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121 Limbo

Why is this at the bottom? This is my second favorite Rush instrumental next to La Villa. I love Geddy's voice in the background, it's just an amazing instrumental if you give it the chance.

INCREDIBLE instrumental! YYZ is great but it's just kind of a show off type of a song. Some of their other instrumentals like La Villa are a bit too complex. Limbo has some killer riffs on bass, and the guitar and drums are best (as always, from Neil). Just listen to this a few times and you'll be hooked.

Definitely should be at least in the top ten. Best song after moving pictures for sure.

Limbo... All day every day.

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122 I Think I'm Going Bald V 2 Comments
123 Stick It Out

It has a very angry beginning ending with words of of lyrics that blows your mind

124 My Favorite Headache

Geddy single but still awesome

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125 Faithless

Powerful lyrics. Great arrangement.

126 Dog Years

What the heck is this!?!?

127 Red Lenses
128 Secret Touch

Quintessential Rush, how in the world did it not make the list? Intense driven, sounds like a machine, infectious, I have to listen to it 5 time in a row, and then I think about it all day!

129 Cut to the Chase

For me, this has always been the quintessential Rush song. It has everything - Neil's unparalleled drumming, a driving riff and amazing solo from Alex, and soaring vocals and bass from Geddy. It's not their most complex song, by any means. But there's no other Rush song like this one.

130 Cold Fire

Dad loves this song. I don't really, but hey. It's RUSH.

131 Need Some Love
132 Tai Shan V 2 Comments
133 The Speed of Love
134 How It Is

"You can't tell yourself how to feel."

135 Carve Away the Stone

Epic piece that tells me to keep moving, even if something is in my way!

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136 Anagram (For Mongo)
137 Half the World
138 Bravest Face
139 Heresy

My least favorite Rush song. Just so boring and unrush-like. I don't get bored listening to The Fountain of Lamneth, and that's 20 minutes long! This is like 3-5 and I get bored during it.

140 Good News First
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