Best Cribs On Saints Row 2


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1 Lopez Mansion


2 King Penthouse
3 Saints Row Mega Condo

The Saints Row Mega Condo is a large hotel suite with two floors in Saints Row 2. It costs $50,000 and is the most expensive crib in the game. Inside, there is a newspaper, crib customization, TV, wardrobe, stash and weapons cache. There are also pole dancers on the top floor. -

It the best dang hotel why do you think it's expensive

I want to buy it how do you

Really big! - EliHbk

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4 Hotel Penthouse

The Hotel Penthouse crib is located in the Hapton, which appears to be an upscale hotel, near the Wardill Airport. Once purchased, it provides access to all of the normal interior crib components, and access to a garage and helipad. In the hotel lobby there is an On Thin Ice and a Night Club. -

The whole hotel is amazing and this is the only crib that has a pool inside it. I love how the hotel is massive with things to do inside of it, its next to an airport and there's an helicopter pad on top of the hotel.

I like this the best because it's a luxury one bedroomed penthouse right at the top and an indoor pool all this at five star. Just right for me

Its dope

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5 Purgatory

Purgatory is a nightclub owned by the 3rd Street Saints. The Purgatory includes an exclusive night club complete with an office, stripper poles and a bar, all for free. -

6 Penthouse Loft

I just love the penthouse loft. It has everything you need including a helicopter pad and is a lot cheaper than the saints row mega condo. - lovaboii72

I really like this crib it is really comfy - decorulez97

I like this crib the best because its next to a busy road and its near the city. I like the inside of this crib because it looks really roomy when you uprade it to the highest.

7 Prison Lighthouse

If you pimp this out to the max it will look very nice. I love the layout and the spiral staircase!

8 Downtown Loft
9 University Loft

A nice bachelor pad around college hotties (if inreal life)

10 Red Light Loft

My personal favorite. Next to a highway, where cars come down and near a body shop

Its free, and everything you need is in that one room

The Contenders

11 Airport Hangar
12 Suburbs Dock
13 Price Mansion
14 Saints Row Loft
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