English is the most important subject for a number of reasons. For example, without English, people wouldn't understand algebraic variables, I.E. x, y, z, etc. and we wouldn't know the history of mathematics without the literatures that uphold this knowledge. English language and literature is fundamental in all academic disciplines and is the international language. This means that every country learns some form of English. Despite whether a minority or a majority learn it, they are still learning English. Literature gives people an insight to the human experience; let's face it, I think reading novels is more important than learning Pythagoras! But, in saying this, Mathematics and English are extremely important, and any decision that is based on these two subjects is based on favoritism and likeness toward the subject itself.

English is fun and despite it taking up time sometimes to write essays with all the correct punctuation and grammar, I find it enjoyable. I particularly like having to read new books which I probably would have never picked up if it hadn't been for English. However, exams are probably hardest seeing as you have to plan and write an essay within 70 minutes unless you are given the topic which allows you to create a plan beforehand. - BananaSpider

English is definitely one of my favourite subjects because you can do so much with it. With maths and science (although they're interesting subjects all the same) it's just facts, but with English it's the bit in-between that counts. Everyone has something to say and English lets them say it. Just think: Where would we be without it? This subject deserves to be in the top 3 at least.

I hope this beats math. And science goes on second place. You can change the world by writing a touching story, learn so much from a single page. A song that kept you going would never exist without English. You can sit down having fun all day. The world in control when you write, and travelling when you read.

English isn't very useful after you finish learning about the grammar (high school). Literature is just busy work. Essays - ESSAYS - are very tedious because they take a lot of time. Some books are thought provoking, but if you just look around, you can get the same info that a piece of literature gives you.

I absolutely love English. It's like the only subject I actually enjoyed throughout all my 13 years of schooling. The work that you do in English is easy to understand and really fun and enjoyable to do. It's also the only subject that I actually passed properly throughout my 13 years of schooling as well. - JoeyJoeyJoJo96

I'm an aspiring screenwriter and storyboard artist, and I love English. I thank my fourth grade English teacher for helping the class understand all of the ins and outs of grammar yet still always doing creative writing and loose prompts so we could basically do whatever we wanted. It was amazing.

English is the only subject in school I like forward to. It's the only class I can really express myself through words.

I really like this subject I got the highest in my year after I wrote a 6 page essay about breaking into someone's house in order to delete an email that I accidentally send however I feel very uncomfortable around my teacher who's constantly flirting with me

English is by far the best and most interesting. Honestly though, without English you wouldn't be reading this. The internet wouldn't exist. Remember all those conversations you had the other day? That never happened.

English is awesome. Face it, you will need to be able to write and read at some point in your life. Mathematicians need to write papers. Artists need to write grant applications. You'll need to write a resume to get any sort of legal job. - AngryNerdGirl

English is an amazing subject, and possibly my favorite! You can learn so much about reading, writing, vocabulary, and more! Sadly, this year, math is my favorite class because my IQ lowers every time I enter the classroom. The kids are loud and obnoxious, and don't do any work! The teacher tries to stop it, but it never works. Other than this year, English is my favorite subject( - kaitlynrad11

English is important. Science and math are more important, but without English (or any language in general) how would knowledge of these mathematical and scientific discoveries be passed down to future generations?

How did maths get up there anyway English is the best and it rocks it's really fun and exciting as well as really educational. Maths is kinda ok but also kinda boring.. Wouldn't vote for it
Now who agrees with me!

I acquired the nick name the moment I joined high school of word nerd. My love for words is a passion like no other :) My first English teacher was a Buddhist who meditated and was a truly amazing person. She disciplined us within the first week. She looked like an older snow white. I'm not kidding! Hair as black as coal, lips as red as blood and skin as white as snow. The first thing she said to us was I am not here to be your friend. I am here to make sure you pass your GCSE's. Big impact on my schooling; she still is.

English is best should be number 1. I am not good in maths but my English is so good. In my class I am more better than other students and my English teacher also give me attention.

Perhaps I'm saying this because I'm advanced in English, though I feel that there is so much to learn about grammar and spelling. I don't know why some people dislike it so much.

English is my favorite subject because all those vocabulary words and grammar actually help me on other subjects such as history and science.

It is absolutely use all over the world. I vote English because many of Science and Math that we learn in school are not applied in daily life unlike English where we almost meet many things in English - pitera007

Is there a single job where you don't read, write, listen, and talk? No! English helps with every type of job! There would be no music, books and more if English didn't exist! Is should be #1

You can be very creative with English because there is mainly no right or wrong answer. It is about stating your own opinions which is why it is unique.

I love to write what is going on in my life but with different characters. I love to drown myself in a book and escape the real world for a little bit.

You get to write your own stories. It's very fun to write your own stories and learn grammar so the grammar checking kids on YouTube don't have to correct you every time. - TeamRocket747

What it needs to be first I mean if we didn't learn to speak English in the first place we would be like apes and would never be able to do everything without speaking a language

I can only dream of being a linguistic genius, however as of now I am stuck in highschool writing mediocre short stories. Oh, how I dream of being an author akin to someone such as, William Shakespeare.