Best Rush Songs

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The Top Ten Best Rush Songs

1 2112 Overture / The Temples of Syrinx

2112 is a masterpiece filled with beautiful melodies/harmonies with a heap of emotion under neil pearts kick ass druming

A masterpiece where three awesome musicians show their skills. And I think Geddy Lee's vocals are very good in this song. If someone wants to know which kind of band is this, I think he should listen to 2112.

A brilliant epic by all three, featuring the greatest drum tracks of al time. Alex lifeson shows his chops, Geddy Lee gets his Groove on and Neil Peart just kicks ass. For twenty minutes.

Literally the song that brought Rush to the masses (even if it wasn't on the radio in it's 20 minute entirety that often). Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are all in top form throughout the 20 minute long epic, which at the end of it all is about and contemplates the concept of a world without musical individuality in the 22nd century, a prospect which resonates with all Rush fans as a horrific envisioning of our world. It all makes for a fantastic song, and the best Rush has ever produced.

2 Tom Sawyer

Very good song, although I
find it hilarious how Geddy Lee thought that this was the worse song on the album.

RIP to the Professor! We can here is drum fills now through all eternity.

What a bass line! It's so amazing that my ears cry for hear this song again and again and again and again and again and again... Again and...

This is awesome, it takes the instrumental section that they had developed on tracks like Free Will to a new level, for me they were 'prog rock' no more. It's so good to hear all these years later.

3 The Spirit of Radio

I'm not going to write some fancy critic comment. all I hve to say is that it is a great song. - thomasnirvanastroud

First song I heard from Rush and Spirit of Radio is still my favorite song after all this time. I just love everything, the instruments, the lyrics. Every time I hear the song I have to sing along!

I can't believe Spirit of Radio is so far down! Gosh... It's Rush's best song performed while they were at the top of their game! - AlexConley

This song is my all time favorite Rush song because it always makes me feel like I'm in a good mood and I always have to put it on in the morning because the "magic music makes my morning mood. " I just love this song. Period.

4 Limelight

What can I say, when I think of Rush this is the first song that comes to my mind

The lyrics are quite intelligent. Although, I my be defeating my point since I understand them...

Not just my favorite Rush song, but my favorite song of all time. The intro, the lyrics, and instrumental prowess, and the solo all make Limelight a masterpiece. - CaptDeadeye

Best non-super-prog-rock song by Rush. It's guitar and bass both intertwine really well. And what can be said about Neil Peart that hasn't been said before. The lyrics are also very prominent in this song, being some of Peart's best, talking about how he is shy and doesn't like to meet fans and be in the spotlight, or, should I say, limelight, because of it. - lavillaof2112

5 La Villa Strangiato

It starts out light and Mexican-style, which you don't really hear a lot in rock. The intro is a masterpiece in and of itself. Then it goes with the synth and light electric guitar, and it's just so soothing. Then it hits it hard with the riffs 1 & 2, which are so awesome and just make me feel like I'm doing sports or something. Then it goes serious, and it's some of the most moving instrumentation I've ever heard. Listening just to the solo proved to me that Lifeson is the best guitarist of all time. Then it goes into a gloomy 7/4 section, hits it hard with the riff from another song (what song was that? ), and everything becomes sporty again. It tells such a wonderful story, no words needed. Also, it's awesome how they've been able to transform it to their pleasing at all of the live shows. All of this from a dream.

This song can make me sad, happy, excited, aroused, pumped, scared... I think I ran out of emotions here. What I'm saying is if I had to pick one song to choose from before I die... It would be this piece of music that should only be labeled as a "masterpiece" and nothing short of a masterpiece. If Rush only published this song... They would still be my favorite band.

