It is a great subject. Math is not only in everything but sometimes its really fun! In primary school 3 years ago we used to play lots of fun games in maths. Your brain is like a muscle and Math helps your logical thinking, powerful brain learn new stuff and test your knowledge which is very good for your brain. When you go to uni (college) to get a job you'll know lots of great skills to get whatever good job you want to do. I mean it doesn't matter if you get a bad or a good job, its all about the understanding any why you got that job. Math is one of the only interesting, fascinating subjects in the whole world for a few reasons. Like Math is literally in everything no joke you can go in the world to see if math is in everything I mean measuring width and more I mean seriously. Like I said before this is an amazing, cool subject and it's my favorite subject.

I want to be a Fashion Designer, so I need to calculate the width and the height of a persons' body. I want to be a painter, so sides, width, shapes, sizes are important. I want to be a singer... but Math doesn't seems to help me in singing, same goes with drama. Seriously, Math isn't that important if you have a career that don't use it. My brain function better as a writer, psychiatrist, singer, dancer, fashion designer, painter and actress. I will die of exhaustion if I am using my brain too much. - GirlyAnimeLover

Math is the BEST! I have lots of fun solving the problems in math. Algebra is one of my favorites. Finding the unknown is like solving a mystery. I am always very exited for my math class. Sometimes I feel like math can be hard but practice makes it easier than ever. Math is a lot better than any other subjects. The people who dislikes math can never be good at math. So love math and have fun!

I used to hate math because I thought it was about moving around numbers around arbitrary rules. But then I realized math did nothing but make sense. It is closest thing there is to pure, objective, unadulterated logic. No matter how hard a problem might be there is always a solution or a proof that proves there is none. There's no beating around the bush, it's yes or no.

Not only is it the most useful subject out in the world, it's fun! You can have so much fun working at a problem with friends, and when you finally get that answer, it's the best feeling in the world. It is also one of the only subjects that has a RIGHT and a WRONG answer to everything. Also, once you know the general rules, you can do ANYTHING in the subject without having to look it up

Um... no? Math gets very difficult in the High School level. I have to pay attention more in that class than all my others combined. Most amount of homework each night, and I forgot that it's boring along with being difficult. Unless you pursue a career in it, you will not need to know math much at all in your life. Also, more people go to Extra Help or have tutors in math than any other subject. Has anyone ever heard of "History extra help? " Not to mention, there are no good teachers and the past 2 I've had was that they hated math when they were in high school. - Beezer

Science is a awesome subject, but none of that would be complete without math.

Math is really straightforward even though at times, there may be multiple ways to get to an answer. It's a lot easier when you understand each topic and there's not too many equations that need to be memorised. Math assignments are a lot easier, despite being lengthy, most of it is usually analysing and creating certain types of graphs to represent the data. - BananaSpider

Math changed my life for good. Without it, I wouldn't solve so many problems that are going with my life. And also, it's the best for everyone because without math there wouldn't be any technological advancement, and also It helps other people to live by studying nature. It's just remarkable! - ernestbeqiri

Anything to do with numbers goes in here. We need it. Otherwise we could pay taxes, ( much less learn how to solve for tax; fun sixth grade lessons! ) or count or surface area for paint! ( if you want to save money ) I love this subject, yet I hate my teacher. But I'm one of those people who love playing with numbers so...

Math is the greatest subject because there is no extra opinion, there is no essay answer, it's correct or incorrect. In language arts and social studies, there are essays and memorization, in math there is always one equation you can use and one answer.

I think when it comes to math it depends on the teacher and teaching methods. Last year I hated math and I didn't like my teacher. This year I really enjoyed math cause my teacher was so nice, gave us lots of extra credit, and always had free time to help if we needed it. - littlestpetpet41813

No matter where you go you people will know what you are talking about when you use (simple) math! I mean Everyone should know at least Addition! Hold up a finger and people will usually know that you mean 1.

If you have the sufficient logic and know the processes of working with numbers, maths is the most simple and fun subject. Maths and the sciences are the most fun and regularly used in my life.

Math is an awesome and very useful subject. Is fun solving the math puzzles and good for your brain. It teaches you to think and to improve your logic. Is a great brain sport and you need it on your everyday life.

Maths is one of those subject which is straight forward. I just get a buzz when I figure out how to do something in maths. It is one of those subjects which makes me happy, I don't even seem to get that buzz when I score a goal in soccer.

Yes, I think it's incredibly boring, but it's also necessary for almost any job or profession you may want. It can help us figure a lot of things out, and help function society. - williamrozario

No you guys have to be realize what are you gonna use the math for in the future? And stop bragging about your grades! All it proves is you are a nerd with a bright future of a mathematician or math teacher. Have fun sitting there trying to teach impossible/useless crap.

I love math! You can apply it in many things such as logic, art, science...well pretty much anything! Even if you don't like math, but you like art, there's still math in art. Math can challenge you and there's so much variety to it that you're bound to find an interesting topic!

In my opinion, I think Math and Science are both awesome and connected. Science is the model and Math is the understanding behind it. With Math you can find unit rates, perimeter, area, circumference, etc. We would all die without Math and Science

Math makes the most sense. It doesn't require much memorizing past middle school, so it's all logic. It all makes sense, you can understand it. Science and English are all memorizing and don't require as much logic. Math is realistic, it's universal.

It's the best subject ever! It's like solving puzzle with certain formulas! It's not hard at all as it seems. Maths is all about understanding! Once u understand the problem, u can solve it in no time!

Good mathematical questions require problem solving skills and the satisfaction which you feel when you solve an extremely difficult question is just... Priceless... !

Math is one of my favorite subjects, and it's very fun, too. I even have something called "Math Olympics" at the Dayton Public schools. And my team got second place once. I was about to cry tears of joy, but failed to. - Powerfulgirl10

Math is good for your brain if you do it mentally like I do! It's good problem solving skills, puzzles, logic and strategic skills as well! If you're good at math like I am then that's very good for your future life!