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21 Rush in Rio Rush in Rio

Possibly Rushes greatest live album
Nearly 3 hours of some of there greatest songs and for a great price!
Production value is spot on and the audience reaction is brilliant,
By far the best Rush live album, but in all honesty, Moving Pictures was the best...

22 Gold Gold
23 Clockwork Angels Tour Clockwork Angels Tour
24 A Show of Hands A Show of Hands

A Show of Hands getting no love here! This is a hugely underrated live set. Rush fans, you need to revisit this album. I have this live set in regular rotation and across the board, all of the songs in this live set are better than the studio versions! Don't believe me? Have a listen: Mission (better solo), Witch Hunt (amazing guitar tone/crunch before there was Grunge Rock, a clear influence of that sound), Big Money (great here, but the Rush in Rio version is better), BY FAR the best version of Manhattan Project. Force Ten, Marathon, Subdivisions also stand outs.

25 Vapor Trails Vapor Trails

This is by far the best album they put out since their comeback. What a comeback album! It's so emotional and raw. The musical compositions are fascinating and the lyrics are personal and just plain poetic. A vastly underrated album (even by the band members themselves). Its too bad the production of this album (and the newest one too) is so poor. With proper production this will become the classic rush album of the 2000's.

This album isn't liked because of the production. But if you get the remastered version, it's great!

Weakest album in my opinion but half the album is great

26 Feedback Feedback

Definitely not their best, but still really fun at events like pool parties and just fun to listen to in general! Heart full of soul is an awesome rush song!

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