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61 Cambrian School And College

The one and only academic institution in Bangladesh where classroom activities are successfully ensured unlike the rest of the institutes where the students are always persuaded to have academic coaching.

This institution ensures True Digital and Innovative method of study. Creativity of the students are highly encouraged in this college

I is a best college in Bangladesh. There teachers are more careful and good environment for education

The school have playground they have digital class room...cultural accademy and spoken english class drama class

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62 St. Francis Xaviers Greenherald

Xaviers are THE best. we got loads of extra curricular activities. and quiz competitions are always on the line. our basketball team got the unbeatable trophy recently.

This is the best school. It should be at number 1 because of its wonderful facilities and well teachings.

It's the most awesome school of Bangladesh. And as well as a blessing and miraculous to me that I am a student of this school

Only the school is best...not at all

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63 B A F Shaheen College

One of the most prestigious educational institute in BD. Lost her quality but still the best "School" in Dhaka not a coaching center with 2 or three buildings! She holds a glorious past.

Perhaps the quality of education has been deteriorated but I think this institution is still the best in Dhaka in terms of area, play ground, scenic beauty, cleanliness etc. I feel proud being an ex student of this institution and badly miss the days of 90s...

In my time it was one of the best school in Bangladesh and still I think same...

What are u doing shaheen? You were the best and you can be the best. Best of luck...

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64 SOS Hermann Gmeiner School And College

Well disciplined and net & clean.

Better learning institution of Bangladesh different,creative and innovative.

Proud gmeineric..
Best environment and teachers in Dhaka city

65 Faridpur Zilla School (FZS)

Best and best and best

That is the best school and I like it... - albhi

Good morning my love for you to be a good day at work and I have to go to the gym and then I will be there Uuuu you have a good day at - albhi

a man can achieve from childhood

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66 Narsingdi Govt. Girls' High School

Why not more improve?

One of the best school in BANGLADESH

One of the best girls high school in Bangladesh..

My scl is my lyf

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67 Rajshahi University School

It is the best school and I love my school, teachers and all staffs

"Best school in Rajshahi. I am proud to be a student of Rajshahi University School. Rajshahi University school - my love. "

Rajshahi University Scool was established in 1966. It is one of the renowned schools of Rajshahi. Rajshahi University School has won the prize of the Best Academic Institute of the year in 1991 and 1996.

This is the best School in Bangladesh,From 1998 to 2010, I learned the lessons from here.i love my school.
Sarker Rafiqul Islam (Arafat).

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68 A. K. High School and College

A.K. High School and College is best school I like this school

A. K High School is the best

My School my choice. there has no confuse about its proper ducation.

AK school is the second best school in Barisal.

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69 Ibn Taimiya School & College, Comilla

They serve much quality education than others & It is well known School.. There result is also very much good... - MHB-RIAD

One of best school in comilla,Bangladesh

70 Pledge Harbor School & Sports Academy

Not only a boarding school, but also a sport academy.

Not only a school, but also a sport academy

Bad school ever

The best school in the world! love you panthers

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71 Government Jubilee High School, Sunamganj

It's a very good school

72 Barisal Cadet College
73 Bangladesh Elementary School

Yes I am also agreed because I am a student of that school...

Students are unable to make question answer oraly. So, class teacher have to ask them question answer in class room by oraly & then students will be make competition among them selve. Also, they will get scolarship in public exam. Plese, clarify in class room.

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74 Shishu Niketan High School Rangpur
75 Daffodil International College
76 The Aided High School, Sylhet

One of the oldest School in Sylhet

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77 Chandpur Govt. Technical High School
78 Mahilara A.N. High School

Its a very good and famous school in Barisal.

79 Barnamala Adarsha High School And College
80 Mohammadpur Preparatory and Higher Secondary School

Best techers and really comfortable environment... I would say that the best time of my life spent ever..

Preparatory and family has the same meaning in my vocabulary. :')

I passed the best time of my life at this school. Teachers are like friends and the school is like a home that warm up you always.

Center for excellency with various co-
curriculum activities.

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