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1 Science

Science is interesting!
you get to learn about how everything forms and other stuff - OzzyVanHalen

I LOVE SCIENCE it teaches you about EVERYTHING in the world! I mean, it's not like everyone knows how the world was formed, or how you can conduct electricity! It's so cool!

Science Is My Favorite Subject It's The Best!

Another thing, my science teacher is savage and funny. Here is something that happened one day.
Me: *walks into room*
My science teacher: Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
Me: Uh?
My science teacher: Am I speaking your language?
Me: Dang it, Mr. Simons (my science teacher's name), you roasted me so savagely!
And this happened today:
Me: *comes back from Speech Therapy with green glasses I got from the prize box*
Kid: LOL!
Mr. Simons: Use this hat to look funnier!
Me: Mr. Simons, it's my Maglev Train I made.
Mr. Simons: Don't care. You can use it as a hat!
Me: Okay! *puts it on*
I'm gonna miss Mr. Simons when I get to middle school in a few months. :( - TeamRocket747

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2 Math

Math is a great subject that can exercise your logic and problem solving skills. It's not a subject where you need to remember vast amounts of equations, you just need to recognize the type of question. It's also a very graceful subject, because an answer is either RIGHT or WRONG.

You just have to learn logic and solving problems using the limited skills. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Math is interesting. Once you learn its relationship with science. For example, using parabolas to find out whether an object will go over a wall. It is also the reason everything is safe and under control. If there was no trajectory class most people would be dead after riding roller coasters. I don't understand the common hatred for Mathematics, best subject ever.

Straightforward, simple, useful (to a point) and runs on logical rules. Unlike the complexity and the diversity of the subject English which is completely opposite to Maths. Hm, logical thought with less writing or illogical thought that doesn't make sense with pages of writing?

Simple and straightforward? You're either a young child or a Genius. Lol. (Or both) - CheesyNachos

Evolution of how I liked math:
Kinder: Me: 1 + 1? Uh...
1st: Uhhh... 17 - 6 = 12! Oh! Whoops, I got a 30. I meant 11. Oh...
2nd: 2 x 4? Okay, I'll x out the fo- wait, there is no four. WHAT IS THIS!?!
3rd: Okay.. 3 x 9, that should be easy. It's 27! I use my fingers!
4th: 4/3 = What!? I am so confused!
5th (aka present time as I write this. Yes, I am 10.): Oh! This is easy! 4.960 is greater than 4.957! - TeamRocket747

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3 English

I'm not a huge fan of school but English is my favorite subject. I'm committed to it and all my English teachers have found joy in my work. I've won a lot of English awards and my grades in English are always good. I'm really proud of that. Without English, we wouldn't be able to understand any word on TheTopTens. My parents even said I shouldn't take a course in English in University because I'm already so good at it and I agree with them a 100 percent. I thank my Year 3 teacher, Laura Rodgers, a lot for my success in English. She really pushed me and encouraged me. My work was so good, she wanted me to live with her for a couple of days. I can't blame her. I was so sad when I didn't win the award for English in Year 6. I deserved WAY MORE THAN FRAZER! But I admit, I didn't try my hardest that year. And I'm older now so that depressing incident doesn't bug me anymore. Except for this one time when I'm talking about it. This might sound like I'm going overboard with my love for this ...more - davakoh

English is in fact my favorite subject, and it means so much to our wonderful country. Where would all the books, authors, poets, even songwriters be, if they did not learn proper grammar in school? English deserves so much more credit than 5th place.

I've always liked English class. I've always done well. One trend that seems to be the case for all classes is that your teacher can make it or break it. A few years ago, I had a wonderful English teacher who had great teaching methods, offered extra help, and genuinely wanted her students to succeed. However, this year, I had an awful English teacher. His teaching methods were downright awful. He always avoided eye contact with the students, so he was basically teaching to the floor. He often made the class uncomfortable, and whenever any innuendos were made, he would have to dissect them and spend ten minutes explaining them to us (despite the fact that we understood them). On top of that, he also graded extremely harshly. He caused me to lose confidence in my writing ability, but it always makes me feel better when I go back and visit my other teacher (the one who is amazing).

