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1 Ikaw

I loved this song! She's a great singer in the Philippines!

I love how Sarah performs.

Yes! I agree w/ that... the most talented among others

I LOVE HER TILL DEATH - betitajayah05_gmail_com

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2 Forever's Not Enough

Having heard this song makes me realize that forever is not really enough... I love Sarah Geronimo for singing this wonderful and inspiring song.

A song that we filipinos could be proud of. sounds international. this is what really makes me mark in my heart.

And ganda ng song na ito pramis!

And gling mo lve you

3 Sa Iyo

This is really a phenomenon song of Sarah Geronimo that will truly make you sing and dance!

, gusto ko po yong kanta na ito ate sarah... idol kita.. patuloy mo and best female perfonrmance mo ate sarah... go go gog go. ate sarah

4 Sino Nga Ba Sya

A song full of emotion

.. / ate // sarah // gusto ko po and kanta na ito ... go go go go ate sarah ...

5 How Could You Say You Love Me
6 Bakit Pa Ba

Bcaz it very good song

7 I Won't Last a Day Without You
8 You Changed My Life In a Moment
9 Ikot-Ikot

This song proves that shes really the popstar princess in the Philippines.

///go idol.. ate sarah go

10 Carry My Love

I love singing this song 😍

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11 Kung Siya Ang Iyong Mahal

... B gusto . Ko and kanta na ito ate sarah .. and ganda ng bosis mo ate sarah .. go go go idol...

Ganda ng liRics ng song.

12 Kilometro
13 Right Here Waiting

I don't think I can find a song in my life that is more important to me than this. I normally love science songs from symphony of science, those by Bryan Adams and then my local, Bollywood songs by Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam but this one is a truly inspiring one for love awaited like me. Makes me cry! Also its male version by Richard Marx, which is equally touching.

Best rendition of pop star royalty ever! W/ great feelings and emotions put to this song and she really captivates and captured our hearts. She is undeniably the one and only d queen of days generation.

14 I Still Believe In Loving You

// go go go go go// ate sarah... and galing mo mag kanta at maga ling pa mag acting grabi tlga, at sumayaw pa... go idol

15 Nag-iisang Ikaw rendition, powerful & highest..

16 Tayo
17 Something New In My Life
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