La Villa Strangiato is a masterpiece. Clocking in at just under ten minutes long, it starts out very folk-rock like, which is quite interesting. This first movement, "Buenas Noches, Mein Froinds" is very beautiful and helps to immerse the listener. The following section, "To sleep, perchance to dream" is a soft and almost trippy section that is meant to sound like falling asleep. The guitar riff and drum part slowly get louder and louder as the listener slowly gets entranced. Next up comes "Strangiato theme," the epic riff that is the centerpiece of the song. It is extremely energetic and propels the song forwards. The middle section of the riff is very jazzy and provides a slight bit of calm. Next up after that is my favorite movement, "A Lerxst in Wonderland." It starts out by fading away from the loud and raucous riff, before completely disappearing except for a drum beat from Peart. Then Lifeson starts the amazing guitar solo, one of the ...more

The greatest display of musical talent and creativity any band has ever shown. The amount of dedication that went into writing and recording it is incredible. To top if all off, it was based on a dream Alex Lifeson had.

6 Xanadu

This song takes me on a journey every time I hear it. Just when you think you've reached the end of the trip at the bottom of the valley, you climb to a new peak. Rush were my musical guides in finding Xanadu! The sweet milk of paradise never tasted so good!

The first of the "modern" rush epics that also include Natural Science and The Camera Eye. This is my favorite. The live version from Exit... Stage Left may be the greatest live version of any song ever.

The slow, opening guitar sequence blows me away EVERY time.

This song sounds so beautiful every time I listen to it. It is and forever will remain my favourite Rush song and I hope someday I get to hear them play it in concert.


Just finished learning how to play this! Greatest song of all time!

Very good song, I love all of these songs, but I had to choose this. I know about half of this on Bass, and it's no easy task. Keep on Rockin' guys. - JohnPaulJones

This is undoubtedly for me the signature songof Rush. It describes Rush music in every aspect. The instrumentality is very perfect. One of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time.

cmon tom sawyer?no way it should be 2nd best yyz is the best!
dont know why?ok..
1.yyz means toronto and they mad that song for toronto.2.geddy lee,alex,and neil show there ultimate skills in that song and not in tom sawyer so ya - migeezel3

YYZ is the international identification code of Toronto Airport - it's what appears on the luggage tags, tickets, boarding passes. - Metal_Treasure

8 Subdivisions

The Bass Line and synth show one of Geddy's best work. There is some kind of magic when the synth starts...

Just about anyone can relate to this song. That has to stand for something.

Seeing this song live changed my life. The synth solo in this song makes me see the world through different eyes. Such a true message as well!

Talk about knowing your audience! Like someone else said, almost anyone can relate to this song in some way. This song so eerily hits someone to their core and you realize how powerful music can really be when its true and done right!

9 Freewill

This song really highlights the entire band's talent. It is my favorite song on Rush's "Permanent Waves" Album and to be honest it should be between Tom Sawyer and The Spirit Of Radio (which by the way are two awesome songs as well) - RushFan123

This is my all time favorite song by rush, and in my opinon, it should be near Tom Sawyer

Alex's best, most skillfully displayed solo ever. Some of Neil's most thought provoking writing ever. And you gotta love Geddy's shredding just before the guitar solo...

This song definitely pushes the limits on Geddy's vocal range during the bridge, it sounded like he was going to hurt himself! I love this song!

10 Closer to the Heart

Such an amazing song. In my opinion, this is one of their best songs, I'd easily put this in my Top 5 favorite songs for these guys. Such an amazing band. In my opinion, Rush is one of the Staples for Rock N' Roll music!

Listen to this song on the different stages album... Then you will absolutely change your opinion on this being number 10

This is not my favourite Rush, but since my favourite Rush song is already decently high in this top 10, I am voting for "Closer To The Heart" because it deserves to be higher. This band was always able to give the public what they wanted and never steer away from what they loved.

Although Tom Sawyer is definitely my favourite. Got to give this a vote. The guitar work by Lifeson is so underrated. That guitar piece in the beginning is so great and than when the song kicks in it's a headbanger. Just because it's one of the more radio friendly short ones doesn't mean it's not a great song..

