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41 Political Education

Politics and Law is an important subject in our modern and changing world, where we can learn about structures and principles of government in our society, as well as participate as active citizens in accordance with the democratic process and social justice. Civics and citizenship education means power to the people!

Don't u really think that it should be raised in all among people because it is an essential part of life that's what the reasons behind it...

It is such a great way to learn about our Government and rights!

I just find it interesting.

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42 Nursing

Moms a nurse so is grandma and aunts 1,2,and3

43 German

Probably the best foreign language of the world, for people who speak English as their mother tongue.

Learning foreign languages like German are even more useful than this rubbish called "Maths".

Ich Hasse Mathe.
Look up what this means. But the funny thing is, for this, (what the German says) I am an A+ student!

I take it in school and it's probably my one of my favorite subjects. - Anonymousxcxc

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44 Personal, Social and Health Education
45 Athletics

Agree! Oh wait, Cardio is better. - GirlyAnimeLover

Ya - superbuggati

46 Food Technology

Food is good especially Mac and cheese

What is this learn about what is in food.

47 Chinese

Chinese is the best! I love my teacher she is so funny:) lots of people think it's hard but if you study then it's really easy and so amazing to learn about there culture

Chinese is the best! My teacher is hilarious and really fun. It's also kinda easy if you study

Even though I never join Chinese class, but I can see that the teacher is great. - GirlyAnimeLover

Quite hard, but sorta fun - FireWasp2004

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48 Citizenship

Citizenship is important in life

Heyy can u please shift instead of fourth rank for that I'll be obliged...

49 Orchestra

I love orchestra. I play the violin and have been for 5 years. It's great to have a class at school so I can get a grade for something I would do anyways

Love it I play the violin and love it!

Love it! I love playing the Violin! - GirlyAnimeLover

50 Spelling
51 Anatomy

Perfect class for those who want to work in the medical field. It's also good to have some basic anatomy knowledge for those who want to have kids one day..

So fun! I love the human body!

52 Photography

Photography is so much fun. It's also a super easy class

It's not that hard and taking photos are fun! - GirlyAnimeLover

This class is fun its cool photoshopping stuff in the photos

53 Digital Art
54 Portuguese
55 Geometry

I love this subject!


56 Electronics
57 Wood Shop

Wood Shop: Where you can learn skills that will actually be useful in life.

58 Latin

Latin is the worst subject and is so boring DO NOT LEARN LATIN.

If I knew there are so many books in Latin in the public domain on Google Play, I would've learned it right away.

Latin is the best subject in the world. DO NOT NOT LEARN LATIN

Thank you for the advice. I will not take the class.

59 Languages Study

Language is the way to heaven!

60 Video Game Design

I like it because I create my very own video game!

Sadly we don't have this in our school

It's about Video Game! Love it! - GirlyAnimeLover


O-O - mattstat716

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