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1 You're Not Alone

Brilliant song. My personal favourite definitely.

. . I love SAOSIN specially when I heard this song, wow. it is very nice. . soO, this song must be the top 1. . in the list. . YOURE NOT ALONE. .

This song reaches in and finds my tiny heart every time I hear it. Got to love songs that do that.

Beautiful lyrics and awesome tune.

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2 Voices

The best Saosin song, Cove Reber kills it

3 I Never Wanted To

How is this not the top song? Of course this is apart of the best CD by Saosin but come on people, give this song more votes, its got the best sound and tune. Everyone I know that hasn't heard of Saosin or a fan of them say this is the best song!

Easily the best song that's close to the top on this list. Maybe not their very best, but certainly in the conversation. And much better than you're not alone.

This song shows off the more soulful and sensitive side of Saosin. Cove's voice tells a story...

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4 Bury Your Head

Clearly, by far their best song.

It's everlasting. A simply masterpiece.

5 Deep Down
6 Seven Years

It's a no brainer. This I their no1 song. It is incredible. A story of a man's lack of faith during the biblical rapture I believe?
This features Saosin's post-hardcore side with brilliant harsh vocals. Plus, it features a clever verse overlap to reveal a vague hidden phrase.. Love it!

this is the best when anthony green is still the vocalist.. because of the nice voice and scream

This is an awesome song. I love to scream out loud just like anthony green did

Incredible vocals

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7 Some Sense of Security
8 It's Far Better to Learn

Saosin is the world's most underrated band. This song is cool to the max! Go saosin! I will be always supporting

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9 Collapse

this song is the best song for me because it just sounds koo with the guitars and the drums. especially with the vocals

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10 Come Close

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? The Silver String

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11 Sleepers
12 Changing

Are you kidding me? Really? Changing is Number 16.? Have you heard the epic guitar riffs and vocals? This song should at least be in the Top 5 songs or top 10 at the least!

An awesome song which is still underrated.. Saosin rocks m/.. But only with cove reber

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13 I Can Tell

The very best of Anthony Greens singing talent.

The most intense saosin song

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14 It's So Simple
15 Finding Home

This song needs more credit. Has great vocals, and just as good as voices. Check this one out, please.

16 Why Can't You See
17 The Alarming Sound of a Still Small Voice

Most underrated saosin song, without a doubt.

18 Show Me Yo Booty Hole

I think one day Saosin had a band meeting. In the meeting they discussed how they needed to wear more makeup, look more like dudes, and decided whos gonna take it in the rear on Monday and Tuesday. After this meeting they put together everything in the top ten...A.K.A. everything but B2C album.

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19 The Worst of Me
20 Fireflies (Light Messengers)
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