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11 Working Man

Their first true masterpiece, at the beginning of their recording career. Amazing guitars, drums, and some of Geddy's most incredible vocal work. It's not his most impressive bass work, but the rest of the instrumentation is as good here as it would ever be.

Blows away half the "radio-friendly" songs everyone is voting for, just an incredible guitar display by a young Alex Lifeson

The Robert Plant-style lyrics with Mitch Mitchell-style drumming and a Tony Iommi-style guitar riff make an amazing combination. Even though Neil Peart is not on here, the drummer on this is AMAZING.

I don't know any other hard rock song that comes close to Working Man except 2112, but Working Man has the blistering guitar solos and catchy riff elevate it above any other Rush epic in my humble opinion.

12 Fly by Night

Song is awesome I can't believe it's this low down. - ballaboi17

Reminds me of the foo fighters song learn to fly, to absolutely amazing songs, this sounds absolutely amazing and Geddy's voice is perfect for this type of song.

Can't believe its not higher, its probably not their most famous song, but is has everything rush stood for in the early days, love the main riff overall AWESOME SONG!

Can't believe this isn't top 3 just listen to the bass tell me its not the most beautiful thing you ever heard

13 Red Barchetta

How can you not like this song? In my opinion, the greatest song by ANY band. It's a great mixture of hard rock and progressive rock. It has a guitar solo. And, it's about a ' CAR. What is there not to like about this masterpiece of a song?

This is a great song so seeing your review do absolutely nothing meaningful to actually describe why it in particular is better than other rush songs pisses me off - dubsinthetubs

The best of Rush: Amazing musicianship; fantastic stand-alone story (albeit borrowed from another author); fluidly changing time signatures; and a pure rock feel. Besides, how much more rock can you get than a song about driving an awesome car?

FINALLY! RUSH WROTE A SONG ABOUT A CAR! HOW LONG DID IT TAKE? Screams of joy aside, this song is really great, and I love the story of the lyrics. It is really great to listen to while driving, believe it or not. - lavillaof2112

Red Barchetta just stands out among some great songs of theirs. Neil Peart is the best drummer in the world. Should definitely be in the top five. It is classic rock at its finest.

14 Cygnus X-1 Book II - Hemispheres

Rush had finally perfected their 20 minute song writing by the time they wrote hemispheres. You take songs like fountain of lamneth and 2112. They are incredible songs, but they don't have the same fluidity of cygnus x1 book ii hemispheres. the riffs fade in and out instead melding the way they do in hemispheres. fountain and 2112 are both great, but they are a different kind of great. hemispheres was done so well because rush already had experience with 20 minute songs after recording 2 already and by 1978, there musical abilities were off the charts. aside from the last minute, the song flows cycling through all the different licks and riffs over a course of 18 minutes and finishes off with a little acoustic jam. the fluidity and complexity of the song is what makes it the best.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is not only Rush's crowning achievement, but the best song to come out in the latter days of progressive rock. Hemisphere's complexity and lyrical mastery was a final hoorah for the whole prog genre before it finally faded into obscurity. This song should be at the top because for me it is the only Rush album that truly encompasses the bands true musical talent into four songs. There is not another epic, perhaps besides Supper's Ready by Genesis, that even touches the artistic merit of Cygnus X-1.

Seeing Tom Sawyer as far and away number one is frustrating because that's not even nearly their best song. Hemispheres has so many parts of musical GENIUS. The intro sets the tone, the next to sections are brilliant with the timely pauses (hopefully you know what I'm talking about) the next builds up, then there's the spacey effect that gives me chills every time, the following is such a powerful solo then the ending is a nice closing to the masterpiece

The first 4 and half minutes that just comprise the instrumental intro are absolutely epic! Mind-boggling riffs! And then I always find myself singing along to the Armageddon (The Battle of Heart and Mind) section because it's so damn catchy. The lyrics are awe-inspiring as well; it's all about that balance. And then you get that acoustic outro.

