Best Cars On Saints Row 2


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1 Superiore

Personally, it looks better than the attrazione. It feels way faster than it and has a better handling. It is my go to car for the top speeds I sometimes need to get to.

If you style it up and stuff its pretty cool

Its clearly the best

It's My Favourite Car I Can Tell You That.

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2 Attrazione

The Attrazione definitely looks the best and I love the control you have over it. If you paint it black with a white racing stripe in the middle it looks awesome! VERY VERY STYLISH CAR!

Its been fastest through out the games even in 3

The wiki says that this is the fastest "car" as it has a speed of 100

Crazy-cool name, and awesome steering! - HezarioSeth

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3 Bezier

It's da best car of tis geim M8!

This should be fist because it is really fast

I think this is the fastest car In saints row 2

Bezier is the top car in Saints Row History

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4 Vortex

Has too be the fastest car in saints row 2

My favourite looking car in saints row.

:D the B3sT cAr

5 Zenith
6 Raycaster

This is a great car if you don't like it well you must be crazy

Where can you find this car

Best car get handling! :) way better then the "faster" cars

7 Cosmos

I hat this car

8 Magma

It's a gun car

Magma is the best car to me

I look like a Nissan skyline

9 Phoenix

I love the looks of the pheonix and it doesn't have to much power

This car is the bum tings

10 Venom Classic

The Venom Classic has to be my favorite vintage car. It's fast, but lacks in handling and turning. All and all, it's an amazing car if you customize it right.

Its awesome the best thing to customize it with is hydraulics

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11 Hammerhead

A ton of power but less handling

My favorite - EliHbk

12 Fer De Lance

One of the coolest looking cars out there and it's a Enzo Ferrari

It looks badass.

13 Atlasbreaker
14 Socialite

The car is fast and is really nice and styleish.

15 Bootlegger
16 Lamborghini Murcielago
17 Hayate Z70
18 Varsity

I like it. It's a neat, nice little pickup that is just pleasing to look at, in addition to drive.

The varsity is the best pickup in saints row 2 its pretty quck and when it drifts around corners it does not bounce and when it is aquipped with the roll bar with lights the lights will still brighten up your path even if you broke your headlights

19 Oring

Even though this ride isn't very practical it does handle well but it is pretty slow but it sure is fun to drive it and spray pedestrians with the steam cannon

20 Elite

The elite is my go to car it's my personal best

21 Bulldog

It's the toughest car on the game in my opinion

22 Septic Avenger

Whats more fun than a police chase a police chase involving a septic avenger spraying poo all over the boys in blue after chasing the septic avenger they will have to be used to wearing brown for a while

I know what's more fun getting and pimping a Superiore!

23 Zomkah
24 Bear

It has a mini-gun

25 Compton
26 UFO

Pretty cool of airplanes or whatever

27 Nuke Plant Five-O
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