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81 Begumgonj Government Pilot High School, Noakhali

Despite the school is located in a sub-district level, it provides a high standard of education. Teachers are very friendly and supportive to all students. The school nurtures excellent academic climate that helps to realize the full potential of each and every students.

Every year it stands first position in the region!

One of the best schools in whole Chittagong

East o west pilot is the best

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82 Udayan Higher Secondary School

Udyan school is one of the finest schools in our country.. it has a strong and good reputation for its result and discipline.. it had won the award of the best school of the country at 1991! The students of udayan don't treat it as an educational institute rather they consider it as their life! A jar of a tasty cookies! Even the haters praise udayan!
In short, well you can't write about udayan in short but let me try to put something in a sentence...


One of the finest school in Bangladesh. It doesn't only teach you educational stuff, it shows you and makes you understand the value of friendship, life. It is not just a school, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that makes you prepared for the awaiting journey. It's life changing and awesome.

Udayan: A school that doesn't fight for places or reputation, an institution that works on making you a human rather than a money bag. A lifestyle.

Udayan Higher secondary School Dhaka, formerly known as Udayan Bidyalaya, a reputed co-education school of Bangladesh, established in 1955 by the University of Dhaka within its campus as a kindergarten named Dhaka English Preparatory School.
Awards : Best school of the country at 1991

Sud b in number 7

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83 BCSIR High School

My best school

BCSIR... Just superb... Love you school... We will never forgot you... And salute to you... My school... Who build up my career...

Legend is study here.

We will reach 1st position in few years! :D

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84 University Laboratory School And College

The one who have ever gone to this school at least for one day! Can never forget such day from his/her life!

The only school that gives you freedom.

Who cares about academics, wanna have fun? ULAB is your school then.

Best School in Dhaka

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85 Oxford International School

The school has hosted some of the best activities in country. It has produced some excellent academic results, and hopefully, after passing through the minor speed bumps, we hope it will one day retake its previous glory.

For me, it will always remain the best and we all together will restore its glory back... That's our promise.

This school provides scholarships to foreign countries.

They does not give any mental pressure

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86 Feni Shishu Niketan, Feni

Proud to be a student of Feni Shishu Niketan

I love FSN. Its an institution where friendship are created also creative boys and girls

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87 Cox's Bazar Government High School

One of the finest and oldest institute in Bangladesh... established 1874

The best one in my choice

I am honored to be a part of this great institution..

Its one of the best school in chittagong division...

88 Ibn Taimia School V 1 Comment
89 Dinajpur Zilla School

Preaching knowledge since 1854 one of the oldest and best school in Bangladesh.

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90 Bhagaban Govt. High School

Bhagaban Govt. High School is one of the best school not only from Brahmanpara but also Comilla as well as the whole country. In 1992 it had become the 1st school in the top 10 school list made by Comilla education board. - RiazCou

Bhagaban Govt. High School

91 Southpoint School & College, Chittagong

May not be the best institution but certainly the best past

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92 Siddheswari Girls High School

One of the good school in dhaka for the girls. Very well environment and experienced teachers are here.

93 Dhaka School of Bangladesh
94 Chittagong Engineering University School & College

It's one of the school in Chittagong.

I think it is a best school in chittagong...
It has a delightful environment to learn...

95 Police Line High School, Sylhet

One of the best in sylhet... Its improvment increasing day by day... Vary soon it will be the number 1 in the sylhet...

96 Chandshi Ishwar Chandra Secondary School
97 Dhanikhola High School

This is well known school of Trishal under the district of Mymensingh and established in 1939.

Established in 1939 under the upoz. of Trishal and district of Mymensingh.

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98 Pagla High School, Narayanganj
99 Dhaka Imperial College

On of the best college...

100 Rangpur Govt. College
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