing in a hilarious way

17 Naked Tommy

I love that one it is so funny when phil points at lil's vagina and lil points at phil's penis

Like the commentary on social acceptance of nudity

18 Family Feud
19 Reptar's Revenge

For some reason, every time I watch Stu and Didi in the Tunnel of Love, this makes me think about the couple, and I began to have a crush on Stu. This made me love this episode for a reason.

20 Sand Ho!
21 Touchdown Tommy

Chick Hearn's in this, what more can you say?! - vestonbruno3

My favorite part is the chocolate milk keep away

22 Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch
23 The Santa Experience

Angelica really does deserve coal

24 Falling Stars

A perfect episode with a great Star Wars reference. - vestonbruno3

25 Ice Cream Mountain
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