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1 Moving Pictures

Rush has too many great albums, each individually amazing in their own way. This was a very hard decision for me.

As an album this will be the best... all the songs are brilliant but listen to Xanadu and 2112.. they are brilliant but at the same time listen to fountain of lamneth... not very popular but its still good... but all the songs in this album are really good... Tom Sawyer, YYZ and Red Barchetta are breath taking!

Every Rush album has real gems. However this album never lets up in quality. I still listen to them all but having seen them do this whole album on last tour it has finally nailed this for me as the No1 (just). Farewell To Kings and Permanent Waves come close - Natural Science awesome.

Love Moving Pictures! 2112 was an album I couldn’t get into, way too conceptual for me.

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2 2112

Not gonna lie, I'm not a big Rush fan at all and I only know a few of their songs thanks to classic rock radio. But all that changed when I heard this. I was definitely in love with their first album because it was exactly what I loved most about music, but this album was what makes me want to listen to them a whole lot more. It's fantastic from start to finish and each time I listen to it I'm blown away. It's something else, really. There aren't good enough words to truly describe this masterpiece..

Rush's masterpiece. An amazing ride of excitement from start to finish. The title track 2112 is probably my favorite.

For me, 2112, Hemispheres, and Moving Pictures are all 10/10 albums. But there is something about this album that makes it better. It has the balladry of "Tears" the hard rock of "Something for Nothing". The creepiness of "The Twilight Zone. It has the foreign sounding "A Passage to Bangkok". And of course it has "2112" which is my favourite song of all time. This was my introduction to Rush and remains my favourite Rush album.

My favourite of their albums. 2112 got me into rush thanks to my dad. - ParasN2000

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3 Hemispheres

Rush is my all time favorite band, I'm a huge fan and know every song... And this is by far the best.
1) Hemispheres
2) Permanent Waves
3) 2112
4) A Farewell To Kings
5) Caress Of Steel
6) Fly By Night
7) Moving Pictures
8) Rush
9) Presto
10) Signals
11) Clockwork Angels
12) Grace Under Pressure
13) Counterparts
14) Roll The Bones
15) Test For Echo
16) Snakes and Arrows
17) Vapour Trails
18) Hold Your Fire
19) Power windows
As a major Rush fan this is how I would rank their albums from best to worst.

Sure, it only has 4 songs, but they are all tight, they are all beautiful, they are all unique, and all of them almost perfect. Whether it be the story-telling and awesome riffage of hemispheres, circumstances' cool 5/4 and story of introspection, the trees being a great song, or la villa strangiato being one of their most creative instrumentals.

Hemispheres is by far the ultimate punctuation mark on the band's albums from the 1970's. These four songs stand against that of its more widespread counterparts, and yet the themes presented and musical complexity of all four tracks are the deepest on any album. Every facet of the band is in perfect harmony, and yet still unequivocally rocks without being drowned out. When comparing the songs here to similar ones from other albums, Hemispheres is just more cohesive as a unified work, and isn't just my favorite Rush album, but my favorite album, period.

Short but amazing. My favorite Rush album and one of the best albums ever.

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4 Permanent Waves

Deciding the best Rush album is a near impossible task. On one hand, you have a perfect meld of Rush's 70's and 80's era in Moving Pictures. On the other, you have their absolute classic album and the recording that cemented them as a prog rock powerhouse, 2112, with that legendary masterpiece of a title track. On the other hand, you could say the vast amounts of experimentation on Hemispheres resulting in quite possibly the greatest rock instrumental ever, La Villa Strangiato, takes the cake for pinnacle Rush album. Well, in my opinion, (or at least at the moment) Permanent Waves is the defining Rush album. It shows so many elements of some of their greatest albums as well as introducing its own. The opener, The Spirit of Radio, and the second track, Freewill, show the album's more radio-friendly and direct nature, while still showing the well thought out and overall kickass nature of Rush songs before it. The next song, Jacob's Ladder, almost sounds like a mesh between sounds from A ...more

"The Spirit of Radio" and "Freewill" are probably the two best songs put next to each other on any album; oh, and the rest of the album rocks also.

Coming from someone who's mostly only heard their 75 to 82 output this is quite easily my favourite. Productions sounds great, particularly the lush guitar tone. I agree about 'Natural Science'. I love every track on this album, 'Entre Nous' is my favourite Rush track that doesn't have a solo

Freewill is one of Rush's most underrated songs. Spirit of Radio, of course, is famous too.

