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1 Science

Science is interesting!
you get to learn about how everything forms and other stuff - OzzyVanHalen

The reason I love Science so much is because we learn so much! From mitochondria to the solar system to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, Science means the world to me.

Science = Life, Life = Science

In Science, we carry out so may cool experiments and learn so much about our beautiful world. Think about how much Science carries an impact on all of us. Think. From building bridges we cross without thinking twice everyday, to making vaccines so we are safe from disease and to plants, which we pass by every single day but never spare a thought for them. Science teaches us so much about this world and what makes it up. Without Science, this world would have been equivalent to nothing at all.

But the biggest thing about Science and the most beautiful, is how Science comes together. Science may be boring at times, I admit, but Science gives us hope, which is such an empowering thing to grasp and take hold of because it gives us the motivation to continue ...more

In science, (other than mathematics) I prefer Physics and Chemistry because in Chemistry the chemical reactions are interesting and learning what causes all of it to happen (Physics + Math) is awesome.
Art should be last right now

It is the best subject in the whole world. I love it so much. I will never leave it

2 Math

Math is a great subject that can exercise your logic and problem solving skills. It's not a subject where you need to remember vast amounts of equations, you just need to recognize the type of question. It's also a very graceful subject, because an answer is either RIGHT or WRONG.

You just have to learn logic and solving problems using the limited skills. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Math is interesting. Once you learn its relationship with science. For example, using parabolas to find out whether an object will go over a wall. It is also the reason everything is safe and under control. If there was no trajectory class most people would be dead after riding roller coasters. I don't understand the common hatred for Mathematics, best subject ever.

I started to hate mathematics when I started Primary School but after knowing the basics of equations that range from Addition to Division, I admired it. Therefore, I was given multiple awards for my achievement by excelling Maths. High School even extended my enthusiasm for the subject and I began to do well in the areas of Algebra, Trigonometry and Bivariate Data. It's a good subject and it's important if you want to do a course in University.

Math is the worst school Subjects

3 English

I'm not a huge fan of school but English is my favorite subject. I'm committed to it and all my English teachers have found joy in my work. I've won a lot of English awards and my grades in English are always good. I'm really proud of that. Without English, we wouldn't be able to understand any word on TheTopTens. My parents even said I shouldn't take a course in English in University because I'm already so good at it and I agree with them a 100 percent. I thank my Year 3 teacher, Laura Rodgers, a lot for my success in English. She really pushed me and encouraged me. My work was so good, she wanted me to live with her for a couple of days. I can't blame her. I was so sad when I didn't win the award for English in Year 6. I deserved WAY MORE THAN FRAZER! But I admit, I didn't try my hardest that year. And I'm older now so that depressing incident doesn't bug me anymore. Except for this one time when I'm talking about it. This might sound like I'm going overboard with my love for this ...more - davakoh

English is great because you can literally make out plays and act them out with your classmates! You do group work most of the time which is fun and not boring.

I love english it is the best subject of all time

I like math very much, it is just so fun and it helps your brain. Math is anything.

4 History

I love politics

It's my favorite subject because it is interesting and helps us learn from peoples mistakes so we as the world can have a better future

If you were in my school, History is taught in a fun and interesting!

I hate school a lot but History is actually a fun lesson in my opinion, we get to learn about the tragedy or basically the things that happened in the past and once we learn the moral values of it, we learn how to not repeat the same mistakes like the people of the past did. I also love reading things that are history-related, especially when it's about America's history. But other kinds of History is also amazing! - Hoenn4Ever

5 Art

Its calm. I love art! You can draw anything from your imagination! There's also lots of types of art like digital, sketching, coloring, drawing and more! Join art now for free!

Art is not only some kind of lines and shapes on a piece of paper, its way more than that. We can expose our mind, our feeling and anything only on a plain white paper. Even when people always said that math is much more fun and I don't really know why because for me I would rather choose art than math but different people have different likes and dislike and I really respect that. The point is, art is a form of life. We all start doing art when were kids even we don't actually know what were doing but then no one ever said that it was wrong. See! Art will never be a mistake, it only can be a masterpiece. To the art lovers out there, keep on doing it if its bring out the best in you. Art is in our blood from the start, we just have to bring it out and practice to make them stay outside. Art is beautiful, art is life.

