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Satyricon is an influential norwegian Black Metal band founded in Oslo, Norway in 1991. The band's line-up over the years has constantly revolved around a stable core of multi-instrumentalist Sigurd 'Satyr' Wongraven and drum powerhouse Kjetil Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad. To date they have 7 studio albums and 3 EPs.

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1 K.I.N.G. K.I.N.G.
2 Mother North Mother North
3 The Pentagram Burns The Pentagram Burns

One of the best Black Metal songs I have ever heard. Satyr is powerhouse. Best Black Metal vocalist along with Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir. The guitar solo is just awesome.

4 The Wolfpack The Wolfpack

Sounds like Powerslave by Iron Maiden I don't know why - PureMayhem

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5 Fuel for Hatred
6 Now, Diabolical Now, Diabolical
7 To the Mountains To the Mountains
8 Black Lava
9 Dark Medieval Times Dark Medieval Times
10 That Darkness Shall Be Eternal

The Contenders

11 A New Enemy A New Enemy
12 Forhekset Forhekset
13 Phoenix Phoenix

I just needs to skink in a bit! Till I sung it loudly. And realize it so good. Love satyricon one of my favorite black metal bands

14 Taakeslottet Taakeslottet
15 Delirium Delirium
16 Commando Commando
17 My Skin Is Cold My Skin Is Cold

One of my favorite Black Metal songs.
K.I.N. G is good too, but I choose this as this is down here but should be at least in top 5.

18 Hvite Krists DØD Hvite Krists DØD
19 Repined Bastard Nation Repined Bastard Nation
20 Black Crown On a Tombstone
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1. K.I.N.G.
2. The Pentagram Burns
3. Now, Diabolical
1. K.I.N.G.
2. The Wolfpack
3. Mother North



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