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101 Ghost Rider Ghost Rider

Wow... This is such a beautiful, emotional, yet very touching song; This is one of Neil Peart's best pieces of music he's ever written!

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102 Superconductor Superconductor

Poignant lyrics as to how my ex-wife could 'manipulate the action'!

103 Hand Over Fist Hand Over Fist
104 The Larger Bowl The Larger Bowl

Man I just feel like smoking a larger bowl every time I hear this song. This is one of the greatest Rush songs ever

Dude. Yea. I mean hell yea. The larger bowl man. Song of the year or something.

105 Lakeside Park Lakeside Park V 2 Comments
106 Ceiling Unlimited Ceiling Unlimited

Great Lyrics - Great Music - Great band!

107 In the End In the End

This early Rush song is just perfect. I come back to it from time to time and listen to it over and over... cranked!

All the worlds a stage is the best version of this masterpiece.

108 Mission Mission
109 What You're Doing What You're Doing
110 Face Up Face Up
111 Stick It Out Stick It Out

It has a very angry beginning ending with words of of lyrics that blows your mind

112 My Favorite Headache

Geddy single but still awesome

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113 Faithless

Powerful lyrics. Great arrangement.

114 Dog Years Dog Years

What the heck is this!?!?

115 Red Lenses Red Lenses
116 Secret Touch Secret Touch

Quintessential Rush, how in the world did it not make the list? Intense driven, sounds like a machine, infectious, I have to listen to it 5 time in a row, and then I think about it all day!

117 Cut to the Chase Cut to the Chase

For me, this has always been the quintessential Rush song. It has everything - Neil's unparalleled drumming, a driving riff and amazing solo from Alex, and soaring vocals and bass from Geddy. It's not their most complex song, by any means. But there's no other Rush song like this one.

118 Cold Fire Cold Fire

Dad loves this song. I don't really, but hey. It's RUSH.

119 Need Some Love Need Some Love
120 Tai Shan Tai Shan V 2 Comments
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