15 The Trees

These lyrics are not weird. If you listen no I really mean LISTEN it is about,iIt's about the Canadian separatist movement in Quebec. The general consensus is that Canada has become too British, and the French separatists (represented by the Maples - I.E. Toronto Maple Leaves) want their independence. The lyric "so the Maples formed a union, and demanded equal rights, they say the Oaks are just too lofty, and they grab up all the light" implies that the French Canadian minority wishes to secede, but they can't because the majority won't allow it. The song continues to state that the "oaks just shake their heads", implying that the majority cannot understand the separatist's choices. The lyric about keeping them equal by "hatchet, axe, and saw" implies that despite their differences, they all are susceptible death. The song actually created quite a stir in Canada during the 70's when it was released, and many radio stations actually refused to play it out ...more

Toronto Maple Leafs do not represent Quebec as Toronto is in Ontario and would be more English.

This song is great! If you see someone who talks about it having a "deeper inner meaning", well, it doesn't. Neil Peart said that he read a comic with trees arguing like people and proceeded to write the song. The comment below is complete crap, it's just a story by Peart that has nothing to do with anything.

I hate this song. It tries to sound all deep and meaningful when the analogy of comparing the big oak trees to the wealthier people and the small maples to the poorer people is a completely stupid analogy. And the singer of this song sounds like a chipmunk

Liberal Rush fans just say that this song has no deeper meaning, but they know it does. Neil did write it based on cartoon and he thought "What if trees acted like people? ", implying that this is the way he thinks people act. People who don't realize that government-mandated equality kills.

16 Bastille Day

This song is simply amazing, I love the drums. I only discovered Rush when rockband 1 came out and can't believe how many awesome songs they have. Rock on!

This song is by far my favorite. The guitar work, the drum runs, the unique chord progressions, the power of the music. There are better radio songs I'm sure, but this song is Rush to me.

Let 'em eat cake... Brilliant lyrics, brilliant licks, genius drumming... The last seconds on this song are incredible. Short, sweet, and incredible.

I discover all amazing songs of Rush after I listen to this song

17 Natural Science

Real Rush not cotton candy Rush

Tom Sawyer at number ones also makes me want to puke.

For me, the pinnacle of Rush. Moving Pictures is awesome but this is where it's at. I really think this is Progressive rock at it's finest.

Great song permanent waves isn't my favorite Rush album but for me this is the highlight

The best song in the long rush catalogue

18 A Passage to Bangkok

A passage to Bangkok is a rocking masterpiece of sweet ricky, neil's pro drumming and gotta love alex's solo it if fantastic! Please vote for this, or if you doubt my comment buy it on itunes and see for yourself!

Just amazing you know these guys just rock it here, its in my top 20 rush songs, Neil Peart is epic just epic, Alex has a guitar solo, that every time I hear it I find myself playing air guitar. I love Geddy's Rickenbacker here great.

Great riff and another typically great performance by al players. I have always found lyrics that use innuendo rather than simply putting it right out there to be the most interesting, and this one has it in spades!

A passage to bangkok is great because it has a great beat an AMAZING guitar solo, amazing rickenbacker bass and neil has some sweet drumming

19 Far Cry

Truly amazing one. Can't believe its down so low at 19. Jeez, who made tom sawyer rank one! This is such a splendid song, it deserves a lot more than rank 19.

This song is melodic, chaotic, psychotic, etc. etc. That heavy metal riff throughout the song knocks me dead every time I hear it. Whoever put Tom Sawyer in the top three and not this was obviously not a true Rush fan and hadn't ever listened to this masterpiece.