I love art

I personally suk at math, and I'm kinda... Y'know... Voted by the yearbook/students the best artist in my school of 400 people... :3. I think with math, there's only one answer. You have to repeat equations over and over, like a parrot, untill you get it right. I still think its important, but some people go to unneeded legnths to support math... You still have to ask yourself, 'what would the world be without math? '. But with art, there's no wrong answer. You can express yourself, and let your mind run free, whether its carving, sketching, painting, or everything inbetween. You can venture into the far depths of mankind itself, bearing only your paintbrush, and your mind. And with that, you can make wonders. I don't know... I guess I just feel special :3. Anyone can echo times tables, but you have to have that special something to be REALLY good at art, to possess the thing that makes other gawk and stare... And that's why I love it :) - danielle.

6 Computers

This one is bad - Kubbelstone

Computers helps you to write essay and power point, and these will help you get good grades. you'll also figure out how to write fast and learn about computers. Sometime you get to play a video games in class in free time! Which is very exciting! So I'll say that computer subject is a good idea.

Computer classes are fun - Jayyu

This subject is easy. - Mateo65

7 Music

Music is my Favorite part of the day it is the best class in my opinion it is one of the only parts of the day that I enjoy!

My favourite class. - Annabeth_Alexis_Chase

We get it. Math is important, Science is interesting and English is great for you to explore your creativity but really if you put those 3 adjectives together then it describes music perfectly! You don't need to think and study hard for this subject but it's defiantly not a lazy topic. Music requires skill and concentration. Whether you're playing an instrument or your voice is the instrument... It doesn't matter! People appreciate music and everyone needs it in life!

I think you're wrong, my dear Anonymous friend. We all listen to music. None the less, I think music is a dumb class in general, but a good one as well. It's just MY opinion. It's good for people who wanna be in bands and stuff, but that's not my style. - mattstat716

I don't like Music class. But I like listening musical songs!

8 Physical Education

This subject doesn't deserve to be here, it's the worst

I choose science if we did real potions

It kinda like rep gym, where go on bus and you think thank can't in a gym, like play pool, beach volleyball, ice skate, mini putt, bowling and some time tennis and some time real golf, rock climb and kick boxing and your play game in your gym some time and you learn different of dance. There two more things about rep gym it the only gym class where girls and boys combined, and last thing you only have do health the first two weeks or the last 2 week depending on the grade 11 rep gym teach and reg grade gym you do health 5 time in 5 week. Rep gym only in grade 11 and 12.

I like pe but my teacher is STUPID! She always makes us sit and not play and she’s so strict and stupid! She makes us play games she knows we hate and makes us run around to Kidz Bop! I hate her so much!

9 Drama

Drama is by far my favourite subject. I love being able to express myself and my emotions and just become whoever or whatever I want to be. The feeling of capturing an audience, even if it's just your class, with a performance and your transformation into a person or maybe an abstract concept is well, magical. Most of all, it's the only time I feel confident. The confidence I feel when your class actually respects you (for once) is something I don't usually feel, and it's not something I could ever give up. In short, the ability to create an atmosphere and bring a performance alive is possibly the best feeling you could imagine. In fact, I love it so much, I'm actually excited for Mondays, as that is the day I have it on my timetable.

I think drama is an amazing subject. You can let out your emotions by not being yourself

Hated it - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

We get to release energy and scream!

10 Chemistry

Chemistry is the no.3 because chemistry is the best

This is very interesting.
This deserves to be number two

Come on, who doesn't want to blow up stuff!? I'm kidding, sounds cool, but I don't take it. - HermioneKG4884

This is basically science, but it is AWESOME! You get to study radioactivity and the elements in rocks and minerals so if you smart enough, you can come up with awesome pranks.


