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1 Smooth Operator Smooth Operator Cover Art

I've always promiscue that this song will always be my favorite song by Sade, it's not the tale about it, the fact or detail or that. It's just that it really works as a good song with great chords, not even the whole damn R&b age with Prince or Rick James would beat this so easily. It's definitely a massive song with awesome things to show to other music listeners... In a few words, this is the best song ever

¬°Excellent song! one of the best Smooth Jazz songs, it's impossible to not be excited so hear a song like this close from your home, anytime my neighbours play this song it's just epic to be relaxed on the bed and then put your mindset out of the actual world and then turn your toughts into romantic scenes to provide yourself. by the way this is a 10 of 10 song because no one have idea by why the saxophone it's still great. The camera movement, the video, the stuff and all just made this song a masterpiece.

Her greastest and only international hit ever, Sade was the nicest women back in 80's. This song just envolved all her's condiments and her's abstract way to see things! The saxo describes any moment of sesuality that any song could have nowadays but just don't because back in 80's Sade was one of the most seductive Music Artists ever.

I never liked No Ordinary Love so much as this one. This song is complete, it has a smooth saxo, good vocals, good chords, awesome lyrics and more...

2 No Ordinary Love No Ordinary Love Cover Art

I love this song sooo much! It's beat is intoxicating and the whole atmosphere is ethereal. This is the kind of song you (or I) play on repeat while you soak in the bathtub late at night with baby powder scented candles and just zone out.

Best song from her...where did she disappear to?
She just let it rip from her heart in this song and actually out-sang the excellent Sax player...totally incredible performance by her and her sax player!

The sensations this song produces me, are just something out of this world!

Great voice great song

3 The Sweetest Taboo The Sweetest Taboo Cover Art

My overall favorite song by her. I could listen to a million times and never get tired of it!

Whoa now! THIS should be #1! It's so calming yet captivating. One of my favorite songs of all time!

4 By Your Side By Your Side Cover Art

The best! So many memories

Sublime love song

5 Is It a Crime Is It a Crime Cover Art

Her vocals in this song are some of the best I've ever heard. This should be number one! The changing tones and the smoothness of her voice in this are legendary. Definitely her best.

A smooth, sensual and sexy song. And she makes it sound so very nice!

Such a fantastic song! Beautiful beyond compare.

Classic Sade and Sax...smooth and sexy.

6 Cherish the Day Cherish the Day Cover Art

Should be higher up!

7 Haunt Me Haunt Me Cover Art

Listen to it late at night when you're alone in a quiet place. Amazing.

8 Paradise Paradise Cover Art
9 Babyfather Babyfather Cover Art
10 Your Love is King Your Love is King Cover Art
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11 Hang on to Your Love Hang on to Your Love Cover Art

Love this song! Has a great tune and outstanding vocals! Bravo to the one and only Sade Adu!

12 War of the Hearts War of the Hearts Cover Art
13 Love Is Stronger Than Pride Love Is Stronger Than Pride Cover Art
14 When Am I Going to Make a Living When Am I Going to Make a Living Cover Art
15 Soldier of Love Soldier of Love Cover Art
16 Kiss of Life Kiss of Life Cover Art
17 King of Sorrow King of Sorrow Cover Art
18 Love Affair With Life
19 Pearls Pearls Cover Art
20 The Moon and the Sky The Moon and the Sky Cover Art

One of my favorite!

21 Never As Good As the First Time Never As Good As the First Time Cover Art
22 Jezebel Jezebel Cover Art

Definitely is one of her best.

23 Fear Fear Cover Art
24 Maurine
25 Flow Flow Cover Art
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