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1 Truly Madly Deeply Truly Madly Deeply


One of the most touching songs ever!
This is what made Savage Garden...
No other song invoke the kind of feeling inside me as this song does... Superbly Splendid...

The sweetest song ever - samyak128

Beatyful lyrics!

2 To the Moon & Back To the Moon & Back

Other good one as TMD

One of the best songs of all time!

Best ever

I ADORE this song! Number 1 for me.

3 I Knew I Loved You I Knew I Loved You

I play the song, close my eyes and lie on bed. "feels like a sense of completion"

One of the best romantic song.

I knew I loved you is way better than To the moon and back

This is one of those lovely tracks which you listen throughout your life without gettin bored! :D The way darren sings is amazing! You get lost in the song!

This is the best Savage Garden Song!

4 Crash and Burn

Amazing song about supporting each other

The song that tell me that I'm not alone there still here to help me when I'm down. The song can calm me.

I'd like the meaning of the lyrics of the song

This song hit me at the heart. It's a feel good inspirational song.

5 I Want You

This song should be in the top ten list because this song is one of the best songs from Savage Garden ever made

Listening to this song while driving in the rain with my girlfriend... The best feeling ever!

Absolutely great song! They don't make them just this anymore. Sad they are not together anymore.

I love this song and it should be on no 2

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6 Affirmation

I play this over and over in my vehicle

Just love this song!

A very true song about beliefs. It's rare in the music world to sing what you believe in, and it's also an energetic song.

Should be top 5 at least...

7 Break Me Shake Me

Awesome. For me it's the 2nd best after to the moon and back

I agree & that's my same exact order- I can do without the remainder of the songs but those two are by far the best Tracks both by melody and actual written work. - PrinceZarbon

This is the best song ever. The bass is good but the best part is the singing voice. It's awesome that way.
This song should be at number one.

Deserves to be on top 5

8 The Animal Song

Amazing composition with perfect lyrics and fairly good vocals. Makes me feel free and alive. Who doesn't wanna live like a animal!

This song is money! Get around it ladies and gentlemen. Do yourself a favour and click on the vote button. Or the listen to sample and then the vote button

Catchy, upbeat, singing is as good as ever and can't help but be put in a good mood when listening to it.

My Favorite song When I was a kid! Come on this has gotta be at #2 after Truly Madly Deeply!

9 Chained to You
10 The Best Thing

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11 Tears of Pearls

How is this not even listed? Oh, man. You're definitely missing out if you haven't heard it.

This is my #1 Savage Garden song❣️

12 Love Can Move You
13 Gunning Down Romance
14 Violet
15 Carry on Dancing
16 A Thousand Words

Good song

What an awesome song! Only problem is you could say that with all Savage Garden songs!

This song is amazing! It actually gets me to dance, lots more fun to dance to than the crap on the radio these days!

17 This Side of Me
18 You Can Still Be Free

I love this song it makese float away

Love it..emotional song

Best songever!

19 Hold Me

'might need you to hold me tonight, might need you to say its all right, might need you to make the first stand, cause tonight I'm finding it hard to be your man' Beautiful!

Wow, unbelievable, this song is not present here!

20 Universe

I think Universe is among their most underrated songs. Darren's smooth, sensual vocals, the melody, the rhythm is so dreamy, sad yet beautiful.


21 Fire Inside the Man
22 I Don't Know You Anymore

It should be on top 5. it has a great lyric!

23 I Don't Care
24 Santa Monica


25 Two Beds and a Coffee Machine

This song touches the beautiful sadness in my heart.

Awesomest song ever! Tells you never to ever stop; another ditch in the road, you keep moving
another stop sign
You keep moving oon

26 Last Christmas
27 The Lover After Me

Where the hell is this song? :@ people you gotta listen this! Its awesome!

Make it available please

28 Mine
29 Promises
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1. I Knew I Loved You
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2. Truly Madly Deeply
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1. To the Moon & Back
2. Break Me Shake Me
3. Tears of Pearls

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