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5 Clockwork Angels

Three years ago I voted for Signals - I still listen to that album, Moving Pictures, Hemispheres, and A Farewell to Kings on a regular basis. I truly thought that their best days were long gone when they released this masterpiece! This is possibly their most inspired work since their 1976 - 1982 heyday. Every song is a masterpiece in this song cycle but the crowning glory, The Garden, brings a lump in my throat every time.

I love Rush - I hope that they go on for another ten years... But I really don't know if they can possibly end their career with a better song than The Garden or with a better album than Clockwork Angels. Well done, gentlemen!

Every song on this album stands out to me! It tells a great story and every single song on it has its own vibe that stands out to me unlike most of the songs on snakes and arrows which somewhat boring to me... I believe this album deserves to be #3 since even though its not moving pictures or 2112, it belongs up there with them!

For me the tracks that stand out the most are. Headlong flight and the garden. The garden is so cam and soothing to listen too. Great album

It took a while but eventually this album slowly climbed it way to the top of my list. - Ninjaturtlesforpresident

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6 A Farewell to Kings

The best of the long epic era. The short songs are good. The two long ones (Xanadu and Cygnus x-1)... I have no words that will adequately describe how awesome I think they are. Words fail me. (Honorable mention to Signals which I thing is number 2 and the best of the 80s era. And which I listen to now. )

Not to discount the obvious greatness of any of their albums, but after 2112, when they had free reign of creativity they decided to make A Farewell to Kings, which is incredibly political and philosophical. The only thing that could've made this album better is if it was also Hemispheres

You know... Xanadu is a masterpiece of proness like really complete by Cuba-khan... And closer to the heart will blow your mind to Saturn. Or Pluto. But musically rush is the size of Jupiter. And do not rate this comment irrelevant because I am just comparing. And a farewell to kings has like the best acoustic intro of the 70s man!

Excellent instrumentation. Original soundscapes. Thought-provoking themes. A refreshing, creative blend of progressive epics and hook-laden sing-alongs. Do your ears a favour and savour this masterpiece inside headphones! Timeless.

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7 Signals

This album is a true masterpiece and to me the best moment of Rush as well. It is full of high quality progressive rock compositions which make up a unique release in the history of rock music as a whole. It contains wonderful tracks that only a band with the musical skills and the creative ability of Rush could ever create and perform. "Subdivisions" is simply one of the best songs ever written and "The Analog Kid", "Chemistry", "Losing It" and "Countdown" are also spectacular.

This was the Rush album that made me a fan! I began to listen to their back catalog extensively after this. Ironically, it was the LAST of the great Rush albums. Never before or since has Neil's lyrics been as poignant as in "Losing It", Alex's solo as emotional as in "Chemistry", or Geddy's chops as superb as in "Subdivisions". I wonder if Rush could record another great album if they worked with Terry Brown again...

This album is simply breathtaking in scope and vision... From the opening Subdivisions to the closing songs Losing it and Countdown (especially the latter), it is a tour-de-force that barely lets go of the listener. I love Rush and their albums, although lately they do not entertain me the way they used to... Apart from 2 songs, Clockwork Angels was a disastrous monologue. Together with Grace Under Pressure, Moving Pictures and 2112, this is a classic!

This album has a great set of songs but also proved that the band could do synth-driven pop rock just as well as they could do fantasy-oozing old-school prog - dlbk03

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8 Grace Under Pressure

This album is really underrated in my opinion. I'm not even kidding when I say this. Sure, the synthesizers were introduced but you had songs like Red Sector A, Between the Wheels, Distant Early Warning (one of my all time favorites), etc.

For me, Grace Under Pressure has the best collection of songs, whilst there are better songs on different albums, as a collective, this is the best selection that Rush have ever produced. The first 4 songs alone (Distant Early Warning, Afterimage, Red Sector A, The Enemy Within) are enough to put this album at the top of my personal list. Followed by Hold Your Fire and Clockwork Angels personally.

This dark rush album is great. The opener, Distant Early Warning would give Subdivisions a run for its money. Afterimage almost makes anyone cry, and same goes with Red Sector A. This is the one Rush album u could dance too. Enemy Within is a reggae influenced song dealing with phobias and the enemy u deal with everyday, yourself. The Body Electric is this albums Red Barchetta, and is a great B-Side Opener. Kid Gloves is an amazing underrated song, and Red Lenses is an outlier song that will grow to be a favorite. The closer, Between The Wheels is one of th best tracks rush has ever produced. This album should be up there with Moving Pictures, 2112, and Hemispheres

Best Rush Album.

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9 Fly by Night

Has a brilliant mix of Zeppish-Rootsy Rock and Proggier stuff and Neil Peart has never sounded so exciting. Has some great under rated tunes (Making Memories, In The End) and even Rivendell reminds me of being a Tolkien obsessed teen. Can't believe it's below the God Awful 'Power Winders'

I think this is at least in the top three next to 2112 and hemispheres. I mean this is as raw of RUSH as you get. It's the first album with Neil Peart ( which is there second album). Every song on there is just Raw RUSH.

