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1 Saint's Row 2

Amazing game still play to this day

The best one out of the series. - Pzubrikov

The most fun to play, the customisation was good, it has the 3 best gangs, the best story lines and the best characters - readingfc1871

Better than Grand Theft Auto IV

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2 Saint's Row: The Third

Awesome game and a very good campaign compared to Grand Theft Auto

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3 Saints Row IV

How's this #4? This is a game where you're president. You can make your pearson muscular, skinny, fat or a mixture of any. There's a weapon called the inflato ray which makes people's head big and explode. And, of course, tons more of fun weapons. This shouldn't be #4. It should be #1 or #2 at least.

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4 Saints Row
5 Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Not very good compared to the other games it has a very short campaign

Although the campaign is short, this game is still alright. - Pzubrikov

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