Top 10 Best Sandwiches

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1 Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese

I have a bad history with sandwiches in my lunches- I'd take baguettes over them any day because of the different kind of bread- at least to me. But then I discovered grilled cheese and well... let's just say it's the only kind of sandwich I want in my lunches these days!

This is another classic that all kids and adults combine love. Originated in the 1920's and is still loved to this day.

MM, I love when the cheese pulls from one side to the other just before I bite in.

The ultimate comfort food on a cold day, how can you go wrong with bread butter and cheese. the only thing better would be a grilled cheese and a cup of your favorite soup, tomato and grilled cheese is my favorite.

2 Ham & Cheese

Yuuumy. But I was a bit disappointed that nobody thought about putting ice cream sandwiches on here.

This is another classic that includes a meat eaten a lot.

Ham & Swiss on Rye!

3 Roast Beef Roast Beef

I have a crush on a girl named Ella Miller. Every long Friday we had sandwiches and I stalked her and saw what she got because I like to see what cute girls eat. She chose Roast Beef with cheese, lettuce, and mustard. Other times she got Turkey. I also saw a cute girl named Kate Harvey eat a Turkey and mayo one, a very popular one. The cutest teacher, Ms. Conde, was caught eating lettuce, cheese, Turkey, and tomato. Ms. Schmidt likes ham and cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I had a teacher named Miss Harris who was SEXY, and every day she brought a sandwich, so I tried to get the closest computer to her. There was also a girl a grade below my named Bella, who every day had a Turkey and mayo sandwich, and she was hot. Not to mention Maddy, even cuter, with the same type.

On a kaiser role with lettuce cheese and mustard... YUM!
And I'm Ella Miller

4 Hamburger Hamburger

A fat but delicious grilled meat that ALWAYS is a hit at cookouts.


Bacon makes everything better and the tomato and lettuce go well with it. You can even add mayonnaise, avocado, or cheese. It is a work of art that you can eat.

The best ever

6 Turkey

I love turkey. I only ever get key it once a year and a turkey sandwich is a special treat for me and I think that this should be number one.

7 Philly Cheesesteak

A delicious sandwich consisting of cheese, onions, and a grilled meat everyone loves... Steak!

Just awesome... No other words.

8 Chicken Salad
9 Peanut Butter and Jelly

This is the ultimate classic and all time favorite sandwich.

It's considered a "childhood favorite? " What? I am 18 and I still love pb&j!

Why this not in first

10 Turkey and Cheese

This is a classic that everyone loves!

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11 Rueben
12 French Dip

So savory, so delicious.

13 Club
14 Egg Salad
15 Tri-Tip
16 Tuna Salad
17 Italian Hoagie

A sandwich including all the cold cuts everyone loves!

18 Blt-bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
19 Nutella
20 Banh Mi
21 Bacon, Egg & Cheese
22 Meatball

Who doesn't love a meatball sub?

It should be higher.

23 Cuban
24 Bacon Bacon

This is not a sandwich

25 Chicken Parmesan
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