Fly by night take you away wherever you are... The song have spirit and is one of the one's there when I listen I feel in Rock & Roll Soul

An very great album, the best album that rush have maked

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10 Caress of Steel

Opening riff of the album is awesome!
The Fountain of Lamneth is a great and epic finish,
but it's The Necromancer that makes it the best Rush Album.

Moving pictures number 1? Most commercial album ever! The songs are good but I honestly think Caress was better because it was not a pop-sounding album and it is a much more fantasy-driven album. Moving pictures should be number 4-5

As much as I love Rush, I hate this album. It's a great album like all Rush albums, but it was a huge miss nonetheless.

Bastille Day is my favorite Rush song. It's badass. If you deny the utmost awesomeness of the Necromancer (especially the middle section) or the beauty of the Fountain of Lamneth, then you are, quite frankly, wrong. I only wish this album didn't get so much hate. - dlbk03

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11 Rush

Rush (the album) and snakes and arrows should be much higher just have to listen to them all the way through, they are pretty spectacular. Who am I kidding anyone of Rush's albums is spectacular.

This is not my favourite, but just working man alone puts it in the top ten. Without Peart it has a more Zeppelin feel than any other rush album. Still really sound guitar work.

When I heard what you're doing I thought it was led Zeppelin. I love this album, but my favorite album (by Rush and of all time) is signals.

Easily the best of the hard rock era of Rush. Fly By Night is bogged down by Rivendell and Making Memories, Caress of Steel has The Fountain of Lameness- sorry, Lamneth, and 2112 is their second best out of the first four by just a tiny little margin (That little margin is Tears). This album rocks hard from start to finish. No weak songs on the album at all in my opinion. But that's all this is, isn't it? An opinion - Aweso

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12 Power Windows

THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME. The production could be the best ever on any album. It's very 80's sounding, yet it what makes the album so good and gives it such a powerful sound. Plus, every instrument is clear and the dynamics are insane. I always test new audio hardware with this album. When it comes to the content itself, the lyrics are very thoughtful and the music is unbelievable; it is the perfect blend between rock, pop, New Wave, and prog. Geddy Lee has never sounded better, Neil Peart kills it like always, and Alex Lifeson's guitar solo on "Emotion Detector" is his absolute best. Easily the trio's finest hour.

This should be the best album, because it was an experiment with a new producer and new sounds and it was amazing. Mystic Rhythms is an amazing song as well.

Beautiful emotional songs. Maybe the most emotional Rush album. Very good arrangements. This is for me the best album from the Rush-synthesizer-period. This album feature very sustained Police-like guitar sound, great guitar solos, grindings bass and the perfect percussion.

There are no fillers on this album. A true masterpiece

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13 Counterparts

I liked the raw 'transistor' atmosphere of the guitar on this record... a healthy combination of heavy guitar and sophisticated rhythm-changes... the sound is 'full/weighted' without being 'thick' or 'stifling'.

Good distortion pedal work, too.

3 Words: "Animate" and "Nobody's Hero. " 2 of the most underrated rock songs ever released, this album really shows off just how good Neil Peart is as a Lyricist. "Alien Shore" is another personal favourite.

The heavy use of bass drums in songs like 'double agent' sound fantastic, and the production value of this album is great. One fantastic album.

By far the best overall album they have EVER Did! - Geddy1001

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14 Roll the Bones

An incredibly underrated album. I have no idea why so many rush fans don't like this. Every song is about randomness in life and it is just beautiful. The rap contained in the title track was never meant to say "hey look at us, we are trying to be young and hip, " it was simply a silly joke - further evidence of Rush's self deprecating humor.

I am a long time Rush fan and appreciate all of their work. RTB is without a doubt my favorite Rush album and one of my most played albums from any artist. I think the album has huge pop sensibility, and well, I'm a sucker for studio polish. This is an amazingly engineered album filled with soaring, airy guitar solos and plenty of 'verb. Totally my cup o' tea. Counterparts was a solid follow-on and definitely a close relative with only "Leave that Thing Alone" the instrumental from Counterparts besting "Where's my Thing" the instrumental from RTB. But there is only one Roll the Bones. No other Rush album has this exact feel. Many of their albums can boast a unique feel, this one is m personal favorite.

I encountered some fantastic gems when listening to this album the first time. Besides the amazing title track, you should check out Bravado, Neurotica and You Bet Your Life. Three surprisingly good songs in my opinion that deserve more attention.

