Best Schools In Bangladesh

The Top Ten

1 Viqarunnisa Noon School

We should be on top of the list... Undoubtedly the best institution for girls...

Proud to be a viqi!

Vns is the best always...

We don't need voting process to see ourselves in the number one position. Our result speaks for itself.

2 Govenment Laboratory High School

This historical School was established on 3rd September in 1961. One of the main reasons for establishing Government Laboratory High School was to assist trainees of the Teacher's Training College to practice teaching. The driving force behind organizing this school was Muhammad Osman Gani, the then principal of the Teacher's Training College. The school was inaugurated by Muhammad Shamsul Haque, the then Director of the Department of Public Education. The first headmaster of the school was Khan Muhammad Salek, taking office in 1961 he served for a total of 12 years.

The Government Laboratory High School is a school located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Govt. Lab. (as it is popularly known) was established on 3 September 1961. The boys' school is a leading public school of the region.

Govt. Lab... Just superb... Love you lab... We will never forgot you... And salute to you... My school... Who build up my career...

Lab just rocks! ^_^

East or west GLAB is the best

3 Ideal School and College

Undoubtedly the best school in Bangladesh. Proud to be an Ideal.

Nobody Can think of any other School than Ideal... Proud to be an Ideal...

The best institution in Bangladesh. There's been no doubt about this... Is there?

Talk about studies..
Talk about extra-curricular activities..
Talk about sports..
We showed our excellency, class by setting records.. !

But most of all it makes you humble..
Encourages to pay heed to religious aspects..
Teaches humanity and manner.. !
Mainly, it makes you packed and perfect for your upcoming obstacles.. !

And for me, it was more than just a school to me.. !
It was like a family..
And I always felt like home there.. ! :')

4 Rajuk Uttara Model School & College

It's the institution where a student gets the best quality & facility to make themselves the future hero of the country

According to quality and facility, it is best

Teachers are the best. they were best trainer, illustrator and friend ever. I love RUMC.

Teacher, environment, lab facilities, library, playground, self transportation system, rules and regulation... Everything... Everything in one school... So this the best...

5 Dhaka Residential Model College

I think Dhaka Residential Model college deserves to be the best school in Bangladesh. Because very few schools in Bangladesh are not as well disciplined, mannered and specious like Dhaka Residential Model College. I've been reading in this school since 2005. That's not the reason I've voted for, the actual reason is the love, affection and respect. I know how we are taught and treated. And this teachings are enough to develop our everything, sooner or later everyone of us realize and become a eligible one both for own and country.
Dhaka Residential Model College has made us, has made us an all rounder, a person of well disciple, soft mannered and good characterized. So my vote goes for my Ex school. Thank you...

The Best, The Greatest! Words can't describe the amount of greatness this School has achieved over the years!
This is not just a School, its our home, our pride, our Way Of Life!

It's not just a school to us.. it is one of the most important part of our life.. DRMC is undoubtedly the best.. This is our DRMC our LIFE, which teaches us the way to strive for excellence.. "EAST, WEST, NORTH OR SOUTH DRMC IS THE BEST THERE IS NO DOUBT"

As per the international standard, a school must have certain facilities such as large playgrounds, residential halls, big auditorium room, laundry system, swimming pool, prayer's room (mosque), etc. besides qualified teachers. After visiting 15 countries and accomplishing higher studies in the US, I can proudly say that Dhaka Residential Model College is the only place which fulfills all the requirements of students at their childhood and thus, helps them to grow as leaders.

6 Rifles Public School and College

We are the best

This school is undoubtedly one of the best schools in Bangladesh. Not only do they teach the kids, they give you a slice of life, offer amazing extra-curriculars and gives you a chance to grow as a person. I'm glad to be a RiPublican and proud to be a part of this one big united family.

Rifels public school and college has got an reputation in the whole country. Run by the BGB and a colonel principle, Rifels Public school and college is one of the most disciplined academic institutions in Bangladesh. The teachers are friendly amd helpful. Well arranged lab ensures practical knowledge is being taught properly. With about 200± teaching stuff, it is one of the largest institutions in the country. As it is situated in the BGB Headquarters, the institution is surrounded by mother nature. Being free from sound and air pollution, the students can easily concentrate in studies. As said before, rules are very strict here. So, all the students are well mannered. Finally, Rifels Public School and College has that reputation to be in the upper side of the list.

