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181 Daudpur Putina High School, Narayanganj

One of the best school in Narayanganj. DPHS contains a beautiful campus among all schools in Bangladesh. Teachers are very experienced and helpful for students. Students of this school are very successful.

182 Nabakumar Institution & Dr. Shahidullah College

Academia is a very good school. Their campus environment is good, and students and teacher co-ordination is excellent. But one thing they haven't any play ground space for children. It's necessary for children. I hope they will think for it

my school

184 Adarsha High School
185 Matripith Govt Girls' High School V 1 Comment
186 Dawood Public School
187 Anjuman Govt. High School, Netrakona.

The best school in Netrakona district as well as The Dhaka Division.

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188 Mirzapur Cadet College V 1 Comment
189 Carew's High School, Darsana, Chuadanga
190 Comilla Residential School & College
191 Mastermind International School, Chittagong
192 Victory Adarsha High School

I'm very proud of our historical school! This is 1 of the best school in our country!

193 Rangpur Govt. Girls High School V 2 Comments
194 Jahangirnagar University School and College Jahangirnagar University School and College

One of the best playground and Best teachers. Best School In Old Dhaka.

195 St. Alfred's High School
196 Barisal Govt. Girls' High School

It is the most prestigious school in barisal city... but full of students' politics

I think this the worst school of the world

197 Safiuddin Sarker Academy and College

Safiuddin sarker academy and college is one of the best institution in Bangladesh. many times it placed top position in Dhaka Board. for a long time it is the number one in Gazipur District

198 Summerfield International School

One of the best english medium schools in bangladesh

Very caring school.The education system is great - wriddhak

199 Kishoreganj Government Boys' High School

I have passed the best moments of my life here

200 Ahmadabad High School, Mymensingh

Ahammadabad High Schoolis one of a scholastic ancient schools in the rural area of Bangladesh. It was established at 1947 AD. in Trishal, Mymensingh. It has prepared many of scholars who are serving at all over the country & abroad.

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