I love english this is my favorite subject

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4 History

It's my favorite subject because it is interesting and helps us learn from peoples mistakes so we as the world can have a better future

I'm good in math, but I don't like it, however in history, I'm both good at it and interested. It's not just about dead people, it's learning about how the world is the way it is today, and it's never boring. How is learning about Rome, Greece, Egypt, or WW2 boring? It's not. Science is boring for me because it's all about labs and motion in my class, we never do anything else, and the labs aren't even all that - the last one we had was measuring the speed of a Hot Wheels car! Language and history are my top 2 subjects, but history is miles better than language in my opinion :) It combines math and science and language and everything basically, and it's really interesting. Plus, having a funny teacher adds to it, and my social studies teacher this year is hilarious, so even if we're learning about something "boring", he can make jokes out of the smallest things just to keep us entertained as the majority of the class hates social studies :P

It shows us the key to building great civilizations like Rome and Egypt and helps a learn from humankind's mistakes in the past. I like to see how present-day countries were like back then and see how everything came to be. Plus, Egypt! It makes everything interesting! In 6th grade, there was a project where we made a pyramid out of paper, and it looked awesome because of hieroglyphics on the walls! No wonder my interest for history started in 6th grade. - ethanmeinster

We can learn about the origin of stuff. I'm learning about the history of the world on Wikipedia and found out Pottery was made in 9th millennium because! Wow! - TeamRocket747

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5 Art

Art is not only some kind of lines and shapes on a piece of paper, its way more than that. We can expose our mind, our feeling and anything only on a plain white paper. Even when people always said that math is much more fun and I don't really know why because for me I would rather choose art than math but different people have different likes and dislike and I really respect that. The point is, art is a form of life. We all start doing art when were kids even we don't actually know what were doing but then no one ever said that it was wrong. See! Art will never be a mistake, it only can be a masterpiece. To the art lovers out there, keep on doing it if its bring out the best in you. Art is in our blood from the start, we just have to bring it out and practice to make them stay outside. Art is beautiful, art is life.

I personally suk at math, and I'm kinda... Y'know... Voted by the yearbook/students the best artist in my school of 400 people... :3. I think with math, there's only one answer. You have to repeat equations over and over, like a parrot, untill you get it right. I still think its important, but some people go to unneeded legnths to support math... You still have to ask yourself, 'what would the world be without math? '. But with art, there's no wrong answer. You can express yourself, and let your mind run free, whether its carving, sketching, painting, or everything inbetween. You can venture into the far depths of mankind itself, bearing only your paintbrush, and your mind. And with that, you can make wonders. I don't know... I guess I just feel special :3. Anyone can echo times tables, but you have to have that special something to be REALLY good at art, to possess the thing that makes other gawk and stare... And that's why I love it :) - danielle.

Art definitely deserves to be on the top 10 list. Art is pretty much the only class where you can do anything and just be creative. Anyone can do art, there is no better piece, it's a matter of perspective, unlike math, where there will always be an answer that is definite. You can let your mind wander, and you don't won't have to spend nights cramming information into your head. You can let mental self be free, and express yourself in a way that is creative and shows your true self most.

We can draw your own comics and paint a copy of a painting. Like back in 1st grade, I made a replica of Van Gogh's starry night! It was beautiful in my opinion. - TeamRocket747

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6 Music

We get it. Math is important, Science is interesting and English is great for you to explore your creativity but really if you put those 3 adjectives together then it describes music perfectly! You don't need to think and study hard for this subject but it's defiantly not a lazy topic. Music requires skill and concentration. Whether you're playing an instrument or your voice is the instrument... It doesn't matter! People appreciate music and everyone needs it in life!

I think you're wrong, my dear Anonymous friend. We all listen to music. None the less, I think music is a dumb class in general, but a good one as well. It's just MY opinion. It's good for people who wanna be in bands and stuff, but that's not my style. - mattstat716

Actually, even though MATH is the most important thing ever, Music is by far my number one subject. You know, Music is something full of emotions, and it is also used to show people your feelings. I don't think a regular person nor a nerd could understand. I need Music to be a Singer, but of course, it also have few Maths in it, such as the beats.4 /4 has four quarter note beats; each measure with a 3/4 meter has three quarter note beats; and each measure of 2/4 time has two quarter note beats... It means each measure has only four beats. Since my brain isn't suitable for Math, I have a creative part. - GirlyAnimeLover

music rocks! I don't know who put math up there..

Math is one of the most important subject out there. Music is just something that soothes you. - iiKyodaiKickz

Without music, dancing wouldn't exist, Michael Jackson would just be some different person and not be famous, and no fun! Music is a great subject where you learn to play instruments. Squidward should've take Clarinet class lol - TeamRocket747

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7 Computers

Computers helps you to write essay and power point, and these will help you get good grades. you'll also figure out how to write fast and learn about computers. Sometime you get to play a video games in class in free time! Which is very exciting! So I'll say that computer subject is a good idea.