My top 5 Rush songs goes as follows:
#5: Red Barchetta (tells an interesting story)
#4: Prime Mover (another unheard-of masterpiece someone obviously never listened to)
#3: Spirit of Radio (just like this list)
#2: 2112 (tells of a post-apocalyptic satanist Communist future where music has been banned. A guy finds a guitar, becomes a musician and is rejected by the tyrannic dictatorship that is governing the dysfunctional planet. The guy retreats, goes into depression and commits suicide. Pretty moving stuff. What could possibly top this masterpiece? )
#1: THIS. This song is melodic, chaotic, psychotic, etc. etc. That heavy metal riff throughout the song knocks me dead every time I hear it. Whoever put ...more

20 Anthem

30th? Is this a joke. This song is awesome. It's heavy and progressive. The guitar solo is pure beauty, it changes from sketchy shredding to a beautifully epic passage. The song by itself is wonderful. - fidelcanojr

Definitely in my personal top 10. I see many other songs here between 30-40 that should be at least within the top 20, such as The Necromancer. Why not cut some slack and rate songs like this one (Anthem) up?

I cannot believe anthem isn't on the list! It's easily one of my top 10 favorite rush songs! If you haven't heard this song, you're not a true rush fan!

Not my favourite but voted for it as it should never be as low as 27th!

21 The Analog Kid

My favorite song by RUSH. I've heard every piece of music ever recorded by them. I have so many favorites. Being a drummer it's hard to choose. But this song moves me like no other. It's quick, catchy and incredibly difficult to play. At least for me. And I can play quite a bit of RUSH. All the songs listed are my favorites. Let's get real, their worst is better than most bands best.

100% agreed with the previous comment, this song was the highlight of what might be one of Rush's poorest albums.

A very energising song with it's fast-tempo boisterousness and poetically thought of lyrics. Definitely one of Rush's underrated gems, such a shame to see it so low.

As good as "Subdivisions " - Pony

22 The Garden

Just an amazing modern arrangement of Rush's skills, made all the more significant (I imagine) that it was fave of a young person close to the band who recently passed away.

Flew from Australia to see The Garden played live at Dallas and Houston and it was worth every minute of the 25 hour trip there & the 34 hour trip back home again. This song is a stand out in my mind of those performances.

This song is pumping music. For sure just intense hard rock. Geddy really has some vocal talent, his style really suits hard rock. Even though this piece is 1974, Alex's guitar solo is one of his best. This song was also a fairly common song that hardcore fans like. Go rush! Such a skillful masterpiece. Nicer with Neil peart as a drummer though. Do not care for John rutsey. So yeah. Go rush!

The swan song of the Canadian power trio. A beautiful, heartfelt goodbye from these three gods. - CaptDeadeye

Very rarely will you see a song from a band like Rush that is considered a masterpiece that is from their latest album. Just goes to show that Rush is always pushing the creative boundaries of music and aren't slowing down any time soon.

23 A Farewell to Kings

A farewell to kings should be respected, many people love this song I mean great amazing acoustic intro, its gotta be respected, great guitar, bass its wonderful

Why talk about the music, cause they're great. It is early rush. Its the lyrics that do it. Most complete song I think they've done.

I have no idea why this isn't known as one of their greatest songs

This should be higher on the list. This song is SO good - RushFan123

24 Distant Early Warning

I was shocked to see this was #50, it's the first rush song I heard and I knew this band was awesome when I heard this song, this deserves a place much higher then 50 it's the reason why I like rush

Grace Under Pressure

Should be higher.

It's good bra

25 Red Sector A

This is one of Neil's more serious and powerful lyrics. It deals with the thoughts and emotions felt by the victims of human history's greatest single tragedy.

The subject matter is so unique and powerful, this song stands above any other, by Rush or any other band for that matter. Tr

There are a lot of Number Ones. La villa strangiato, The Trees, Tom Sawyer... But this: Play it on ten!

I wonder if anyone knows that this song is about the Holocaust? Both of Geddy Lee's parents were Holocaust survivors.

26 Circumstances

Fantastic short little rocker. Could be many other bands best song, but it made the list so I'm happy.

Awesome Lifeson riff! One of his best. And pretty much Geddy's most impossibly high vocal of all!

This song changed my life.

Pure rock n roll, in my top 5 rush for sure!

