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121 Half the World
122 Bravest Face
123 Heresy

My least favorite Rush song. Just so boring and unrush-like. I don't get bored listening to The Fountain of Lamneth, and that's 20 minutes long! This is like 3-5 and I get bored during it.

124 Good News First
125 Hope
126 Second Nature
127 Open Secrets
128 High Water
129 Carnies
130 Wish Them Well
131 War Paint
132 Scars
133 Time and Motion
134 Take a Friend
135 Neurotica
136 One Little Victory

This song is so underrated! Its opening beat is one of Rush's most intense, and one of Neil's toughest beats!

One of the most underrated songs ever. Sports teams should play this before they go out on the field.

137 Leave That Thing Alone

A true instrumental masterpiece. The bass, drums, keyboard in the background, and awesome guitar make this the best Rush song ever.

Arguably THE BEST instrumental track composed by rush, especially with the absurd Bass line throughout the song

One of my favorites, infectious!

138 Losing It

One of the darker songs you'll hear from Rush. It took me a couple listens to get into it but it was definitely worth it. One of my personal favorites in the Rush discography.

139 Roll the Bones

Lot of people I know who like Rush don't ever mention this song... It's a great tune, and the rapping I actually think really adds to the catchiness of the song. And even now, every time I listen to it, the chorus IS IN MY HEAD all day long! It's one of the catchiest songs they've ever written. Period. And funny enough this song was played at my high school prom night... And man oh nan this song was wonderful to dance to!

This Song Is Amazing love it the singing drums guitar and bass are amazing great tune if you not heard this song I suggest that you do it's amazing - mneilan

Great Song Should Be A lot Higher Like Should Be Number 9 Or 10 Vote For This Song It Should Be Higher To Low Down The List Great Drums, Guitar, Bass and Singing

I love this song, despite the unfortunate rap part

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140 Red Tide
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