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1 Ikaw

I loved this song! She's a great singer in the Philippines!

I love how Sarah performs.

Yes! I agree w/ that... the most talented among others

vote plzzz

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2 Sa Iyo

This is really a phenomenon song of Sarah Geronimo that will truly make you sing and dance!

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3 Sino Nga Ba Sya

A song full of emotion

.. / ate // sarah // gusto ko po and kanta na ito ... go go go go ate sarah ...

4 Forever's Not Enough

Having heard this song makes me realize that forever is not really enough... I love Sarah Geronimo for singing this wonderful and inspiring song.

A song that we filipinos could be proud of. sounds international. this is what really makes me mark in my heart.

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5 How Could You Say You Love Me
6 Bakit Pa Ba

Bcaz it very good song

7 I Won't Last a Day Without You
8 You Changed My Life In a Moment
9 Ikot-Ikot

This song proves that shes really the popstar princess in the Philippines.

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10 Kung Siya Ang Iyong Mahal

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11 I Still Believe In Loving You
12 Right Here Waiting

I don't think I can find a song in my life that is more important to me than this. I normally love science songs from symphony of science, those by Bryan Adams and then my local, Bollywood songs by Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam but this one is a truly inspiring one for love awaited like me. Makes me cry! Also its male version by Richard Marx, which is equally touching.

Best rendition of pop star royalty ever! W/ great feelings and emotions put to this song and she really captivates and captured our hearts. She is undeniably the one and only d queen of days generation.

13 Nag-iisang Ikaw rendition, powerful & highest..

14 Kilometro
15 Carry My Love
16 Something New In My Life
17 Tayo
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