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1 Sailors Uranus and Neptune

Such a lovely couple. I hope they keep their relationship in the new anime. I am looking forward to it. Can summer 2013 come sooner? I can't wait :D

The young lesbian couple that basically invented modern Yuri. - PerfectImpulseX

It's the couple of the show, that the United States chose to block. I like it now because it's kind of forbidden love.
I choose to watch the original now, so it makes more sense.

They really are the best couple! 💜💜💜

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2 Kunzite and Zoisite

What a happy gay couple

I mean both of them are boy's so are they gay

3 Usagi and Mamoru

They are so sweet. And they fight for each other. - hazelnoble

I love this couple, especially on the manga.

I'm a big ship of Darien / Serena. They are my favourite couple in sailor Moon. I'm glad they end up together and we know in the future they will get married one day and they will have a daughter one day.

My OTP! These two were made for each other and really balance one another. I'm glad they were able to find each other and that they will rule crystal Tokyo together and have Rini Off with the peeps that ship Usagi with Haruka Demande or Sseiya, UsagixMamoru is one of the most romantic couples ever in anime

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4 Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus

They're so funny together.

I don't know why I voted for this but I can see this okay story time;
Minakos heart was beating fast as she approached the blonde haired girl known as usagi. Usagi had recently broken up with Mamoru. "Usagi? " The moon bunny looked up. "Will you be my girlfriend? ," Minako asked, usagis eyes lit up as she said one simple word; yes.
lol I don't actually ship it but I kinda do

5 Queen Beryl and Prince Endymion

I'm glad they didn't end up together because they have no chemistry.


6 Rei and Tuxedo Mask V 1 Comment
7 Rei and Chad V 1 Comment
8 Rei and Minako
9 Nephrite and Naru V 1 Comment
10 Usagi and Seiya

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? Ami and Makoto

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11 Fisheye and Mamoru
12 Usagi and Motoki

Usagi is not really good for Motoki and Motoki is not as cute as Mamoru anyway.

13 Prince Demande and Usagi
14 Usagi and Haruka

... I'm all alone in this, aren't I?

15 Usagi and Rei V 1 Comment
16 Chibiusa and Pegasus
17 Prince Demando and Esmeraude
18 Naru and Umino
19 Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow
20 Ail and An
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