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21 The Camera Eye The Camera Eye

This song is a real sleeper. It came out in 1981 and there it sat all this time, until finally its masterpiece was discovered. A signature Rush long playing song, with lyrics and meaning, without overblown solos. A true composition.

This song has so many cool time changes, and Neil's drumming is crazy in the London section of the song. Its sublime. It's a mellow song but at the same time a good rocker!

This song is epic! How can it be ignored! - Norwood

Deserves to be in the top 5. A masterpiece.

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22 Cygnus X-1 Book I - The Voyage

May not be the best Rush song, but definitely deserves to be at least top 20. The Cygnus duology is the most progressive journey by Rush in my opinion, and on a lot of occasions I find the voyage to be much nicer to listen to, rather than Hemispheres. Both are great songs, The Voyage definitely deserves to be here.

I actually prefer this to the 2nd book of cygnus it works better as a concept it rocks shines and whistles. Its beauty personified it's my favorite long suite by Rush love the beginning too. The 2nd book is boring in parts and doesn't sound as good instrumentally and lyrically

49th place? Should be at Number 2 only behind Xanadu. Absolute genius.

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23 Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder

It was a toss up between this, Xanadu, and Working Man. Actually, so many are close.

Deserves to be higher, a real masterpiece, it reminds me of earlier Rush's songs.

How is this song so far down? People need to listen to this from Exit Stage Left.

Perfect hard-program song! Amazing in concert.

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24 Farewell to Kings Farewell to Kings

A farewell to kings should be respected, many people love this song I mean great amazing acoustic intro, its gotta be respected, great guitar, bass its wonderful

Why talk about the music, cause they're great. It is early rush. Its the lyrics that do it. Most complete song I think they've done.

I have no idea why this isn't known as one of their greatest songs

25 Red Sector A Red Sector A

This is one of Neil's more serious and powerful lyrics. It deals with the thoughts and emotions felt by the victims of human history's greatest single tragedy.

The subject matter is so unique and powerful, this song stands above any other, by Rush or any other band for that matter. Tr

There are a lot of Number Ones. La villa strangiato, The Trees, Tom Sawyer... But this: Play it on ten!

Should be in the top 10

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26 Headlong Flight Headlong Flight

This song proves Rush still has it! While it sounds more like pure hard rock than prog, it is as awesome as all their other masterpieces, if not even more. Long live the Trinity of Rock! - cyrillelanctu00f4t

Headlong flight is 7:20 long ha ha ha but great hard rock there, cool lyrics, and boss drumming. How I love rush. I bought this song on itunes last week, and yes Americans Canada has apple stores... I would recommend it for any new rush fan.

This song will become the modern staple at Rush concerts. The song is simply furious and never misses a beat!

Modern classic Rush. The Bastille day of the 21st century

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27 Something for Nothing Something for Nothing

I feel if more people listened to this song they'd take back their vote
I have heard almost every song on this list and this is my favorite. Geddy lee singing at his best. Powerful lyrics. Fast bass and guitar. Typical awesome rush musicians at work right here

It' was the perfect way to end the 2112 album. This track is very powerful and angry. The whole album is! This song and 2112 are my favorite songs on the album and it deserves to be in the top 20

28 By-Tor and the Snow Dog By-Tor and the Snow Dog

Nothing can compare with the genius of By-Tor and the Snow Dog. NO Rush set would be complete without it. I would expect a full refund if I attended a Rush concert and didn't get to hear it at least once!

Coolest Drum Break half way through.

It's unbelievable that this song isn't in the top ten

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29 The Analog Kid The Analog Kid

My favorite song by RUSH. I've heard every piece of music ever recorded by them. I have so many favorites. Being a drummer it's hard to choose. But this song moves me like no other. It's quick, catchy and incredibly difficult to play. At least for me. And I can play quite a bit of RUSH. All the songs listed are my favorites. Let's get real, their worst is better than most bands best.

100% agreed with the previous comment, this song was the highlight of what might be one of Rush's poorest albums.

A very energising song with it's fast-tempo boisterousness and poetically thought of lyrics. Definitely one of Rush's underrated gems, such a shame to see it so low.

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30 Distant Early Warning Distant Early Warning

I was shocked to see this was #50, it's the first rush song I heard and I knew this band was awesome when I heard this song, this deserves a place much higher then 50 it's the reason why I like rush

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31 Territories Territories

It sounds so good such epic music

32 Circumstances Circumstances

Fantastic short little rocker. Could be many other bands best song, but it made the list so I'm happy.

