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101 Lakeside Park V 2 Comments
102 Hand Over Fist

Verye addictive and catchy

103 Mission
104 The Larger Bowl

Man I just feel like smoking a larger bowl every time I hear this song. This is one of the greatest Rush songs ever

Dude. Yea. I mean hell yea. The larger bowl man. Song of the year or something.

105 Ceiling Unlimited

Great Lyrics - Great Music - Great band!

106 What You're Doing
107 Face Up
108 Roll the Bones

Lot of people I know who like Rush don't ever mention this song... It's a great tune, and the rapping I actually think really adds to the catchiness of the song. And even now, every time I listen to it, the chorus IS IN MY HEAD all day long! It's one of the catchiest songs they've ever written. Period. And funny enough this song was played at my high school prom night... And man oh nan this song was wonderful to dance to!

This Song Is Amazing love it the singing drums guitar and bass are amazing great tune if you not heard this song I suggest that you do it's amazing - mneilan

Great Song Should Be A lot Higher Like Should Be Number 9 Or 10 Vote For This Song It Should Be Higher To Low Down The List Great Drums, Guitar, Bass and Singing

I love this song, despite the unfortunate rap part

V 4 Comments
109 The Weapon

Surprised to see it that low. That's a fantastic song, with all the synths and Geddy's interpretation. Shoul be A LOT higher. - Andrevalenca

110 One Little Victory

This song is so underrated! Its opening beat is one of Rush's most intense, and one of Neil's toughest beats!

One of the most underrated songs ever. Sports teams should play this before they go out on the field.

111 Test for Echo

Hey, I know Test for Echo is not their greatest work. But there is NO WAY... ABSOLUTELY NO WAY... it belongs as the lowest rated tune. To me, that "honour" belongs to Dog Years. Sorry to say Neil, the lyrics in that one are the nadir of your literary efforts! But hell, even the lowest rated Rush tune is still miles better than the vast majority of work of lesser bends!

I went to the very end of the list... and found a tune I have always really liked. Test for Echo is not my favorite Rush song - that goes to La Villa Strangiato - but TFE is among my favorite Rush tunes. The problem? My list of favorite Rush tunes includes LVS, TFE... and about 30 other songs! It doesn't surprise me that you can find a great tune like Test for Echo down at #120. That's what you get when your vault is as full as this great band's.

What is Test for Echo doing at the bottom? It is one of the most intense heavy Rush songs ever and certaintly stands out as one of my top 5 favorite rush songs of the 90's.


112 Double Agent

Great song from the album that brought Rush back!

113 Leave That Thing Alone

A true instrumental masterpiece. The bass, drums, keyboard in the background, and awesome guitar make this the best Rush song ever.

Arguably THE BEST instrumental track composed by rush, especially with the absurd Bass line throughout the song

One of my favorites, infectious!

114 Rivendell

Not an overly popular Rush song, but it has a couple truly amazing factors.
1. A soft, acoustic song. It's a nice change because Rush has few of these.
2. The fantasy element seen in La Villa Strangiato and By-Tor and the Snow Dog originated here.
3. It's one of the most beautiful pieces written by Neil Peart. Seriously, the imagery and image he paints with the writing is phenomenal.

Pure Art. Pure Emotion. Pure Soul.

115 Available Light

Why won't Rush play this song live? Such a fantastic tune! Sooo underrated!

116 Turn the Page

Totally overlooked soaring masterpiece from Hold Your Fire 1987. Awesome.

This is in my top 20...Great song

117 Sweet Miracle

All Rush songs belong in the top ten

118 Losing It

One of the darker songs you'll hear from Rush. It took me a couple listens to get into it but it was definitely worth it. One of my personal favorites in the Rush discography.

119 Red Tide
120 Force Ten

This is a good one, why is so far away!

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