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11 Geography

I love Geography because it teaches me important things in the world like Indians and poverty and stuff.

Very close between history and geography, but geography just comes out first.

You get to learn about the world you are on. - Grobu

Geography is the best subject on the face of the Earth. Geography allows you to explore the world. If everyone knew more about geography, are world would be a better place. Geography is amazing! Should be number 1!

12 Reading

I JUST LOVE READING! (Also I had Caps Lock on, but I'm to lazy to delete it...

Yes, math, science, history, computers (etc.) are important for your health and education and can get you great jobs, but what about reading? With reading you can express every emotion and feeling you have, your problems, your life. Anything, basically. Reading is in most of the subjects anyways, reading math formula's, reviewing science, social studies, history and other subjects really. Come to think of it, reading is pretty important. We need to learn how to read so we CAN study the multiplication tables, formulas etc. We need it so we CAN review science, social studies and more.

Well, I think reading can cultivate temperament. Reading is really a great blessing in life. Read the books you like, the books you want to read, the books you want to read, savor them carefully in quiet time and space, think carefully, so as to better understand the world, feel the ups and downs of life, and then have a pleasure and happiness. - jiangduo005

I don't really like school

13 Physics

Physics is absolutely fantastic; the entire the solar system, no, the universe, no, the entire EARTH is dancing to the rhythms and laws of physics! We can tell so much about nature around us just by using physics and it also uses maths which is objectively wonderful

Physics is the best! The absolute best! Absolutely nothing can compare.
Mathematics is second to Physics. Those two are the only subjects that I'll stick with until the day that I die.
I just cannot see how Physics got 0.4% of the vote, or how the highly EXCRUTIATING PE outranked it?!
Tell me, what is better to look at than black holes, antimatter, superfluids, Schrodinger's Cat, and many other fascinating concepts?!
Rhetorical Question. You can't argue that learning how to kick a ball is NOT INTERESTING, but Planck's Law and Quantum Entanglement DEFINITELY ARE!

You know all those interesting things you said? What ever happened to those? Why can't we learn about THOSE things? Why are we learning about vectors, mass, etc? It's boring now. - mattstat716

Physics is THE most awesome and THE most important subject in the history of the universe, and I swear upon my life that I am not saying that just because I'm a geek. Think about it; we use it for everything: glasses, phones, computers, lighting, cooking, car safety, automatic doors, T.V., Internet, electricity; the list goes on and on and on and on...

When you study physics, you study the underpinning of everything around you. You are one of the people in this world with a wild and powerful insight into the dynamics of nature itself. And who knows, you may one day crack the nut to reveal a mind-blowing principle which nobody would have thought possible. Whether you're working on gravitational interactions, quantum mechanics or relativity, you're applying fundamentals to create a recipe of everything. So really, what could be better? - PositronWildhawk

14 Biology

I loved learning about cells!

Why is it too low :(

How could math possibly be number one?!? It is my immortal enemy, and I thought I wasn't alone. Biology is way better anyways. SCREW MATH!

I took bio this year, and it was amazing! I had an amazing teacher, and everything we learned about was really interesting.

15 Social Studies

Social Studies is a great subject. Social Studies allows people to learn about the past, modern and changing world that we live in and how we can contribute to it. It is a wonderful subject that helps people connect with their world and helps them understand much more about human activity, world cultures and the establishment of institutions and systems. Through this subject, people learn much about how people relate, work and interact with each other.

Social studies is really one of the best subjects. Although it seems boring its really helped me a lot. Plus you get to learn about people in the past which can inspire you to do great things

I HATED this subject when I was in America for a year. Why do we need to learn about some dead guy who put his name on a piece of paper. Well, at least its not as bad at having to sing to a flag and worship it like it's a god every morning.

