Best Samsung Mobile Phones

The Top Ten Best Samsung Mobile Phones

1 Galaxy S3


2 Galaxy S2
3 Galaxy Note

I have it and it is very fast and awesome.

I have a galaxy 4g and I love great pic

4 Galaxy Nexus
5 Focus 2
6 Jet S8000
7 Galaxy Ace 2
8 Galaxy Ace
9 Galaxy S
10 Galaxy Note 2

Samsung release the new product. It is GALAXY NOTE2!

Ita a great phone. It has a great battery life & also has is updated I never faced a problem unless you misuse it or overcharge it bu hats off. Grea phon

The Contenders

11 Galaxy Mini
12 Galaxy S4
13 Galaxy S8

Good samsung phone.

This is a good phone own one - trains45

14 Galaxy A50
15 Galaxy Y
16 Chat

You can get up to 12200 games

17 Galaxy S Advance
18 Galaxy S7
19 Galaxy S7 Edge
20 Galaxy S9
21 Corby F

Corby Folder is discontinued. 2ne1 did T.V. advertising of corby phones

22 Replenish
23 Galaxy Stellar

I used to have a Stratosphere 2. It was a piece of junk! I had to trade it in twice! After two failed Stratosphere 2s, I decided on a Stellar, and it is WAY better. I love my Stellar.

24 Evergreen
25 S3350
26 Galaxy Note 4
27 Galaxy Note 8
28 Galaxy S6
29 Galaxy J2 4G
30 Galaxy S10
31 Galaxy Note 5
32 Galaxy S5
33 Galaxy Note 3
34 Galaxy Note 9
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