Best Rugrats Episodes

The Top Ten Best Rugrats Episodes

1 Mothers Day

I've only seen the Halloween special.

Both funny and sad

2 A Rugrats Vacation

This one's great! Especially the plot where they went to Las Vegas. - vestonbruno3

3 Rugrats Passover
4 Angelica Breaks a Leg

Best episode ever, and I never really watched much of Rugrats. The best part is that part where Stu make pudding and 4am

Why are you making chocolate pudding at 4 A.M. stu?

I love this episode, just like everyone else. - vestonbruno3

My personal favorite

5 Rugrats Chanukah

My favourite episode.

6 Reptar on Ice
7 All Growed Up

Sort of sad mostly because of how we grew to love these characters all these years.

8 Angelica's Worst Nightmare

This episode is creepy and hilarious. - vestonbruno3

Who put this on here. It was creepy.

9 Angelica Orders Out

A very funny episode handsdown. - vestonbruno3

One of my favorites!

10 Real or Robots?

A good instance between Tommy and Chuckie. - vestonbruno3

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11 Family Feud
12 Runaway Angelica

Drew showed Angelica real discipline here. - vestonbruno3


13 Runaway Reptar

One of the best episodes in the entire series in my opinion. - vestonbruno3

14 Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch
15 Sand Ho!
16 Barbecue Story
17 Touchdown Tommy

Chick Hearn's in this, what more can you say?! - vestonbruno3

My favorite part is the chocolate milk keep away

18 Where's Grandpa
19 Mirrorland
20 Toy Palace

Probably my favorite - NostalgiaMonkey

21 Falling Stars

A perfect episode with a great Star Wars reference. - vestonbruno3

22 Chuckie vs the Potty

Hilarious - immarugrat

Probably my second favorite episode - NostalgiaMonkey

My favourite episode!

23 Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing

Best parts:

the beginning
Tommy rides Spike
the party scene
Tommy talks to Phil and Lil
Tommy's point of view at bedtime
the messy bathroom
the ending


24 The Family Tree
25 The Trial

Angelica, you're getting the chair!

26 The Mega Diaper Babies
27 Naked Tommy

I love that one it is so funny when phil points at lil's vagina and lil points at phil's penis

28 Angelica's Ballet
29 Grandpa's Teeth

Never comes on T.V.. - immarugrat

I like it when Tommy and Chuckie rode Spike

30 Chicken Pops
31 Cool Hand Angelica
32 Finsterella
33 I Remember Melville
34 Chuckie's Wonderful Life
35 Piggy's Pizza Palace

I just love this episode! Also, I think this can be the ONLY time where the babies help Angelica.

36 Tommy's First Birthday
37 Clan of the Duck
38 Chuckie Loses His Glasses

A bit scary too - Watchmojo

39 Baseball

Everything baseball related is here. - vestonbruno3

This inspired me to visit Dodger Stadium, AT&T park, and Angels Stadium

40 Ruthless Tommy
41 Hiccups
42 Mommy's Little Assets
43 The War Room
44 Music

You make me love you is so cute and so is this episode!

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