Top Ten Best Saw Traps

The best traps and tests from the Saw movie series.

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21 The Seeing Trap from Saw VII

This trap is gruesome to watch but so amazing so please vote for the seeing trap. Watch the trap where you can and you'll see what I mean when I say that this trap is awful, evil and hard to experience. Love saw!

Three poles coming at Suzanne. Two to go into her eyes and one to go through her mouth. She's strapped in so can't escape. Horrible to watch but it's worth it so make sure you check it out!

You are so right this trap is horrible but great to watch. Check it out and you'll see what we mean people. I love saw so much. It's a super film.

It's called the impalement wheel - robertoiglesias271

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22 Flammable Jelly from Saw

This should be number 1 because death of fire is painful

This should be number 1 it was so painful

A man had flammable jelly smeared on his body and they only source of light is a small candal. there is a slow acting poison in his blood and the antidote is in a safe and the combination is coded on the walls. but there is broken glass on the floor - arewefriends

23 Grain Silo from Saw VIII
24 Mausoleum Trap (Eyes Sewn Shut) from Saw IV

This trap is really hard to watch

2 men have to murder each other

25 Razor Wire Maze from Saw

With two hours to escape out a room, only one problem a razor maze is in the way, capable of cutting really deep into the skin. - MacaulayB

Really good trap should be at least 8th

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26 The Scalping Seat from Saw IV

Why is no one voting for this one. This amazing.

27 The Furnace from Saw II

pyromaniac (or fraudster) gets burnt when he gets greedy perfect irony for him - 51d3y

This should be number 1 you do know the most painful way to die is burning to death

He burned to death in a small spot could get any worst

Anything with fire is the most painful

28 Pig Vat from Saw III
29 Steam Room from Saw VI
30 Fish Hook Trap from Saw 3D

There is a key in a girls stomach attached to a fish hook that will free her from a trap will she will get holes driven into her throughout which would kill her. a man must pull the key up through her throat and the nails that will pierce the women speed up every time the noise level gets above a whisper - arewefriends

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31 The Hanging Room from Saw VI
32 Zepp's Puzzle from Saw

hospital worker must kidnap a family or he will die - 51d3y

33 The Shotgun Collar from Saw III

A surgeon must keep saw alive or else the coller will detonate blasting off her head - arewefriends

34 Razor Box Trap from Saw 2

If I'm thinking of the right one it the now where the only way to successfully release the antidote without it spilling is to grab the bottom but there is a ring of blades so you can't move your hands down far enough to reach the bottom of the antidote without putting the blade ring up to your elbow and any length of your arm that is inside of the box will get decapitated… so the price of the antidote is to loose an arm up to your elbow… lol this was really hard to explain - arewefriends

You are pretty much right but instead of an antidote it was a key - Jonerman

35 The Elevator from Saw II

The way she died was so gross. Pity Because she was pretty - DubstepLover

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36 The Waffle Iron from Saw 2

The waffle Iron was meant for Addison but she managed to kill herself earlier by taking gus's trap.The antidote would be placed in the middle of a waffle iron, as soon as the victim was selfish enough just to get it quickly, the waffle iron would clamp down on the victims hands. The trap would hold the victims hands tightly, but moving the antidote back (away from the victim if they only used one hand). The waffle iron would then start to brutally burn and scar the victims hands. In need of the antidote, the victim must of remembered what the tape said. The tape said they must place their head on top of the Waffle Iron to apply enough pressure. By doing this, the burning would stop after a while and when enough pressure has been applied. But at a price of scarring their face. The antidote would go back to where it was before in reach for the victim to take. If they took less time to apply pressure at the top of the waffle iron, their hands would completely burn, scar and bleed and the ...more

37 The Freezer Room from Saw III

There was a girl in a freezing room getting splashed with a liquid that will end up freezing her to death. the key to her survival is a key surrounded by extremely cold bar that a man has to press himself up agains in order to get the key and save her - arewefriends

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38 The Impalement Wheel from Saw VII
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