Best Sad and Depressing Movies


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1 Titanic

This movie is impossible to watch without crying. It is beautiful, romantic, and tragic all at the same time. And somehow, it makes me both happy and sad when I watch it. My favorite movie by far!

2 My Girl
3 A Walk to Remember
4 Seven Pounds
5 American History X
6 Pay It Forward
7 Marley and Me
8 The Vow
9 Hachi: A Dogs Tale

Ah belive me I don't remember anything in this movie. all I remember is that it was so sad and depressing.

10 Finding Nemo

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11 Grave of the Fireflies
12 Million Dollar Baby
13 The Fault In Our Stars

This is one of my favorite Shailene Woodley movies, but it is sad. This movie is better than that inappropriate movie that you can't watch with your parents is Spectacular now with Miles Teller. Divergent series are also better as well.

This is the best and the saddest movie I ever seen that make me cry at the end of the movie

14 Ghost
15 Atonement
16 Requiem for a Dream
17 Melancholy
18 The Passion of the Christ

It's disturbing but teaches everyone what Jesus did for us

19 I Am Sam
20 The Martian
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