Best Sarah Brightman Songs

Born 14 August 1960, the talented stage performer and singer with the ability to elevate her voice to an operatic level.

The Top Ten

1 Time to Say Goodbye

It is a really good song to listen to and really inspiring

The duet with Andrea Bocelli topped charts all over Europe and subsequently became an international success with 12 million copies worldwide - MatrixGuy

Hijo De Luna should be higher

Sarah Brightman is pretty. - DynastiNoble

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2 Hijo de la Luna

Agreed, this should be number 1! Her rendition of this song is perfection!

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3 Amigos Para Siempre

It make me feel anything special

Performed at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games with Jos´┐Ż Carreras - MatrixGuy

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4 You and Me

In Beijing at the Olympic games with Chinese singer Liu Huan performed the song to an estimated 4 billion people worldwide - MatrixGuy

5 Harem UListen to Sample
6 Who Wants to Live Forever

The superb Queen song performed by Sarah Brightman - MatrixGuy

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7 I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper
8 Shall Be Done
9 Deliver Me UListen to Sample
10 A Question of Honour UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Il Mio Cuore Va UListen to Sample
12 All I Ask of You UListen to Sample
13 It's a Beautiful Day

I love the combination between the electronic and the Arabic melodies with the soprano touch of Sarah Brightman voice, it makes a unconventional and fascinating piece of heaven for the ears, and let's not forget the Italian and English lyrics; "With every new day your promises fade away" a raw truth, but the romanticism showed that even the pain can be beautiful.

I absolutely love this song. Sarah's voice is so soothing and the music just makes it even better. It should rank higher!

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14 Only an Ocean Away UListen to Sample
15 Love Changes Everything UListen to Sample
16 Beautiful

Such an amazing song. I love it,

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17 The Last Words You Said

Seriously... not in top 10... (as on 29.1.15)

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18 A Whiter Shade of Pale

Awesome voice.. and such a beautiful song

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19 Think of Me

The most beautiful singing voice on the planet, via the most beautiful woman in the world!

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20 Ave Maria UListen to Sample
21 Once in a Lifetime UListen to Sample
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