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81 Hindi

Cool language it will actually be really fun

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82 Word Study

Oh my gosh, word study is amazingly fun and it's not just a drone, its fun and you get to chat and everything!

83 Choir

The only one that makes your body happy with other people

Band is better

It's a running joke between my friends and I to call choir "chor". The reason we call it that is because there were these giant letters right next to the choir room, and the "i" fell off. So now it's chor. - Minecraftcrazy530

Love it - GirlyAnimeLover

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84 Ancient Literature

It's about personal health! - GirlyAnimeLover

PDHPE is the BEST!

86 Spelling
87 Mapeh

What the flip is this? Looks like a typo, laugh out loud! - Wolftail

LOL Best typo/autocorrect ever!


88 Sanskrit

Ugh. There are some ignorant people over here.

A valuable language that, whilst it gets my vote, isn't taught often

Hey no bad words this is just a country

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89 Precalculus

A very important subject to prepare for Calculus and become an engineer.

That's when math starts to get extremely interesting, especially Trigonometry and Matrix.

90 Algebra

Best subject?

91 Publications
92 California History

I mean this includes pioneers, gold rush, and the missions. Island of the Blue Dolphins about California history

93 Interactive Games Studies

IGS is basically playing games but at school

94 Ceramics
95 Ecology
96 Romanian

It's the worst subject in the whole entire world and it should be banned in the whole world

Romanian is the best language ever! Number 1 now

I'll tell the principal if you don't

NUMBER 1 number 1 number 1

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97 Home Economics
98 Japanese

Wish my school had a course for GCSE Japanese...

Don't mind me, the Japanophile here...


99 Malayalam
100 Woodwork

Two words SO BORING. - PatrickStar3

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