27 The Camera Eye

This song is a real sleeper. It came out in 1981 and there it sat all this time, until finally its masterpiece was discovered. A signature Rush long playing song, with lyrics and meaning, without overblown solos. A true composition.

This song has so many cool time changes, and Neil's drumming is crazy in the London section of the song. Its sublime. It's a mellow song but at the same time a good rocker!

This song is epic! How can it be ignored! - Norwood

This song is epic and it is one of the most underrated songs ever. I love every part of this song.

28 Marathon

This really should be higher on the list. Every time I listen to it the part towards the end brings a tear to my eye. Great song

One of the best songs on Power Windows and always gives me chills when heard live. Under appreciated song from an under appreciated album.

The live version in Show of Hands always brings a chill to my spine

This is arguably the most emotional song Rush has ever produced. The lyrics, instrumentals and especially the vocals are very moving.

29 Jacob's Ladder

It was a toss up between this, Xanadu, and Working Man. Actually, so many are close.

Deserves to be higher, a real masterpiece, it reminds me of earlier Rush's songs.

How is this song so far down? People need to listen to this from Exit Stage Left.

a clinic on how to create a mind-blowing TRUE prog rock song - diegokatabian

30 Caravan

I find this song so different and epic yet it still maintains the structure of a normal song. The part with the lyric "I can't stop thinking big" is so well put together, I just love the harmony. It's not meant to be number one, but it's not meant to be under 10.

This song includes a priceless riff and combines hard rock with prog. I would recommend it. One of rush's better new songs. If you listen you will also note that geddy has some great bass.

31 Territories

It sounds so good such epic music

Power Windows is one of the Best Album Rush had ever made. All Lyrik are Best.

31? no - DKartWoomy

32 By-Tor and the Snow Dog

Nothing can compare with the genius of By-Tor and the Snow Dog. NO Rush set would be complete without it. I would expect a full refund if I attended a Rush concert and didn't get to hear it at least once!

Coolest Drum Break half way through.

It's unbelievable that this song isn't in the top ten

My favorite Rush song! It deserves so much more praise.

33 Something for Nothing

I feel if more people listened to this song they'd take back their vote
I have heard almost every song on this list and this is my favorite. Geddy lee singing at his best. Powerful lyrics. Fast bass and guitar. Typical awesome rush musicians at work right here

It' was the perfect way to end the 2112 album. This track is very powerful and angry. The whole album is! This song and 2112 are my favorite songs on the album and it deserves to be in the top 20

34 Cygnus X-1 Book I - The Voyage

May not be the best Rush song, but definitely deserves to be at least top 20. The Cygnus duology is the most progressive journey by Rush in my opinion, and on a lot of occasions I find the voyage to be much nicer to listen to, rather than Hemispheres. Both are great songs, The Voyage definitely deserves to be here.

I actually prefer this to the 2nd book of cygnus it works better as a concept it rocks shines and whistles. Its beauty personified it's my favorite long suite by Rush love the beginning too. The 2nd book is boring in parts and doesn't sound as good instrumentally and lyrically

49th place? Should be at Number 2 only behind Xanadu. Absolute genius.

The super-high vocals in the middle of the song, followed by that unbelievable guitar solo of Alex Lifeson, are just extraordinary. No other ways to describe that.

35 The Fountain of Lamneth

Strange lyrics aside... who am I kidding, the lyrics are awesome. This song is the baby brother to 2112. - CaptDeadeye

I can not believe how unknown this song is. How can it not be on the list. This is just as good as 2112. Just Listen to it if you don't know it - aspasiz

Tom Sawyer #1? Really? It's a good song but not anywhere as good as the fountain. The Fountain of Lamneth isn't Rush's best work for sure, but I'd think a song like this would be at least in the top 20... Lyrical genius and pretty cool musical parts.

This song is seriously underrated, like, holy crap. I thought Circumstances was underrated but this, this is BELOW Circumstances yet it's one of their best songs. Damn

36 Between the Wheels

This song is incredible! Their best 80's song, the feel is so dark and mysterious and not like any other Rush song. By far one of Alex's best solos, personally my favorite of his.

