Best Sabrina Vaz Covers

Sabrina Vaz has an amazing voice! I love her covers the most.

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1 Wide Awake

The story about Snow White hidden in is cool. - Jewlwhisker_456

2 Baby One More Time

Your dancers are good. - Jewlwhisker_456

3 Part of Me

It's good lovin your voice. Your so pretty in the vidio. X laugh out loud

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4 Give Your Heart a Break

Don't get the point of it.

5 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Your cat is hilarious! - Jewlwhisker_456

6 Where Have You Been

The autotone or whatever it's called really works! - Jewlwhisker_456

7 Want You Back

This girl cannot sing I mean at all I have seen a lot of her videos and she can't sing flat out. She is paying people to literally record her voice she isn't getting offered anything. And she ruins all the songs she might have a lot of views but have you seen the dislikes? She is just bad she needs to stop singing that's just the plain out truth!

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8 Girlfriend
9 Goodtime
10 Mean

You have a very supportive family Sabrina! - Jewlwhisker_456

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