Underrated and has no fillers in my opinion.

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15 Snakes & Arrows

Bringing back the instrumentals adds a flavor long missed

This will always be my favorite. It's a damn shame to see it so low.

I love this album too!

16 Exit...Stage Left

This is like a live "Best Of" album of songs from my favorite period of Rush (Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures).

I think many of the songs on here are superior to their original studio versions, especially the older songs where Geddy originally sang them with that annoying "banshee wail".

It is THE Rush album that prompted to me to buy all the prior Rush albums.

This is from far the best Rush Album for the reasons already given previously. As said this album has all the best songs created by the group until the early 80's. The mood in this album is also the best they had as a live testimony of their work. A must have to really know what Rush is able to give us.

It has all the best songs from Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves and a Farewell to kinks on it. What else do I have to say? It's the absolute best of CD!

This is the best live album ever.

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17 Presto

Easily Rush's most underrated album. The songs are catchy, well-done, and emotional. Show Don't Tell is a very good opener, The Pass is a very emotional, very beautiful but sad song. The band members justly say that it's one of their favourite songs. Scars has a great rythmm. Superconductor is catchy, Red Tide is somewhat apocalyptic, and Available Light is perhaps Rush's greatest closing song.

This isn't the best album, but it is one of the best, and I simply don't understand how it's all the way down here. Presto, chain lightning, scars, the pass, available light, and every other song on there is amazing.

To echo the others, this is a very underrated album in my opinion. Though I can't definitively say I think it's the 'best' Rush album, different moods fit different albums, it's usually my go-to when I want a Rush fix. Though darker and more subdued,tonally and lyrically, than much of their earlier work it's still very much Rush in my mind. I must admit that this album was my first introduction to Rush so there may be some nostalgia at work in my fondness for it.

Dark album indeed. Still underrated and needs more listens from fans

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18 All The World's A Stage

One of the best live albums ever. Rush showcases their talent and their hardest sound with a perfect blend of melody. There's nothing else like it

Certainly Rush's "Alive." If the drums were louder and the guitar quieter, this would be one of the best live albums ever. - dlbk03

Totally raw and energy filled. Geddy's voice in his prime!

19 Vapor Trails

This is by far the best album they put out since their comeback. What a comeback album! It's so emotional and raw. The musical compositions are fascinating and the lyrics are personal and just plain poetic. A vastly underrated album (even by the band members themselves). Its too bad the production of this album (and the newest one too) is so poor. With proper production this will become the classic rush album of the 2000's.

This album isn't liked because of the production. But if you get the remastered version, it's great!

Weakest album in my opinion but half the album is great


20 Rush in Rio

Possibly Rushes greatest live album
Nearly 3 hours of some of there greatest songs and for a great price!
Production value is spot on and the audience reaction is brilliant,
By far the best Rush live album, but in all honesty, Moving Pictures was the best...

21 A Show of Hands

A Show of Hands getting no love here! This is a hugely underrated live set. Rush fans, you need to revisit this album. I have this live set in regular rotation and across the board, all of the songs in this live set are better than the studio versions! Don't believe me? Have a listen: Mission (better solo), Witch Hunt (amazing guitar tone/crunch before there was Grunge Rock, a clear influence of that sound), Big Money (great here, but the Rush in Rio version is better), BY FAR the best version of Manhattan Project. Force Ten, Marathon, Subdivisions also stand outs.

22 Gold
23 Clockwork Angels Tour
24 R40 Live
25 Test for Echo

I love this album! But, yes, it has it's songs that are forgettable. The best song on the track in my opinion is Carve Away The Stone.

Dog years is one of the worst Rush songs but the rest of the album is gold. Deserves more attention and love

Really underrated. Better than anything they did between Signals and this. - IronSabbathPriest

Way better than their 1987-93 AOR period.

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26 Hold Your Fire

How can this be bottom, it is one of the top 3 along with clockwork angels and moving pictures, 2112 is good but has one song but everything in hold your fire is perfect, the balance between guitars and synth is spot on and every song has a great tune and beat and the lyrics are superb

The album that got me into Rush. It does not have the urgency and directness of the harder 70's albums but the arrangements and songs themselves still thrill me to this day. I love it

Don't know why this one got so much criticism... It's got some of the best Rush songs period, but it also produces beautiful music if you open your ears.

Every song on this album is great. Rush is life!

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27 Feedback

Definitely not their best, but still really fun at events like pool parties and just fun to listen to in general! Heart full of soul is an awesome rush song!

I have to point out that this is a cover album, great covers though. - yutex

28 Snakes and Arrows Live
29 R30
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