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1 Morphine Child

Sleep beneath my dreams, safe within my hands, every tear betrays.

2 Chance
3 Gutter Ballet

One of the riffs in this song sounds like some crap ripoff of Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name". How about we put this lower on the list.

Great riff, great solos, great chorus. Great band, and great song!

I'm listening to this song right now. It's amazing.

Despite that ripoff-y riff I like this song a lot and it should be at number 1

4 Hall of the Mountain King

This should be at least top 5 - Metal_Treasure

5 Believe

Best ever Savatage song!

Raw, beautiful and life changeing.

6 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
7 Handful of Rain
8 The Unholy
9 Hounds
10 Sirens

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11 When the Crowds Are Gone

First time I ever heard this, I listened to it like 10 times in a row. Still blows me away

This is definitely their best song. It encaptures so much emotion; especially the second half. Jon Oliva sounds so fantastic here - the blend between the clean vocals and the gritty vocals. - Phyralis

12 Power of the Night
13 Edge of Thorns

Love this song, and that solo... R.I.P Criss

14 Dead Winter Dead
15 Scream Murder
16 Commissar
17 One Child
18 Not What You See
19 The Hourglass
20 Ghost In the Ruins

Can't believe this song wasn't on here yet. Definite highlight from their best album, with a fantastic vocal performance from Jon and exquisite guitar work by Criss.

This song is bad ass

21 Strange Wings

Really anything from the album Hall of the Mountain King. One of the best albums from the eighties.

22 Summer's Rain

One of the best

23 Streets
24 Jesus Saves

Maybe should be higher than #29 - Metal_Treasure

25 All that I Bleed
26 Of Rage and War


27 Anymore
28 Sleep
29 If I Go Away
30 Surrender
31 Alone You Breathe
32 Castles Burning

Very good vocal line.

33 The Wake of Magellan
34 The Dungeons Are Calling
35 Legions

Perfect combination or power and melody, amazing solo by Criss. Their best song, followed by Strange Wings and Hall of the Mountain King.

I like this song, too. Maybe top 10-15, or even top 10. - Metal_Treasure

36 Thorazine Shuffle
37 Somewhere in Time
38 Welcome
39 Prelude to Madness
40 Follow Me
41 Sarajevo
42 Mozart and Madness
43 Silk and Steel
44 24 Hrs. Ago
45 Taunting Cobras
46 Paragons of Innocence
47 Washed Out
48 Doesn't Matter Anyway
49 Watching You Fall
50 I Am
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1. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
2. Morphine Child
3. Chance
1. Morphine Child
2. Chance
3. Hall of the Mountain King
1. Morphine Child
2. When the Crowds Are Gone
3. The Hourglass


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