Computers are pretty much the only reason I go to school.

Computing Education is increasingly more important in our modern day and age. Learning to Program and build a website is dead important in our current world to build any sort of small success for yourself.

Computers are really fun to use. You don't waste paper on some random assignment, instead, you can do it on the computer! And you can research for the next test on the computer! - TeamRocket747

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8 Geography

Geography is the best subject on the face of the Earth. Geography allows you to explore the world. If everyone knew more about geography, are world would be a better place. Geography is amazing! Should be number 1!

Geography is my favourite subject, hands down. Seriously, some kids who were not taught much geography thought that Canada was a US STATE! It is so important that geography is taught, or this world would have many idiots.

Geography is not what is in the books it is every where and is a vital subject to know what on earth is earth and plus it is the only subject one can get A plus easily and the only subject I know which is not in the top 10 worst subject list

Learning about a country. Good!
Learning about a river and how landforms formed, Good!
Learning about the clumsy Kim-Jong un! Even Better! - TeamRocket747

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9 Physical Education

It kinda like rep gym, where go on bus and you think thank can't in a gym, like play pool, beach volleyball, ice skate, mini putt, bowling and some time tennis and some time real golf, rock climb and kick boxing and your play game in your gym some time and you learn different of dance. There two more things about rep gym it the only gym class where girls and boys combined, and last thing you only have do health the first two weeks or the last 2 week depending on the grade 11 rep gym teach and reg grade gym you do health 5 time in 5 week. Rep gym only in grade 11 and 12.

Many people should start exercising, because they might be a little to high up in in pounds for their age. If people start exercising, their going to lose weight in no time! don't USE THOSE STUPID PILLS! START EXERCISING!

Actually it's the worst subject

Physical Education can help so your back isn't bent when you're older. Go PE! - TeamRocket747

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10 Chemistry

This is basically science, but it is AWESOME! You get to study radioactivity and the elements in rocks and minerals so if you smart enough, you can come up with awesome pranks.

I love this subject because you can pretty much do anything! You can mix up all kinds of materials (elements) to create other materials (compounds) and it's general fun when we do experiments. It also mixes Maths skills with English skills. I love it!

Chemistry is pretty much the basic element of life. Many people whine about how all it is is just memorizing a table and then taking a quiz on it. This is not true! Chemistry can cure diaseases create fun moments, (hence the phrase mentos and diet coke), and is a combination of a lot of subjects. You have to find out how many protons there are in an atom to determine what kind atom it is. Overall, Chemistry is pretty fun.

Chemistry is interesting. You learn about poisons and how different substances react and how are stuff formed. It's all chemistry. Without that many people will die of poisoning and toxic fumes every day! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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11 Drama

First of all Drama is such a fun and interesting subject! It keeps me going for the whole lesson and I just love being someone else for a change!

Second Music is easy and fun! Just need to practise, practise, practise! Anyone can be good at Music unlike Math! Music is unique and it's great to hear that music coming out of the keyboard!

English has to be one of my favourite subjects. I love creative writing and making up stories. All you need to do is use your imagination and you can never go wrong!

Drama is the only time you can be someone else! I mean why bother your crappy life when you can be someone you've always dreamed of? And you don't want to kill yourself during it! - HELLADERE120

The only subject (apart from English) that I actually enjoyed. My only real talent is genuinely being able to change my voice to any accent. I loved the freedom of expressing myself by being someone else for two hours a week. - Britgirl

Doing plays is very cool! - TeamRocket747

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12 Social Studies

Social Studies is a great subject. Social Studies allows people to learn about the past, modern and changing world that we live in and how we can contribute to it. It is a wonderful subject that helps people connect with their world and helps them understand much more about human activity, world cultures and the establishment of institutions and systems. Through this subject, people learn much about how people relate, work and interact with each other.

Social studies is really one of the best subjects. Although it seems boring its really helped me a lot. Plus you get to learn about people in the past which can inspire you to do great things

I HATED this subject when I was in America for a year. Why do we need to learn about some dead guy who put his name on a piece of paper. Well, at least its not as bad at having to sing to a flag and worship it like it's a god every morning.

History + Geography (my 3rd most favorite subjects) = THIS! Social Studies is #2, Math is #4 by the way, - TeamRocket747

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13 Physics

Physics is the best! The absolute best! Absolutely nothing can compare.
Mathematics is second to Physics. Those two are the only subjects that I'll stick with until the day that I die.
I just cannot see how Physics got 0.4% of the vote, or how the highly EXCRUTIATING PE outranked it?!
Tell me, what is better to look at than black holes, antimatter, superfluids, Schrodinger's Cat, and many other fascinating concepts?!
Rhetorical Question. You can't argue that learning how to kick a ball is NOT INTERESTING, but Planck's Law and Quantum Entanglement DEFINITELY ARE!

