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Sailors Uranus and Neptune

It's the couple of the show, that the United States chose to block. I like it now because it's kind of forbidden love.
I choose to watch the original now, so it makes more sense.

The young lesbian couple that basically invented modern Yuri.

Such a lovely couple. I hope they keep their relationship in the new anime. I am looking forward to it. Can summer 2013 come sooner? I can't wait :D

The onky exceptional lesbian couple that I like, they look like they are inseparable.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus

I don't know why I voted for this but I can see this okay story time;
Minakos heart was beating fast as she approached the blonde haired girl known as usagi. Usagi had recently broken up with Mamoru. "Usagi? " The moon bunny looked up. "Will you be my girlfriend? ," Minako asked, usagis eyes lit up as she said one simple word; yes.
lol I don't actually ship it but I kinda do

They're so funny together.

Usagi and Mamoru

My OTP! These two were made for each other and really balance one another. I'm glad they were able to find each other and that they will rule crystal Tokyo together and have Rini Off with the peeps that ship Usagi with Haruka Demande or Sseiya, UsagixMamoru is one of the most romantic couples ever in anime

I'm a big ship of Darien / Serena. They are my favourite couple in sailor Moon. I'm glad they end up together and we know in the future they will get married one day and they will have a daughter one day.

They were a great couple till chibi usa had to steal him but other wise mamoru is kind of mean

Best couple ever they use have been on the number 1 spot instead of number 2 spot just saying!

Kunzite and Zoisite

I mean both of them are boy's so are they gay

What a happy gay couple

I love these guys

Just adorable!

Queen Beryl and Prince Endymion

I'm glad they didn't end up together because they have no chemistry.

Rei and Tuxedo Mask

Well...Rei not really the one

Rei and Chad

Wish they had more development!

Rei and Minako
Nephrite and Naru

Such a sad ending... I'm not sure I ship them but the whole plot is quite moving

The most romantic couple


Usagi and Seiya

This fandom is small but big at the same time

The real couple!

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Usagi and Motoki

Usagi is not really good for Motoki and Motoki is not as cute as Mamoru anyway.

Ami and Makoto

Hottest girl + hottest girl = ship

The best couple in sailor moon

Best sailor moon couple

Fisheye and Mamoru
Prince Demande and Usagi

I just wanted to say how he sexually assaulted her and yall are saying "best ship" bruh that's weird creepy and gross, you need help if your idolizing that stuff

Best ship ever!

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask
Rei and Jadeite

I don't know why, but I always love this couple, the story never "highlighted" the Jadeite character like the all other Dark Kingdom's generals (nephrite, zoisite and kunzite have more complex characters) so I don't know why I like Jadeite. I probably love Rei and Jadeite together for unknowed reasons­čśů

Usagi and Haruka

They like the opposite toward each other!

... I'm all alone in this, aren't I?

Usagi and Rei

I love this so much!


Chibiusa and Hotaru

They're so cute but mature...They care for each other no matter what

Sailor Pluto and Mamoru
Naru and Umino
Minako and Yaten
Ail and An
Sailor Jupiter and Nephrite
Ami and Shingo
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