Social studied is probably my #1 favorite subject. It's really interesting and I'm learning about the amendments. It's cool

16 Cooking

I personally like cooking very much, which will be an indispensable thing in my future life. But unfortunately, only a few parts of our country have cooking classes, and I live in areas where there are no cooking classes. It makes me very sad. - jiangduo005

Because it is important to know how to cook

Learning to cook is good. When your parents die of old age when you're older or your wife/husband if you're older, or if you're single when you're older, you can cook your own food! Without cooking, you're dead! - TeamRocket747

When you get older, you need to learn how to cook unless if you want to get hunger to death. Second, when you cook, you also can taste your own food!

17 Astronomy

I just like it lol I don't know why its just very interesting

very epic

I like it, just as long as it's not like, "reading the stars to determine the future"! What is that crap!? - HermioneKG4884

Astronomy rules! Doesn't everyone wonder what's up in the sky? The universe is such a vast, eventful place. We're a tiny Earth, surrounded by amazing planets, stars and other kinds of matter! It's really too bad that not many kids my age enjoy outer space.

18 Writing

At least it's not 53 or something, but it should be 1! - HermioneKG4884

Writing is one of the most free subject. You aren't limited to do one single style. Also, writing makes us use our mind for creativity, not just facts.

One of the only ones on here I actually like - Juniper

Love it only if we get to write stories and not essays.

19 Spanish

I wish my school thought Japanese because no offense to the Spanish, but I'm moving to Japan when I'm older and I'm probably never gonna visit spain

It's the best class

Spanish is a great language used in great countries. It's an interesting language and the countries with it have interesting culture, history etc. It's a shame many people dislike Spanish. It's a great subject and I'm working on fluency in Spanish.

I'm currently in my first year of middle school, and I love Spanish class! My teacher is so nice and pretty funny too. I've made a hundred on basically every assignment, test, and hopefully projects. (We did them on Spanish- speaking countries.) - ShyGuySwag

20 Technology

Entertaining - mathguy37

Amazing subject learn to live

I like creating laser weapons

I love math reading englist science and just thank you guys who put this thing on the what ever it and

21 Band

Trombone gang - Kubbelstone

Best Subject I play The Tenor Saxophone

Band is so much fun! You get to play cool instruments like the saxophone and trombone! There are also many other cool instruments to learn. It is basically like recess because you have so much fun but you are still learning!

I LOVE BAND SO MUCH! Definitely my favorite class of the day. It has always entertained me and it's so fun performing on stage. - littlestpetpet41813

22 Health

It is very important to keep healthy. - jiangduo005

I love learning about penises...

I love learning about health... but I hate learning about Penises, etc... I think exercise, eating lots of vegetables is more like health... - GirlyAnimeLover

The comment about women giving birth just killed me! HAHA!

23 Earth Science

I love earth science because I am a scientist

24 Literature

I only liked reading the Odyssey...

Literature is love, literature is life

Take this piece of trash, off the list! - 50

25 Political Education

Politics and Law is an important subject in our modern and changing world, where we can learn about structures and principles of government in our society, as well as participate as active citizens in accordance with the democratic process and social justice. Civics and citizenship education means power to the people!

Don't u really think that it should be raised in all among people because it is an essential part of life that's what the reasons behind it...

It is such a great way to learn about our Government and rights!

Good subject you can learn a lot about how the government works and you can understand the news a bit better

26 Religion

I love religion because my teacher is super funny and makes class fun.

God is amazing.

A subject dedicated to learning about God the Father is simply wonderful. Religion is filled with important life skills and lessons. It teaches people about life, creation, the human purpose, Christ's community and the Christian promise. It reminds people that when they develop a harmonious, faithful and strong relationship with God, they will discover the gift of ultimate happiness.

There is too many christians on the top tens! - MChkflaguard_Yt

27 Nursing

Moms a nurse so is grandma and aunts 1,2,and3

28 Design and Technology

You know, design makes something better. If something had no shape at all, then it is bring. Creating a fashion need this skill. - GirlyAnimeLover

29 Spelling

Great subject

30 French

My mom also took this. I want to take German, though. - HermioneKG4884

My teacher is the best

Amazing! I love French should be number 1 on the list

French is the best subjects I have every learnt!

