Best Scenes In The Simpsons Movie


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1 Skate Naked

Seriously, what's so funny about seeing a naked kid's penis? I don't get why you people like this kind of stuff. This isn't real humor, it's basically toilet humor. It's inappropriate!

These idiots need to learn real humor.

Look, a cartoon penis in a kid movie, haleluja!

2 Homer Destroys the Dome
3 Homer and His Pig

€˜Spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does,can he swing off a web no he can’t he’s a pig look out,he is a spiderpig’ LOL

4 Homer Climbs the Dome Using Stickyglue
5 Grandpa Acts Strangely In Church

"Horrible! Horrible things are about to happen! And they're going to happen to you, and you, and you, and YOU! " absolutely awesome!

6 Homer With the Bug Zapper to Catch Fish

Laugh out loud. Who would use a bug zapper to catch fish? Ace movie so funny! All scenes are funny but tis is the best of all of them. Brilliant! I love it! Bart is like don't use the bug zapper dumb ass!

Bart asks why anyone would use a bug zapper to catch a fish, Homer answers it, puts the zapper in the water, and gets electrocuted when he tries to take a bite out of one.

"I think I will get a nibble."

7 Marge Says Did He See Us and He Says Yes I Did

Who is "He? "

8 People Attempt to Escape the Dome
9 Police Are Shot and They Have Funny Attitude
10 Chief Wiggum Eat Donuts On His Gun and He Shoots the Gun

The Contenders

11 "To Be Continued...Immediately"
12 Homer chooses between a jet pack or the obviously better choice of... Superglue.
13 So Long Losers!

The part when homer jumps into the sink hole

14 When Grandpa Yells "I'm Part Of The Mob"
15 Grand Theft Walrus
16 Clap for Alaska
17 Mr Burns Releases the Hounds
18 Homer Falls Through the Roof

Lol I like it when Homer falls through their roof when he tries to fix it, and you can see Grandpa reading something.

"Steady, steady, steady... AHHH! "

19 Homer Nails His Leg, and Tears the Roof

Homer says:
"Yay, I did it." AAAHH!
*runs around screaming because he nails his leg and tears apart the top of the roof*
*Bart laughs at him*

20 Martin Prince Beating Up the Bullies
21 This Book Has No Answers
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