Top 10 Best Sandwiches

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1 Grilled Cheese

I have a bad history with sandwiches in my lunches- I'd take baguettes over them any day because of the different kind of bread- at least to me. But then I discovered grilled cheese and well... let's just say it's the only kind of sandwich I want in my lunches these days!

This is another classic that all kids and adults combine love. Originated in the 1920's and is still loved to this day.

MM, I love when the cheese pulls from one side to the other just before I bite in.

The ultimate comfort food on a cold day, how can you go wrong with bread butter and cheese. the only thing better would be a grilled cheese and a cup of your favorite soup, tomato and grilled cheese is my favorite.

2 Ham & Cheese

Yuuumy. But I was a bit disappointed that nobody thought about putting ice cream sandwiches on here.

This is another classic that includes a meat eaten a lot.

Ham & Swiss on Rye!

3 Roast Beef

I have a crush on a girl named Ella Miller. Every long Friday we had sandwiches and I stalked her and saw what she got because I like to see what cute girls eat. She chose Roast Beef with cheese, lettuce, and mustard. Other times she got Turkey. I also saw a cute girl named Kate Harvey eat a Turkey and mayo one, a very popular one. The cutest teacher, Ms. Conde, was caught eating lettuce, cheese, Turkey, and tomato. Ms. Schmidt likes ham and cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I had a teacher named Miss Harris who was SEXY, and every day she brought a sandwich, so I tried to get the closest computer to her. There was also a girl a grade below my named Bella, who every day had a Turkey and mayo sandwich, and she was hot. Not to mention Maddy, even cuter, with the same type.

On a kaiser role with lettuce cheese and mustard... YUM!
And I'm Ella Miller


Bacon makes everything better and the tomato and lettuce go well with it. You can even add mayonnaise, avocado, or cheese. It is a work of art that you can eat.

The best ever

5 Hamburger

A fat but delicious grilled meat that ALWAYS is a hit at cookouts.

6 Turkey

I love turkey. I only ever get key it once a year and a turkey sandwich is a special treat for me and I think that this should be number one.

7 Chicken Salad
8 Peanut Butter and Jelly

This is the ultimate classic and all time favorite sandwich.

It's considered a "childhood favorite? " What? I am 18 and I still love pb&j!

Why this not in first

9 Philly Cheesesteak

A delicious sandwich consisting of cheese, onions, and a grilled meat everyone loves... Steak!

Just awesome... No other words.

10 Rueben
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11 Turkey and Cheese

This is a classic that everyone loves!

12 Club
13 French Dip

So savory, so delicious.

14 Egg Salad
15 Tuna Salad
16 Italian Hoagie

A sandwich including all the cold cuts everyone loves!

17 Tri-Tip
18 Blt-bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
19 Bacon, Egg & Cheese
20 Cuban
21 Meatball

Who doesn't love a meatball sub?

It should be higher.

22 Nutella
23 Banh Mi
24 Bacon

This is not a sandwich

25 Chicken and Lettuce
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