My institution... My pride!

7 Holy Cross Girls' High School

Holy Cross Girls High School trains girls to be self-dependant, courageous, creative & provides the opportunity for huge amount of extra -curricular activities. Even, in study, it doesn't support only suggestion based memorizing answers in a typical way, rather encourages to learn every topic by heart. So, it should be at the first place among all the schools of Bangladesh.

This school is best and best... We learn not only our study lesson but also lesson about happy and healthy life... I am proud of this this school...

I think it's the best school in Bangladesh for girls. It should get a better ranking. Proud to be one of their student.

I would prefer Holy Cross over any school in the "world". Because it didn't only made us into better students, it taught us to be a better and honest human being. May be it won't get enough votes because this school is strict about having minimum students, it still is the best school in the country.

8 Chittagong Collegiate School and College

It is one the oldest schools in Bangladesh which made many grandees...

Producing legends since 1836! M/

One of the best school in our country.. feeling proud

The most innovative thoughts from our country come from this school

9 Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School

Fraternity, knowledge, dedication, freedom, self-dependence. A few of the many things that will make you realize how good this school actually is. It is not just an institution like any other, it is a temple of knowledge. You grow up here, you don't just age. I know St. Joseph and if you think of all the accomplishments the students of this institution has achieved you know I am DEAD RIGHT! Cheers!

I think St. Joseph Higher Secondary School is the best in the country because it has got the best faculty one could offer. Besides studies, it has got a wide range of co-curricular activities like Sports, Debate, Scout, etc. & we, the Josephites are constantly receiving prizes in any kind of competitions we participate in those sectors. The environment is fantastic, the campus is awesome, and the students are really well-behaved and has got an attitude. For these reasons, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School deserves to be at the top.

Definitely the best! The school has everything a student needs, and more. The campus, standard of education, scopes for extra curricular activities says it all. Just take a look at the alumni list to get an idea of how Josephites turn out after graduating from here!

A legendary institute, St. Joseph has produced some of the best personalities in this countries history. What is most astonishing is how since being founded in 1954, till date it has maintained a status as the best school in the country. Many schools have taken leaves out of the great St. Joseph legacy and come close, but none have been able to match the regal dominance this school has had forever. Certainly the best school in Bangladesh, in the past, today and definitely tomorrow.

10 Monipur High School & College

East or west... Monipur is the best

It has renown-full tradition and history. The school has been a consistent performer in Dhaka Board's SSC examinations since its inception. It has an enviable reputation of producing some of the brightest high school graduates in South Asian nation. The school adheres to strict moral teachings of Islam and the sense of discipline it instils on the minds of its students tend to reflect heavily in its SSC results each year. The school is indisputably recognised as one of the finest private schools in the country.

Love MUBC. It's definitely one of the best ^_^

Proud to be an musician


The Contenders

11 Dhanmondi Government Boys' High School


The Most Awesome school in BD! <3 I love this school too much

The place of making ultimate, extra ordinary bosses

hell yeah

12 Motijheel Government Boys' High School

This School is one of the Best school in Bangladesh. Teachers of this schools are highly qualified and students are very brilliant. Results of this school in SSC exam is excellent.

Best School a Boy can study... !

This school is great.

I don't know how should I start this. Whenever I start thinking about the centrla's life I feel some heavenly feelings. Because it's not only a school but also a paradise for students. Here we have many teachers whose are blessed with many literally talents and scientific methods. They are very very much sincere about the educational development of the school and they are trying hard to give their best to the students. Here students are also very sincere about their study. And now let's talk about the natural beauty of central. I'm swearing that no one can explain it in a word or even an essay. Nevertheless, Central is one of the best schools in this Dhaka city

13 Motijheel Model High School and College

One of the best schools in Bangladesh.

Best school all of them...

Love my school! Miss you guys a lot

I like my school...

14 St. Gregory's High School

Without any doubt its the best school in bd

The strong system of SGHS makes basic so strong that everyone will feel proud of being a part of this wonderful school. It has every sort of thing you cherish as a kid. All facilities to prepare yourself for the stormy path of life. Above all it will make you a better person in the long run

It's one of the oldest & the best institution in Bangladesh. It creates not only scholars but also Golden minds... It has the ability to make someone unique in this world..

If Gregorian (s) stop working for one day many big corporations and institutions in the country and abroad will come at a stand still. That is the status of SGHS, the only school in the list with a Nobel laureate of it's own.