My least favorite song off my second least favorite album. Absolutely hate this song. - Aweso

37 Clockwork Angels
38 Headlong Flight

This song proves Rush still has it! While it sounds more like pure hard rock than prog, it is as awesome as all their other masterpieces, if not even more. Long live the Trinity of Rock! - cyrillelanctu00f4t

Headlong flight is 7:20 long ha ha ha but great hard rock there, cool lyrics, and boss drumming. How I love rush. I bought this song on itunes last week, and yes Americans Canada has apple stores... I would recommend it for any new rush fan.

This song will become the modern staple at Rush concerts. The song is simply furious and never misses a beat!

There are so many Rush songs to love, but for some reason I can't stop listening to this one. Ask me tomorrow and I might give a different answer, but today, it's Headlong Flight!

39 Vital Signs

I love so so many rush songs but this one is my absolute favorite. The odd timing of the drums on this song are just amazing. This song got me through a very rough time in my life and will always hold a special place just for that. It's amazing!

Obviously, I'm in the minority here but this is the best Rush song for me. Advice: listen to it with the speakers separated and listen to it attention to the lyrics. You'll be happy that you're an individual.

The final track on perhaps the best rock and roll album of all time... Easy to be overlooked among such other classics, but the most overworked track on my ipod!

This is my favorite track on album filled with goodies. Surprised to see it down this low, a MUST CHECK OUT if you have not heard this one.

40 Finding My Way

Working man my first song heard. This is in my RUSH TOP 3

3 crazy Canadians making a hell of a lot of noise. If the crescendo start doesn't get you fired up, tough to know what will.

Simply awesome - song #1 on Chronicles for a reason.

RIP John Rutsey.

41 Time Stands Still

This is my #1 favourite Rush song, and favourite song period. The melody is sweet and the whole instrumental part is brilliantly crafted. I was 16 when I first heard it, and while I appreciated Peart's poetry, I couldn't really relate to it. Now over 40, I truly understand what he was saying and I couldn't agree more. The lines "Summers going fast, nights growing colder, children growing up and friends growing older" give me goosebumps every time I listen. Definitely an underrated gem.

Probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard. The lyrics really hit home to just about everybody. Lee goes just high enough to be virtuosic, but not high enough to be squeaky like on fly by night. The perfect rush song in every way.

A great melody and heart-felt lyrics bring a tear to my eye. One of my favourite vocal performances ever by Geddy. Straight up guitar supports the vibe of the song and the drums add such a wonderful touch. A real gem.

Can't believe the boys different hire a backing vocalist for this (version) song even a sub par one is better than nothing still a great song though

42 Manhattan Project

I love this song, is isn't the best Rush song but that doesn't mean by any means this a bad song. Its great and captures the tension of the history it speaks of.

Out of all the Rush songs, Manhattan Project truly got me into the band, My first love was Subdivisions, because, I played the entire song on the piano, but it was M.P. That inspired me to not only enjoy the song but moved me to get in to the anti-nuke movement. I also researched the history because, my aunt survived the bombing in Hiroshima, only to die from cancer six months after 9/11.

it was this song that also turned me into an atheist and changed the path I was following all my life...if a song can influence you, then it's probably the most important song in you life...and this song is.

43 Dreamline

I must be odd, but this should be here somewhere... Or am I the only one who digs this song? - VAFury

In my opinion its one of their relatively newer songs (1991 I think? ) that sounds like something from a decade earlier. Strong lyrics and great instrumentals as always..

This is a great song guys! Awesome lyrics and a good progression! Please vote... This should be at least in the top 15!

Literally... Mind-blowing! Just lie back and revel in the wonder of the universe and the immensity of the power of your imagination!

