Best Run DMC Songs

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1 It's Tricky It's Tricky Cover Art

Awesome In Every Way

2 Walk This Way Walk This Way Cover Art

The original is better but this cover is pretty cool.

Best Aerosmith song

Shows that rap and rock can go well together.

One of my favorite Aerosmith songs

3 King of Rock King of Rock Cover Art
4 Rock Box Rock Box Cover Art
5 It's Like That It's Like That Cover Art

This is Run-DMC's most socially conscious songs, much better than walk this way; a song I consider overplayed.

Run DMC Rule

I think the top six should be

It's Like That
King Of Rock
Walk This Way
Mary Mary
My Adidas

6 Mary Mary Mary Mary Cover Art

Th greatest rap song ever made! Run DMC are the greatest rappers of all time, they are the pioneers of Hip Hop!

7 Down with the King Down with the King Cover Art

This is the Run-D.M.C. song that most appeals to my taste, less rap rock-ish and more pure hip hop

8 Sucker M.C.'s Sucker M.C.'s Cover Art

Great song. Tells story of how to get to the top and what fame brings

9 My Adidas My Adidas Cover Art

How this song ain't it first? It's the best Hip Hop thing ever

Classic, not much to say.

10 Peter Piper Peter Piper Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Christmas in Hollis Christmas in Hollis Cover Art
12 Jam-Master Jay Jam-Master Jay Cover Art
13 You Talk Too Much You Talk Too Much Cover Art

Yes this is a song for all the annoying blabbermouth's out there

I'mma play this song for all my teachers in school. One of these days.

14 You Be Illin' You Be Illin' Cover Art
15 Queens Day Queens Day Cover Art
16 Run's House Run's House Cover Art
17 Raising Hell Raising Hell Cover Art
18 Hard Times Hard Times Cover Art
19 Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do
20 Ragtime Ragtime Cover Art
21 Ghostbusters
22 Big Willie Big Willie Cover Art
23 The School of Old The School of Old Cover Art
24 In the House In the House Cover Art
25 3 In the Head 3 In the Head Cover Art
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