15 Comilla Zilla School

It's the best because it holds students from the very worst and to the very brightest, and make a respectable person out of everyone. It nurtures the "individualism" and DOES NOT simply try to put every pupil through the same so called standard mold. I am proud that I could be whoever I was back there. I am proud that it never told me to that I'd have to grow up to be an Engineer or Doctor. They taught me to be free and live my life. Thank you CZS.

It should be in top 5.
Because it is a great school
The teaching techniques are very great
Results are also very impressive
Extra curricular activities are performed very well

Czs is the best.

This school does the best at what a Educational Institution should do. It develops the character of the students. Teaches them the right sense of everything. It made me a better person. I'm proud to be a CZSian. This school made me believe that we can go as high as we want to. We just need hard work. So yeah This school is certainly the best school for me. And it is one of the best school of BD

16 Sylhet Blue Bird High School and College

The time I spent in Blue Bird was great. The teachers actually cared about the students and weren't just there to gather more student's for their tutoring services. I had struggled quiet a bit when I made my transition on to 7th grade, however my teachers provided me with the resources to do well and get back on track. I had developed great character and skills in Blue Bird. Each and every thing that I had done in Blue Bird has made me a better person and has made me capable of thinking critically and logically. I am a much better student now and am currently living in the USA and I have to say, that the experience in Blue Bird has helped me a lot in my journey to become a Nuclear/Mechanical Engineer. Currently I have been accepted to various Universities with full scholarship and am still awaiting for acceptance from some IVY leagues and I have to thank Blue Bird for this experience.
Basically, It is one of the best schools in Bangladesh and it should be known, whether it gets to ...more

The great ever!

I would say this school is a best school in Bangladesh because since ages blue bird school has created so many talented which has spread all over the Bangladesh and in the world with the success. Some how they are leading as a representative of Bangladesh on the other hand they are rising reputation of this school as well.
I proud to be a student of BLUE BIRD HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE

Ex blue bird student

Yeah whatever.

17 Dr. Khastagir Government Girls' School

Dr. Khastagir govt. Gils' High School is one of best schools in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Undoubtedly it's the best school of Chittagong and of Bangladesh as well. Our glorious history of past results proves that. Need not say more. Dr. Khastagir Government Girls' School was the best, is the best and always will be the BEST.

I love my school very much and I feel proud to be a student of this school.

I was the student of DR. KHASTAGIR GIRL'S HIGH SCHOOL, I feel proud of it..

18 Scholastica School

I'm a student of Scholastica too! Feeling awesome! So proud. Credits to the Principal, the supervisors, the hardworking teachers, the Student Council members, the Prefects and of course the ordinary students. Feeling awesome!

Scholastica is The Best School IN Bangladesh. It prepares students for the outer world as well as inside. It is even internationally recognized. An all round school is very hard to find!

Scholastica is one of the best school in Bangladesh. I am feeling very proud that I m a student of this school. Feeling great! :D

40 years have passed since Scholastica have been established as I am writing this in 2017...It was the first English midium school that started with only 30 students..Me, being an 12 year old can just see how hard this school worked and provided the level best education to the students with amazing annual tournaments national and international and also a huge number of events and MUNs...I am reading in this school from the age of 3 yet this school never seemed to disappoint my parents...We are what we are today is just because of you SCHOLASTICA...Hats off to you,Scholastica

19 Sylhet Government Pilot High School

It is not only one of the most
Oldest schools in the subcontinent but also a unique & famous institution of the Country. It is the second oldest school in Bangladesh. Since 1836 this elite institution has been serving the whole locality & providing a lot of meritorious individuals to the nation. The students of this school continuously keeping their sign of success throughout the whole world. No other schools in Bangladesh have the potentiality to perform excellently since the beginning like SGPHS. Really, Iit's a great School & I am very proud that once I was the student of this school.

This school is the first established high school of Bangladesh. This school also has numerous notable alumni.

Best govt. school in Sylhet

One of the best school in Bangladesh.

20 Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Rifles College

Good school in dhaka

Best school ever in Bangladesh... !

This institution is a great part of my life!

This college is best...

21 Mymensingh Zilla School

If I look back around 30-40 years, I can still see the environment, the morning assembly, the obedient students and fatherly teachers, the lucrative tiffin, one of the biggest play ground... And so many sweet memories!