44 The Necromancer

Definitely the best song by the group. It takes much more to make a song good than a catchy tune repeated for 4-5 minutes. Lyrics don't make a song. This song is purely written for the sake of being musically enhanced. The guitar solo and the bass line run amazing together. Sure, it's not something you can sing along to, but that's only because the instrumentals are absolutely incredible! Plus, if you are into lyrics, the song is centered around a story that is based off of science fiction stories and even the band's own lives (three travelers in willowdale). Give it a chance and listen for more than the first 4-5 minutes. Being patient when listening to music is important!

Absolutely amazing, this song is amazing. I heard this song after I listened to moving pictures this song in my mind is the best rush song. Not saying that Tom Sawyer is bad by any means but cannot compare to this or many other rush songs. How this song is not in the top 5 or even 20 blows my mind. It has three amazing parts the second one were Geddy Alex and Neil all play there instruments perfectly. The third part will not stop repeting in my head. This song is great and will never be topped. The first time I heard it I had to replay it 3 times just to wrap my head around its excellence. If you have never heard this song listen to it now! If you have and don't think it is top 10 material relisten to it

The sheer musical weight of pt. 2 Under the Shadow is entrancing, not to mention the prime fantasy lyrics and the return appearance of Prince By-Tor

It's dark and has a deep light that burn your mind. It deserves a higher place in the ranking.

45 Alien Shore
46 Losing It

Like so many Rush songs, the lyrics to this song are wonderfully thought provoking; however, Losing It stands apart from the crowd for Ben Mink's phenomenal performance on electric violin and its melancholic melody that will haunt you long after listening. Rush has always inspired me for how well they were able to convey a story through lyrics and music.

One of the darker songs you'll hear from Rush. It took me a couple listens to get into it but it was definitely worth it. One of my personal favorites in the Rush discography.

47 Witch Hunt

This song is generally seen as the worst song on Moving Pictures and I've never understood that. I guess it's a little vague but this is miles above Red Barchetta. Musically it's dark and chilling to fit the grim theme of the song. Lyrically it depicts an ignorant town or group hunting something they know nothing about. What about it is there not to love?

Witch hunt is not a song everyone thinks of when they think of Rush but there is something about it that is chilling and inspiratonal at the same time. The guitar is bad ass and add to that such a unique composition of drums. And lets not forget Geddy's voice and the meaning of the lyrics as he lifts the song to it's climax.

I discovered this song relatively late after listening to many other rush songs, yet when I heard it, it immediately blew me away. Eight simple chords have never sounded so good. I think this one deserves to be in the top ten for sure.

Lyrical genius

48 The Temples of Syrinx

The guy below me is an idiot. Rush had tons of great songs. Rush insignificant? Hardly, they've been putting out absolutely brilliant material for nearly 40 years. I'll be seeing them live in a week, and it's going to be awesome.

To the guy with -25 votes:


And to everybody:
Wouldn't you include this in 2112? I mean, it technically is its own song (gold: rush version), but it is much better when combined with the rest of 2112, in my opinion.

2112 is at the top, can it really be here more than once? Sure, they are essentially separate tunes but they're grouped together as 2112. - AdamDestructorJr.

I would put this at number 1 with 2112. - chasekratzer

That makes no sense, because The Temples Of Syrinx is part of the 2112 song - DKartWoomy

49 Entre Nous

Great tune with incredibly powerful lyrics. The challenges of interpersonal relationships revealed in a song with fewer than 250 words. 'Entre Nous' is just more proof that the power of words and notes have been mastered by this incredible band!

Why is this song so low on the list? I'm not saying that it's the best but it shouldn't be behind Lock and Key...

Always thought this was one of Permanent Waves' best. Good thing most of you agree too. - AdamDestructorJr.

Simply one of the best. I'm surprised this is only 42. What a shame

50 Lessons

I think lessons should be in the top25 songs because it has this really cheery acoustic riff to it. It has a cool bass line. How good an it get? A good song, one of my favorite songs to listen to in car rides.

This particular song has gone completely un noticed on a very deep album in 2112. This song rocks and although a little radio friendly, a much better than most songs here in the 50 and under crowd.

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