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81 Ghost of a Chance

The highlight off Roll the Bones; it is a hidden classic that perhaps in the 80s would have broken into the mainstream; maybe it was a good thing it was released during the grunge era as overplay may have diminished this treasure.

This is by far one of their best songs. Lyrically hits the heart of human emotion wrapped in a beautifully crafted melody.

One of the best RUSH-Songs of all time. And too rarely played live. It‘s a shame, must be in top 10

82 Different Strings
83 Show Don't Tell
84 Between Sun & Moon

I love this song! It should be so much higher! I do realize though that it is not a very popular song, but it is a good one.

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85 Bravado

While I think Tom sawyer is a great song and obviously a favorite of the main stream, a true rush fan knows one must dig deep when considering a "best" song. Bravado is definitely a top 5 maybe 3 in my eyes!

I actually don't really like this song, but I am a HUGE Rush fan. Some people probably think I'm not, but just because I don't like 1 or 2 commonly liked songs doesn't mean I am not an enormous Rush fan

For me is the best, because of bass melody.

Bravado is better than Tom Sawyer. - rushrules

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86 Armor and Sword

Why is this ranked so low?! This is a GREAT Rush song! Oh well, no new music from old artists are appreciated these days...

A vastly under-rated tune that really deserves to be in the top ten. In fact, the same could be said for the whole A&S album.

This definitely should not be so low. One of my favourite Rush guitar riffs in it

87 Resist

Maybe my favourite slow-paced Rush song, I like it more than Strings which used to be my favorite. Not their best, but in my opinion a bit underrated. It's simple, not overcomplicated yet manages to strike right into the very inner core of the heart of the listener.

This song can nearly always bring me to tears. Its beautiful yet simple representing the essence of Rush

Really like the studio version - but LOVE the acoustic version on the R30 / Rush in Rio performances. Brilliant but simple lyrics, that move me tears.

GREAT SONG. Neil uses an Oscar Wilde quote:I can learn to resist anything but temptation. - rushrules

88 Seven Cities of Gold

Great Rocking Rush song, with great meaning... Nothing unusual from Rush. Can't believe it is so low! Take a listen!

This song has An AWESOME BASS RIFF! It is so solid and full sounding! Please vote for this

89 Beneath, Between & Behind

85th... Wow I'm sorry but I much prefer this rockier stuff to the synth... Rock on anyways!

Rocking and very energetic song. Wonderful guitar and bass riffs. Powerful drumming and singing. Listen to the lyrics closely and they describe current day U.S.A.

90 O Baterista

not a song, but the mere prove of neil peart greatness

91 Best I Can

This song should be way higher on the list. I can't believe it is so low. This is probably one of the best songs on the fly by night album in my opinion.

This song is truley awesome. Its rocks out throughout the whole song and it just kicks royal ass!

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92 Cinderella Man

Give this one a listen, trust me, you'll love it. - theforgiventeen

ONE OF MY FAVORITES! - rushrules

93 Emotion Detector

I don't like this and a few other songs, but most of Rush is good

Best melodic song ever created!

Best Rush song of the eighties..!

94 Madrigal

Well I like this song because it has a calm feel to it. I bought a farewell to kings and this song really stands out for me. I like the lyrics... About dragons

95 In the Mood

This particular song really stands out for me as one of the songs that helped shape the rush we know today. Of course we recognize 2112 and moving pictures as the best albums with the best songs but I think many earlier songs helped to make those albums, and in the mood is one of those songs.

This song just is so intense and attractive. If you know a song where there is a part you never want to end the whole song is that moment. Intense rock. Cowbell rock. Addictive vocals that really suit this tone of rock, ya man!

In the mood has an amazing guitar riff and is a iconic example of rush in their early days. I would put it in the top 50 at least because it is a song where their musical talent peeks out here and there...

In the mood is so catchy its crazy man! Ha love this song although I despise john rutsey...

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96 Ghost Rider

Wow... This is such a beautiful, emotional, yet very touching song; This is one of Neil Peart's best pieces of music he's ever written!

Way too low. Listen to it again.

97 Virtuality

This is AWESOME heavy metal music that has a great riff in it. NEEDS TO BE a lot HIGHER!

Just awesome. Not to many people know aboht it unfortuanately

98 Halo Effect

Awesome song that is truly amazing lmao yeah. One of the best of the new album in my opinion...

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99 The Body Electric

This is an interesting song. Can't say it is my favourite Rush song, but Neil's drumming at the start of this song draws me in every time. Very mechanical and well suited to the subject matter.

The Body Electric is similar to Afterimage... I saw the music video when I was a kid and it spoke to me. It has been one of my favorites ever since. - geddyfan2112112

Don't really like this one

100 In the End

This may not be the best one they made but all I can say that is that this song really feels on how far they come on their journey achieving what other bands couldn't in their carriers. One of the best bands to ever to be born into this world that still holds up as a true band that will always be our favorite.

This early Rush song is just perfect. I come back to it from time to time and listen to it over and over... cranked!

All the worlds a stage is the best version of this masterpiece.

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