One of the oldest school of the lot and of course, to me, the best one!
I spent my life's best part in that school and that is enough to make it the Best!

This the school where I groomed up and so many brilliant students explored here... At the cost of teacher-student combined effort.

I know, the journey is continuing consistently for so many years... And I'm a proud one to be the part of this school!

Best hool in bangladesh

Best school ever

My opinions are too many to be shared...! I would never be able to have such things I got from this school. It was always and ever the best place I learnt. Teachers were no different from family..! Whenever meet my teachers it feels like I have just seen someone ware a part of my life. It's a piece of our soul..! This one piece binds us all lives...!

22 Chittagong Muslim High School

Best school with heritage

Chittagong Govt. Muslim High School I. E my school is a school where educational environment & the quality of education is not only good but also the best & friendly in all over Bangladesh... Here we are blessed with lots of honorable & caring teachers... I'm grateful to my school... This is my point of view about my school...

Now-a-days, There are so many source to learn like Wikipedia, Google, etc. But you had to be a student of a school like Chittagong Muslim High School to be motivated, self-criticized, self-confident, honest, moral etc.

The Oldest and the Best school in this country. Teaches education with morality and honesty.

23 Willes Little Flower School

Willes Little flower is one of the best school in Bangladesh which is in the centre of Dhaka city at Kakrail. School campus is very large and beautiful. In willes Little flower school teachers are very qualified and well mannered, So after study from Willes a student is not only well educated but also a good Human being...

I passed my best moments there... Love you & miss you willes...

Full of epicness

Passed from willes! Spent my whole childhood in willes. Grew up in willes. Getting away, I really miss my school. :'( now it matters a lot for me. ^_^

24 Rangpur Zilla School

The oldest school of the northern side of Bangladesh. By the result, it has always stand on the top in every year. It has glorious history written in its every brick. Literally, every student who has passed from this school, are proud for their past.
We are the best.

This school is very famous in north Bengal.. The students of this school are very intelligent, creative and modern. Students can learn freely... There is no illegal way to pass exams... So I think It will be on top 10 list.

One of the famous and ancient educational institutions of Bangladesh! Many famous people of Bangladesh, once a student of this school! This school was established in 1823

One of the famous and oldest school of Bangladesh. it has a glorious educational background. And has so nice campus which is the heart of the current students and alumni. Its environment helps students to develop a great mind inside them.

25 Maple Leaf International School

Maple leaf should be higher then this.. This school has been producing great results for a long long time now.

Maple Leaf is great school to learn how to be self-dependent. Both bookish and practical lessons can be learned from here. Trust me people, you will know a lot!

Very good education.
Teachers behavior are very nice guardian and students.
I fell very proud that my son educated in this school

It should go go to top 10. It is the oldest English medium school in Bangladesh...

26 Sylhet Govt. Agragami Girls High School

Ovbiously AGRAGAMI is one of the best girls' high school in Bangladesh.. It created more creative girl students and I have been studying here since 2003 to 2011. Proud to be a student of this school. AGRAGAMI is the best!

One of the oldest & best institute in Sylhet..
I am honored to be a student of this great institution..

Of course Sylhet Govt. Agragami Girls High School. My grandmother, my mom and me studied... And many more generation will go and excel their...

This school is producing best students since 1908. It is one of the best school of Bangladesh. I feel honored and proud to be a part of this schoo.

27 Rajshahi Collegiate School

Best school in bd

Best School Ebver

Best school in Bangladesh

Best School Ever in Bangladesh

28 Mastermind School and College

I truly feel privileged and honored to be part of such a brilliant school. In my opinion, this school truly stands for what its name is. They give you mental pressure, world class education and state of the art facilities. They will push you to be beyond what you are, and that's what a school should do. If you are able to keep up with its pace, and surely, not everyone can, you will be rewarded with self-confidence and pride. As a fellow here said, its his oxygen, well, its mine too. We are exclusive. We break limits.

The best English medium school in Bangladesh. The extra curricular activities such as sports, music, drama can be a bit on the short side due to lack of space for playing ground and lack of good teachers for these activities. However, the education quality is world class especially when in comes to College education! Mastermind has some of the best teachers in college. People from various other school come to this place only for these outstanding teachers. If you want education, this is the right place. Otherwise, if you also prefer extra curricular activities, look somewhere else
Yours truly,

~ KingSlayer

The best school read mastermind school

I am speechless about it

29 Engineering University School and College

Not the biggest and most famous one, but considering the results, it's one of the best schools of the city!

