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41 YWCA Higher Secondary Girls' School

Well YWCA is a pretty new school with few graduating students, so it may not come into competition with voting... But I'm sure most of the students in different schools listed here has started their student life from here if they are from Dhaka. Proud to be a YWCA student.. And I'm sure one day it will be in the top most list

As a student of YWCA, I'm really proud and overwhelmed.
I taught discipline, manner and obviously well-education from here. For me it's the best

YWCA is a well mannered school where discipline is must. It has fame not only in Bangladesh but a lot of countries in the world.. Proud to be a student of YWCA

I feel PROUD to say that I was a student of YWCA :) here,students and teachers are considered as one family.While studying here,a student learns to utilize their own potential through extra curricular activities which will help them in other spheres of their life.

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42 Jamuna Sarkarkhana High School

Jamuna Sarkarkhana High School was established in 1991 to spread quality education for the people working in Jamalpur and the children of the people living in
Jamuna Fertilizer Colony. The school obtained perfection by incorporating science, arts and commerce in session 1991-1992. One of the best school ever all of BCIC Schools in Bangladesh.

Jamuna Sarkarkhana High School is the best school of Bangladesh... We wish we will be in Top 10.

We are the best...

JFCL school & college is the best BCIC school in BD

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43 Mongolsukh Model Govt. Primary School
44 Motijheel Govt. Girls High School

I came in contact with other school's students during my school period. There was always too much competition. There can be relaxed and friendly relation among classmates--this is the thing I observed in my school. Result publishing day was the most interesting and entertaining day of my school life. Whatever the result was we all were making fun. Thanks to the teachers for creating this beautiful environment then. I did not feel this word called pressure in my school life.

Its not only my school its just like my home... Whenever I went there after my ssc just felt the heavenly feeling. I am giving all the credit to my school for whatever I m today.. It gives me knowledge, courage, inspiration, motivation, strength.. & whenever I got weak in my struggle... My teachers were there for me to hold my hand... I just missed my teachers & my school.

Best school not just because I graduated from there but just because where I am now today.. Awesome math and English teachers where mostly we need the foundation to be strong.

This is an amazing school with excellent and qualified teachers and beautiful learning environment...All of it makes a student a dreamer, a hard-worker, and most importantly - a better human being...

I love Motijheel Govt. Girls High School! It's made me who I am!

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45 Annada Gov't High School, Brahmanbaria

The most renowned and one of the oldest school of Bangladesh. Powerful contender to be in top ten because of its academic and institutional background!

Undoubtedly one of the best school in Bangladesh and proud to be a former student of this institute.

One of the oldest and renowned institutions not only in the comilla region but also in Bangladesh. You won't find many schools in Bangladesh which is running since 1875 and running with consistent result & reputation. Definitely deserves to be one of the top schools

One of the best school of our country.The teachers of this school are very much experienced...they know how to educate q children.They are the teaachers who can able to make a students life brighter

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46 Sunbeams School

Frequently known as the best school and the toughest to enter in the whole country

This is a foul school

Sunbeams is the best school in the county. All the former beamers have all very successful jobs. It is constantly ranked as the best school in Dhaka. The average GPA is much higher than other schools and we also excel in everything from sports to academics. It's a shock to see sunbeams so low instead of being in the top 5.

Safwan is hot

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47 Bangladesh International School & College

This is one of the most disciplined school of Bangladesh. When every other school remained closed during strikes we continued our classes properly. It has a cozy and small student environment so the teachers could give attention to every student properly unlike some large schools with 10000 students and only 100 teachers. And we also get many good facilities which is very rare in Bangladesh like playground, computer room, AC, hygienic canteen, new buildings and clean bathrooms etc. This school deserves 2 b on a better position

This is not only a school but it is more precious than heaven

Very good and well disciplined schools

One of the best in the country.

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48 Notre Dame College

My pa was a student of this school

"You kidding? It's legendary! "

The Best College Ever...

After some crutial monent I think a student of NDC feels who is he...

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49 Kadamtala Purbo Bashabo High School & College

In this school, teachers are dutiful.. They are very impressive at their teaching.

Best result and qualified teachers.

Large Campus,Qualified Teachers,Student-Friendly Environment & Obviously Good Result!

50 School Of Development Alternative (SODA)

I want jsc result 2014 of this soda school and name of student with grade

51 Rajshahi Cadet College
52 Natore Govt. Boys High School

Awesome School in Northern Bangladesh. Best of all schools

It is the best school in Bangladesh

Started in 1910... Natore Govt. Boys High School has the excellent reputations.

Study quality too much low

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53 The Aga Khan School V 3 Comments
54 Jhenaidah Cadet College

As an alma mater, it definitely has excelled over others. All the best. May it shine brighter with time. Spit and polish, spit and polish, spit and polish...

55 Natore Sugar Mills High School

This School have very good and helpful teacher.

I think It's a great School in Natore.

56 Armanitola Govt High School

The number 1 scout ranked school in Bangladesh.

One of the oldest schools in dhaka. It has a history of 100 years (1904). I'm proud to be a part of this great school.

Best school in old Dhaka... Within a few year it will be the best ranking school.

It's a great school...i love my school

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57 Manarat Dhaka International College

I'm shocked that it is not in the top ten list.It is one of the best English medium school in Bangladesh.They form the best debaters through out the country.Every year students proof their excellence in A levels and o levels...

It should get more higher position as it is good in sports like football.. And as always they win in debates and the students achieve there best result..

This school deserves to be number 1... Because they will be better than all others on their worst day!

So good to be described. It should have been the best school in Bangladesh. WORLD CLASS SCHOOL

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58 Barisal Zilla School

The school I have ever seen which is still contributing for making future leaders of our country

Absolutely the best school in Barisal and one of the best in the country!

Had a great life there.


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59 Comilla Modern High School

No doubt! Ours school is more suitable & perfect place for any kind of student... That's why I think it is one of the best school of our country... I feel proud to be a student of this school.

This is the best school of Bangladesh because I read in the school

It's the best school in Comilla. I feel proud for my school.

It's the best School in Comilla

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60 Cambrian School And College

The one and only academic institution in Bangladesh where classroom activities are successfully ensured unlike the rest of the institutes where the students are always persuaded to have academic coaching.

This institution ensures True Digital and Innovative method of study. Creativity of the students are highly encouraged in this college

I is a best college in Bangladesh. There teachers are more careful and good environment for education

The school have playground they have digital class room...cultural accademy and spoken english class drama class

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