You know all those interesting things you said? What ever happened to those? Why can't we learn about THOSE things? Why are we learning about vectors, mass, etc? It's boring now. - mattstat716

Physics is THE most awesome and THE most important subject in the history of the universe, and I swear upon my life that I am not saying that just because I'm a geek. Think about it; we use it for everything: glasses, phones, computers, lighting, cooking, car safety, automatic doors, T.V., Internet, electricity; the list goes on and on and on and on...

When you study physics, you study the underpinning of everything around you. You are one of the people in this world with a wild and powerful insight into the dynamics of nature itself. And who knows, you may one day crack the nut to reveal a mind-blowing principle which nobody would have thought possible. Whether you're working on gravitational interactions, quantum mechanics or relativity, you're applying fundamentals to create a recipe of everything. So really, what could be better? - PositronWildhawk

It's hard, but that's what makes it fun! Learning about movement like gravity is fun! - TeamRocket747

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14 Reading

Reading is easy.. I hate math.. But I guess its #1 because it's very useful..

I like reading, don't get me wrong I enjoy all subjects but what's better than listening to someone tell you their life? You are literally stepping into someone's shoes, someone with a completely different perspective of the world. If you're reading a good book, it can be eye-opening.

Reading is a lot of fun. you can explore diffrent things and diffrent people

Reading = English = Grammar = Spelling = Learning = School.
Boom. - TeamRocket747

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15 Cooking

Because it is important to know how to cook

Learning to cook is good. When your parents die of old age when you're older or your wife/husband if you're older, or if you're single when you're older, you can cook your own food! Without cooking, you're dead! - TeamRocket747

When you get older, you need to learn how to cook unless if you want to get hunger to death. Second, when you cook, you also can taste your own food!

Cooking because I do it already at home and having free ingredients is like awesome right? Also, I wouldn't have my brother hanging around me watching everything I do

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16 Spanish

Spanish is a great language used in great countries. It's an interesting language and the countries with it have interesting culture, history etc. It's a shame many people dislike Spanish. It's a great subject and I'm working on fluency in Spanish.

I'm currently in my first year of middle school, and I love Spanish class! My teacher is so nice and pretty funny too. I've made a hundred on basically every assignment, test, and hopefully projects. (We did them on Spanish- speaking countries.) - ShyGuySwag

Spanish is a great subject that boosts your employability due to being able to communicate with other people from different places

I like learning about other languages so when I visit a country, I can communicate with that person! - TeamRocket747

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17 Biology

How could math possibly be number one?!? It is my immortal enemy, and I thought I wasn't alone. Biology is way better anyways. SCREW MATH!

I took bio this year, and it was amazing! I had an amazing teacher, and everything we learned about was really interesting.

I love biology and chemistry


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18 Religion

A subject dedicated to learning about God the Father is simply wonderful. Religion is filled with important life skills and lessons. It teaches people about life, creation, the human purpose, Christ's community and the Christian promise. It reminds people that when they develop a harmonious, faithful and strong relationship with God, they will discover the gift of ultimate happiness.

It sucks my school doesn't offer religious classes anymore.. I love it because you get to have God in your school day. To people who say we shouldn't have it, in many science classes were told that he doesn't exist and that we were created from the Big Bang. Absolutely stupid.

I'm a devoted Christian and I love my religion classes and youth group. I go to public school so I don't have it during the school day, which is a bummer. But I love Wednesday nights when I have an hour of learning about Jesus.

I have religion education after school every Tuesday, and tomorrow Tuesday, Christmas party! - TeamRocket747

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19 Astronomy

Astronomy rules! Doesn't everyone wonder what's up in the sky? The universe is such a vast, eventful place. We're a tiny Earth, surrounded by amazing planets, stars and other kinds of matter! It's really too bad that not many kids my age enjoy outer space.

I love ASTRONOMY! It's my favorite subject since I was young.

Astronomy is the best subject I have ever learned!

Astronomy is great, but it's out o my Top 5 - GirlyAnimeLover

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20 Writing

Writing is one of the most free subject. You aren't limited to do one single style. Also, writing makes us use our mind for creativity, not just facts.

Love it only if we get to write stories and not essays.

I love writing! I actually really enjoy righting essays, stories, and reports (depending on what we have to write about) - littlestpetpet41813

Um, number 20? Come on people! The best subject ever.

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