Regarding the qualities of the students as well the teachers, this is one of the best schools of Bangladesh, Although the number of students are small but the result they got in Board Exams are remarkable, many of the students who studied here are now doing jobs in reputed places worldwide

Only because the numbr of students in not as huge as the other schools, many doesn't notices it... ! But considering the results and other activities it is certainly one of the bests! Cheers!

For not having a huge number of students... this school is out of people's noticing. But if you see the performances of this school, you'll realize that no other school can beat Engineering University School and College! The teachers are the friendliest and the best of all. Proud to be a student of this school.

30 Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Govt. Boys' High School and College

Very good school specially environment.

This is one of best and very old school (established in 1969) of Bangladesh. Many top-ranked officers, successful businessmen of Bangladesh have hailed from this institute.

I love my school so much :) and I miss my school so much :(

Its like blood running through my vein. the best school ever I see in my life. love you so much for giving me so much happiness and for making me a part yours. I feel proud of you...

31 Sunnydale School

Sunnydale's results and extracurriculars nake it one of the finest schools in the country. Definitely in the top 10 because it provides the means for creating all rounded students.

This school is very bad

SUNNYDALE can never be beaten in maintaining rules and regulations!

It's the best how can anyone deny that.. It had the best o level results and a levels too... None of the other English mediums can be compared to it

32 Ispahani Public School & College, Comilla Cantonment

This school has a very nice environment for learning. Free from chaos. Large sports ground is a luxury now a days which it has already. Also boarding facility is an extra advantage that makes it popular. Defense management is appreciated to run it unbiased.

This institute has a glorious history. It is well decorated with high profile faculties and facilities. Specially it's boarding facility was best in the country. This institute not only makes a good student but well disciplined one. I am really proud to be an ISPAHANIAN.

Best school and college ever...

One of the best school in Bangladesh... No doubt at all.

33 Faujdarhat Cadet College

Pioneer of Cadet Colleges. This school not only about Education, It changes your lifestyle and everything.

It's my opinion that it can never be compared with the other schools because of the fact that it's not even a school. It's a home and it teach every aspects of our life unlike other schools. And needless to say I'm proud to be a part of this community.

This is not just a school, a second home to its ex and present students. It has all the facilities a teen requires to grow perfectly. This institution builds students in a way so that they can cope with any unfavorable situation.

The best institute in the country, which provides all the facilities for a student to become a true leader.

34 Bindu Bashini Government Girls High School


35 Shaheed Anowar Girls College

The top school of Bangladesh

My school is the best in all manner. education, discipline, cultural, sports.. in every aspects. I am proud that I have passe from this high quality school

No doubt! This is the best school.

Best place for education...

36 European Standard School

I'm proud to be a student of this school.

Best English medium school ever. I am proud to be a student of ESS

I don't like this school.

I am ecstatic and feeling honour to see my school in the list of top ten best schools of BD. Keep it up and hope it can success even more.

37 Sylhet Cadet College

Best school in bangladesh

It is the best school in Bangladesh

We should be the best, cause we are allrounders


38 Govt. Science College Attached High School

I m proud to be a student of this school... This school simply rocks... Maybe to all it might not be the best school but to me it is the best school I ever know...

This is one of the best school on my eyes, her weather, her area, her education system & rules looks like awesome then any school..
I proud to be a student of this school...

It is the best. It has a huge campus, big playground, qualified teachers, nice classrooms.

One of the best high school of BD

39 NGFF School Fenchugonj, Sylhet

This an institute where we trained to build the life. I love it. Thanks Alamgir, 87 Batch.

40 Mirpur Bangla High School and College

It is a school that never stop rising. it is improving day by day. It was established in 1963. Now it is one of the renowned schools in Mirpur of Bangladesh. Many of the students from this school acquired their desired destination in life such as doctors, engineers, top-ranked officers, businessman etc. I was a student of this school. I am proud of my school and it is a treat to be a part of it.

The school witnessed plenty of meritorious students those who succeeded their desired sector. There is huge potential according to its location wise and history. The last but not the least, proper utilization of its resources can make it number one without any doubt.

I am proud to be a student of this school. I passed my whole childhood here. The school makes me able to decide a goal of my life. It is not only a beautiful school but also is a proper guidance for any student. I love my school so much.