31 Psychology

Love this subject how is it not number one love to keep my folder neat and tidy just a great subject

My mom took this. I'm not too interested, though. - HermioneKG4884

Mental health, Mental disorders, Empathy, and emotions. I love this subject, and it is my #1. Even though I'm not a Businesswoman, Engineer or whatever career that uses Math, I can be a Psychiatrist! - GirlyAnimeLover

Psychology is awesome. Especially for me because I want to work as a psychiatrist when I'm older. I love learning about the mind, it's just so complex.

32 Citizenship

Citizenship is important in life

Heyy can u please shift instead of fourth rank for that I'll be obliged...

33 Video Game Design

This must be first

This deserves a better spot. Booo

Computer design/app design is close

Sadly we don't have this in our school

34 Environmental Education

I'm making an environmental website! - Swiftdawn

Yes because people don't know how to take caare of their environment now a days

35 Photography

I'm into video editing, and pictures aren't much different

Photography is so much fun. It's also a super easy class

It's not that hard and taking photos are fun! - GirlyAnimeLover

This class is fun its cool photoshopping stuff in the photos

36 Chinese

Chinese is the best! I love my teacher she is so funny:) lots of people think it's hard but if you study then it's really easy and so amazing to learn about there culture

It can be quite hard, especially old chinese and writing, but quite interesting. But there has my teacher with anger issues ruin everything. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Chinese is the best! My teacher is hilarious and really fun. It's also kinda easy if you study

Even though I never join Chinese class, but I can see that the teacher is great. - GirlyAnimeLover

37 Dance

Dance is my most favorite hobby and I am surprised to see dance dance on 37 it should be 1.

I take dance, but after school at a local dance company, not at school. But that does sound cool... - HermioneKG4884

Dance is lots of fun! If you never learn to dance, you could never wipe your face with your foot! Dancing makes you a lot more flexible, and it is fun too! - GirlyAnimeLover

Dance is so much fun! You get to listen to awesome songs while expressing yourself through it.

38 Sex Ed

FR why is this a subject

My school doesn't have this... - XxembermasterxX

Da heck is this class - Kubbelstone

This is one of the most uncomfortable classes to sit through. I probably didn't even need it this year; my English teacher talks about sex so much that I practically got everything I would've learned from sex ed there. (I hated my English teacher, he's a perv).

39 Swimming Swimming Swimming is an individual or team sport and activity. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Only if my school have this class... - GirlyAnimeLover

I know every stroke except butterfly, and swimming is just good.

Swimming is literally my life

I'm on the high school swim team. It works every muscle in your body, provides a full circle of healthy exercise, tones you up, and you get to make great friends while doing so. Also, it looks good for colleges and lets competative high schoolers get a shot to race against not only other schools, but also students from the same school.

40 Athletics

Is the best

Agree! Oh wait, Cardio is better. - GirlyAnimeLover

41 Information Technology
42 Forensic Science
43 Civics

Yeah right. I'm not interested in being a stockholder but they rub it in my face. Hey how about let me choose my future not you?

44 Ethics

I don't know what dis is

45 Adventure Ed

Sounds cool

I really like it! it is so fun, especially with my teacher Mr. Register!

46 Economics

What is economics

Love it

47 Statistics


48 Logic

Logics sounds fun because you get logical knowledge, this also seems like a good idea to have at a school!

49 German

Learning languages is fun

This is top 5 - Kubbelstone

Whoever put this... "Ich Hasse Mathe. Look up what this means. But the funny thing is, for this, (what the German says) I am an A+ student! " It means, "I hate math." I really want to take German for 6th grade. - HermioneKG4884

Probably the best foreign language of the world, for people who speak English as their mother tongue.

50 Italian

Beautiful language, but not very useful.

Learning Italian is awesome not to mention the culture is very rich

That'd be really fun to learn. Our school doesn't really have a lot of languages to take. - HappyFlower

The most fun language to learn. Iniziare a studiare ora! - PositronWildhawk

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