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41 Between the Wheels

This song is incredible! Their best 80's song, the feel is so dark and mysterious and not like any other Rush song. By far one of Alex's best solos, personally my favorite of his.

42 BU2B

BU2B is just epic music

43 Lessons

I think lessons should be in the top25 songs because it has this really cheery acoustic riff to it. It has a cool bass line. How good an it get? A good song, one of my favorite songs to listen to in car rides.

This particular song has gone completely un noticed on a very deep album in 2112. This song rocks and although a little radio friendly, a much better than most songs here in the 50 and under crowd.

44 The Big Money

This song is fantastic! It is easily among my favorite Rush songs ever along with Subdivisions and Witch Hunt. The Big Money is an amazing Rush song and in a way its under appreciated a bit and deserves a lot more attention. The Big Money is such an exciting song filled with energy right from the explosion of sound at the beginning of the song with the guitar and synthesizer. Words can't describe how awesome Neil's drums are in this song, they are so complex and unique sounding in this song and just power this song the whole way through. Alex's guitar work is fantastic in this song right from the opening chords which get the adrenaline pumping raight away, the guitar solo in the middle is absolutely amazing along with the slow and dreamlike atmospheric sound that's layered with it just paints a picture in my head. Alex's guitar work at the end of the song is a really cool way to end the song and it almost sounds like money printing and circulating around the world, and once again, ...more

This song should be at last at the 20 first. Give it a chance, the power of windows album is epic, the sounds of this music are very unique, like the rest of it's album.

At first, I thought this was the dumbest song ever. Then I heard it live. This song needs to be in the top 10 at least!

Big money goes around the world... And this song goes around mine. It's my favorite Rush song. - Caleb9000

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45 Alien Shore
46 Nobody's Hero

That is my personal favorite, fantastic song. But seriously, all the songs that are on the top ten right now, are not even in my top 20 rush songs, the real fans are probably not voting because I can't imagine a real Rush fan voting for Tom Sawyer as their best song.

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47 The Temples of Syrinx

The guy below me is an idiot. Rush had tons of great songs. Rush insignificant? Hardly, they've been putting out absolutely brilliant material for nearly 40 years. I'll be seeing them live in a week, and it's going to be awesome.

To the guy with -25 votes:


And to everybody:
Wouldn't you include this in 2112? I mean, it technically is its own song (gold: rush version), but it is much better when combined with the rest of 2112, in my opinion.

I would put this at number 1 with 2112. - chasekratzer

Wait... Guys, this song is part of the epic 2112. If you like this song, than check out the whole thing. I really don't understand why you can vote for this, but OK. - lavillaof2112

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48 The Fountain of Lamneth

I can not believe how unknown this song is. How can it not be on the list. This is just as good as 2112. Just Listen to it if you don't know it - aspasiz

Tom Sawyer #1? Really? It's a good song but not anywhere as good as the fountain. The Fountain of Lamneth isn't Rush's best work for sure, but I'd think a song like this would be at least in the top 20... Lyrical genius and pretty cool musical parts.

This song is seriously underrated, like, holy crap. I thought Circumstances was underrated but this, this is BELOW Circumstances yet it's one of their best songs. Damn

This in my opinion is rushes and the rock worlds most underrated was part of their critical and commercial(then critical and commercial)failure Caress Of Steel and it was a terrific album in my opinion and a very very very underrated one and this song is proof of it.almost 20 minutes of pure awesomeness.this song is on par with 2112 and Xanadu and 2 - Toucan

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49 The Pass

I am happy that Tom Sawyer was written, and quickly became a "rock anthem" to bring people to RUSH who otherwise never would have found the band on their own. With that said - I don't think Tom Sawyer or Limelight would crack my top 50. The Pass was my favorite RUSH tune for about a year and is still in my top 20.

It really makes me sad that this song is low on the chart as it is. This is by far their best song and the meaning behind it is so deep. The band even said it's one of they're "better crafted" songs and one of they're favorites

The depth of the band is mind-boggling. Another everlasting composition for the heart and soul. Putting "popularity" aside, The Pass is one of the band's top 5 "songs"

With age tastes change, and this is what takes me there today.

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50 The Main Monkey Business

Watch this song live at the S&A tour to see why

Easily the best S&A song, top 10 all time for sure

This song rocks,. proving Alex is the greatest because he can do it all. Emotion, effects, jam, shred, timing, soft, 50 years, and rocks hard, unique, long,. short, intricate, and he can be like B.B. King and really make his notes count like Limelight, shake your nerves like Cygnus X-1. and check out the feel in By Tor. on All the Worlds A Stage. The best rhythm as well as on lead, In my opinion. 2112 shows most of this.

51 Leave That Thing Alone

A true instrumental masterpiece. The bass, drums, keyboard in the background, and awesome guitar make this the best Rush song ever.

Arguably THE BEST instrumental track composed by rush, especially with the absurd Bass line throughout the song

One of my favorites, infectious!

52 New World Man

I agree with the top 10 songs in this list. But New World Man should really be on a much higher spot.
It contains great bass and guitar parts.

Only Rush song to crack the Top 40. - Pony

Such a great song.

53 Digital Man
54 Finding My Way
55 Lock and Key

One of the best Rush songs.

56 Clockwork Angels
57 Here Again

Honestly, how is this so low? If you ask a genuine Rush fan, like me, about this song, they will say something along the lines of, "an excellent, early blues number with an epic guitar solo." Exactly. Anyone else, such as those fake Rush fans who have only heard Subdivisions and Tom Sawyer, will reply, "What the heck are you on about." - lavillaof2112

In my honest opinion this is the single most underrated song of all time by any band! Listen to this song once and try not to have to listen to it again, it is nearly impossible! Not only is this one of Ale's first big songs it is the edgy Zeplin like wailing that gets me every time! I was suprised how much I liked the Lyrics and how much it applies because it is pre peart.

Agree with other comments. A truly underrated epic that should be much higher.

58 Tears

SUCH and underrated song. It is absolutely beautiful, and one of my favorite rush songs.

May be not many people know about the song, that's why it's so down below.
Please listen vote and bring it in top 10.

The song is about being cheated on. most people that can not listen and think miss it deep thoughts in this one
When the person finds out the truth he or she has been carrying around for a seeming life time eyes that cry knowing
Why finding the truth and knowing the other person finaly understands very deep thoughts in this song. follow lyrics as you think about a realtionship were some one has struggle with being betrayed... This song is one of geddy lee finest songs real class way way underrated

It'a alittle bit surprise this song came from rush

59 Earthshine

Absolutely great tune - Rush's version of a love song. Loss and longing, anguish and eventual recovery... the lingering presence of a lost love bestowing third hand grace on the survivor.

Could anyone other than Neil correlate the phenomenon of earthshine and the emotions of grief and recovery?

This is truly one of their masterpieces.

This is one of my absolute favorite songs, let alone rush songs. This deserves to be WAY higher than number 60! This is their comeback!

Way better than 70!

60 Prime Mover
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