Best Scenes From The Matrix Trilogy

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Neo Fights 100's of Agents In the Rain

Actually the description is of two different scenes.
1. Neo fights Agent Smith in the rain (while 100's of copies of Smith watch).
2. Neo fights 100's of Agents... in an outdoor playground/basketball court.
Both scenes are certainly in the top ten of my favorites, but I can't really choose one favorite.

This is the sickiest scene I have ever seen in a movie. They graphics are the cooliest. The way Neo kicks the smith's butt, nothing better. - westofohio

Neo and Trinity Save Morpheus


Interstate Scene
Fight to Save Zion
Neo Fights 100's of Agents In Park

I think this is the best matches ever in the Matrix trilogy.

Kung Fu Morpheus and Neo
Neo Sees the Human Fields
Neo Is The One
Neo Arrives at Machine City
There is No Spoon

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Freeway Fight - The Matrix Reloaded
Freeway Fight
Bullet Time
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