Awesome Lifeson riff! One of his best. And pretty much Geddy's most impossibly high vocal of all!

Pure rock n roll, in my top 5 rush for sure!

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33 Caravan Caravan

This song includes a priceless riff and combines hard rock with prog. I would recommend it. One of rush's better new songs. If you listen you will also note that geddy has some great bass.

34 Vital Signs Vital Signs

The final track on perhaps the best rock and roll album of all time... Easy to be overlooked among such other classics, but the most overworked track on my ipod!

Obviously, I'm in the minority here but this is the best Rush song for me. Advice: listen to it with the speakers separated and listen to it attention to the lyrics. You'll be happy that you're an individual.

This is my favorite track on album filled with goodies. Surprised to see it down this low, a MUST CHECK OUT if you have not heard this one.

Great lyrics, great phrasing, great timing...This song has it all. The best Rush song from a great album.

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35 Time Stands Still Time Stands Still

This is my #1 favourite Rush song, and favourite song period. The melody is sweet and the whole instrumental part is brilliantly crafted. I was 16 when I first heard it, and while I appreciated Peart's poetry, I couldn't really relate to it. Now over 40, I truly understand what he was saying and I couldn't agree more. The lines "Summers going fast, nights growing colder, children growing up and friends growing older" give me goosebumps every time I listen. Definitely an underrated gem.

Probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard. The lyrics really hit home to just about everybody. Lee goes just high enough to be virtuosic, but not high enough to be squeaky like on fly by night. The perfect rush song in every way.

A great melody and heart-felt lyrics bring a tear to my eye. One of my favourite vocal performances ever by Geddy. Straight up guitar supports the vibe of the song and the drums add such a wonderful touch. A real gem.

This song is so underrated it deserves to be at least around the top 10 in my opinion.

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36 Marathon Marathon

This really should be higher on the list. Every time I listen to it the part towards the end brings a tear to my eye. Great song

The live version in Show of Hands always brings a chill to my spine

One of the best songs on Power Windows and always gives me chills when heard live. Under appreciated song from an under appreciated album.

This is arguably the most emotional song Rush has ever produced. The lyrics, instrumentals and especially the vocals are very moving.

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37 The Fountain of Lamneth The Fountain of Lamneth

I can not believe how unknown this song is. How can it not be on the list. This is just as good as 2112. Just Listen to it if you don't know it - aspasiz

Tom Sawyer #1? Really? It's a good song but not anywhere as good as the fountain. The Fountain of Lamneth isn't Rush's best work for sure, but I'd think a song like this would be at least in the top 20... Lyrical genius and pretty cool musical parts.

This song is seriously underrated, like, holy crap. I thought Circumstances was underrated but this, this is BELOW Circumstances yet it's one of their best songs. Damn

Finding this song was so rewarding, it's a brilliant track that I never even knew existed. I'd dare to say it's one of their best songs, on par with 2112, Xanadu, and Cygnus X-1. - Songsta41

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38 Entre Nous Entre Nous

Great tune with incredibly powerful lyrics. The challenges of interpersonal relationships revealed in a song with fewer than 250 words. 'Entre Nous' is just more proof that the power of words and notes have been mastered by this incredible band!

Why is this song so low on the list? I'm not saying that it's the best but it shouldn't be behind Lock and Key...

Simply one of the best. I'm surprised this is only 42. What a shame

39 Grand Designs Grand Designs

This song is awesome! The synthesizer is great and alexs crunching guitar riffs along with those harmonics make this song very fun to listen too.. SHould be way higher than 66..!

I am a HUGE Rush fan, but I don't like this song

40 Witch Hunt Witch Hunt

Witch hunt is not a song everyone thinks of when they think of Rush but there is something about it that is chilling and inspiratonal at the same time. The guitar is bad ass and add to that such a unique composition of drums. And lets not forget Geddy's voice and the meaning of the lyrics as he lifts the song to it's climax.

I discovered this song relatively late after listening to many other rush songs, yet when I heard it, it immediately blew me away. Eight simple chords have never sounded so good. I think this one deserves to be in the top ten for sure.

Such a underrated song, and a rare gem, it's so cool with its rememberbal guitar riff and geddy lee's unforgettable vocals

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