This is without doubt that it's one of the finest schools of Bangladesh. Many good prospective students went through here and made it a trustable institution. Many people takes it as a brand because the teachers are highly quallified and they don't just only teaches the text books but makes a respectable, self-confident and creative student. As a student it is not only a school to me. Its about my pride, respect and glory. I feel proud being a part of it. Thank you..

41 YWCA Higher Secondary Girls' School

Well YWCA is a pretty new school with few graduating students, so it may not come into competition with voting... But I'm sure most of the students in different schools listed here has started their student life from here if they are from Dhaka. Proud to be a YWCA student.. And I'm sure one day it will be in the top most list

As a student of YWCA, I'm really proud and overwhelmed.
I taught discipline, manner and obviously well-education from here. For me it's the best

YWCA is a well mannered school where discipline is must. It has fame not only in Bangladesh but a lot of countries in the world.. Proud to be a student of YWCA

One of the most classified schools in dhaka city

42 Jamuna Sarkarkhana High School

Jamuna Sarkarkhana High School was established in 1991 to spread quality education for the people working in Jamalpur and the children of the people living in
Jamuna Fertilizer Colony. The school obtained perfection by incorporating science, arts and commerce in session 1991-1992. One of the best school ever all of BCIC Schools in Bangladesh.

Jamuna Sarkarkhana High School is the best school of Bangladesh... We wish we will be in Top 10.

We are the best...

Provides Quality Education and produces well-educated individuals who are creative, inventive and discoverers...

43 Motijheel Govt. Girls High School

The best institution of my life. The school is not only focused on academic studies rather it focuses on life education more than academic curriculum.

My school... proud to be a centralian

I came in contact with other school's students during my school period. There was always too much competition. There can be relaxed and friendly relation among classmates--this is the thing I observed in my school. Result publishing day was the most interesting and entertaining day of my school life. Whatever the result was we all were making fun. Thanks to the teachers for creating this beautiful environment then. I did not feel this word called pressure in my school life.

Its not only my school its just like my home... Whenever I went there after my ssc just felt the heavenly feeling. I am giving all the credit to my school for whatever I m today.. It gives me knowledge, courage, inspiration, motivation, strength.. & whenever I got weak in my struggle... My teachers were there for me to hold my hand... I just missed my teachers & my school.

44 Annada Gov't High School, Brahmanbaria

The most renowned and one of the oldest school of Bangladesh. Powerful contender to be in top ten because of its academic and institutional background!

Undoubtedly one of the best school in Bangladesh and proud to be a former student of this institute.

One of the oldest and renowned institutions not only in the comilla region but also in Bangladesh. You won't find many schools in Bangladesh which is running since 1875 and running with consistent result & reputation. Definitely deserves to be one of the top schools

It is the largest and the oldest educational institution in Brahmanbaria district having a vast field, a school hostel and a gymnasium. The school carries a long & glorious history. I have happy memories of this school where I was a student...

45 Mongolsukh Model Govt. Primary School
46 Notre Dame College

My pa was a student of this school

"You kidding? It's legendary! "

The Best College Ever...

Proud to be a #notredamien ever...

1 Comment
47 Sunbeams School

Sunbeams is the best school!

Frequently known as the best school and the toughest to enter in the whole country

This is a foul school

Sunbeams is the best school in the county. All the former beamers have all very successful jobs. It is constantly ranked as the best school in Dhaka. The average GPA is much higher than other schools and we also excel in everything from sports to academics. It's a shock to see sunbeams so low instead of being in the top 5.

48 Bangladesh International School & College

This school should be in the top of the list

This is one of the most disciplined school of Bangladesh. When every other school remained closed during strikes we continued our classes properly. It has a cozy and small student environment so the teachers could give attention to every student properly unlike some large schools with 10000 students and only 100 teachers. And we also get many good facilities which is very rare in Bangladesh like playground, computer room, AC, hygienic canteen, new buildings and clean bathrooms etc. This school deserves 2 b on a better position

This is not only a school but it is more precious than heaven

Very good and well disciplined schools

49 Rajshahi Cadet College
50 Kadamtala Purbo Bashabo High School & College

In this school, teachers are dutiful.. They are very impressive at their teaching.

Best result and qualified teachers.

Large Campus,Qualified Teachers,Student-Friendly Environment & Obviously Good Result!

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