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61 Textiles

It's about clothing, maybe it is part of Art... maybe? - GirlyAnimeLover

I think sowing is good in school 👍

62 Astrophysics

It's basically astronomy except astrophysics is about reading the stars

I love reading the stars! - GirlyAnimeLover

63 Portuguese
64 Commerce
65 Sex Ed

This is one of the most uncomfortable classes to sit through. I probably didn't even need it this year; my English teacher talks about sex so much that I practically got everything I would've learned from sex ed there. (I hated my English teacher, he's a perv).

Wait a few years buddy or you will die in a box, dirt poor with a two year old kid demanding food by your side.

Having sex it good

Never heard of this subject... but it sounds weird... - GirlyAnimeLover

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66 Graphics

Being able to create art using all kinds of special effects and techniques is really fun

Making an art using lots of techniques at style, I love it. - GirlyAnimeLover

Art and making 3d stuff very fun

67 Theater

Theater is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

I love it - GirlyAnimeLover


68 Polish

I thought it was about polishing metals... but it's actually a language... - GirlyAnimeLover

Not even popolar

69 Serbian
70 Spelling
71 Architectural Design

You get to build houses.

Love it, and it's part of Art too! - GirlyAnimeLover

72 Languages Study

Language is the way to heaven!

73 Filipino

My own country language, Our National Hero says " a person that does don't know how to love their country is most smelly than a fish " it is easy to study guys! But I admit it is hard a little

That is my own country language

74 Tamil

I really love Tamil in my school, I love it more than any other subjects because it's my mother language

75 Urdu

As an Indian I would love to learn but haven't had the chance. Same with Hindi.

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76 Electronics
77 Hindi

Cool language it will actually be really fun

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78 Word Study

Oh my gosh, word study is amazingly fun and it's not just a drone, its fun and you get to chat and everything!

79 Ancient Literature
80 Adventure Ed

Sounds cool

I really like it! it is so fun, especially with my teacher Mr. Register!

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