"2112" Album Review

Alpha101 This is one of the best albums ever. I'll defend my argument below.

"Overture/The Temples of Syrinx" is one of the best opening tracks that I've been privileged to hear. From the great guitar work, fantastic drumming, outstanding singing, and beautiful lyrics, it's still one of my favorite songs to this very day. I can still see everything happening in my head as I listen to the song, because the lyrics do a great job of painting the picture.

"Discovery/Presentation" is another good song! The guitars are soft and they wrench at my heart, and the vocals, while soft, fits perfectly with the song. Things do speed up, and it further adds to the desperation of the protagonist of the song.

"Oracle: The Dream / Soliloquy / Grand Finale" is, yet another great song. Things quickly turn for the worse for the main character, and he commits suicide because he cannot have the joys of music. The guitar solo is mesmerizing, and the ending is wonderfully made.

"A Passage to Bangkok" is a very strong track. It is one of the weakest on the album, but it's still pretty good.

"The Twilight Zone" has a surprisingly great opening. Things start out fast, but soon slows down. The chorus is great, and the lyrics are very well written.

"Lessons" is my least favorite. it has a pretty good solo, but that's about it, It's a pretty average song.

The song is called "Tears" for a reason. It's a very heart warming song, and is one of my favorite songs. The vocals are soft and harmonic, the guitar playing compliments the song perfectly, and it's simply an amazing song that needs to be enjoyed by all.

"Something for Nothing" is another lackluster track. Sure, it isn't bad, but it simply doesn't belong on a fantastic album such as this. I do love the lyrics "You can't have something for nothing. You can't have freedom for free," though.

While this album does have problems, it's still one of the most surprisingly good albums my ears have heard. If someone is looking for an experience similar to "The Wall," then this will be a treat for you.

9.2/10 - Great Album