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81 Faridpur Zilla School (FZS)

That is the best school and I like it... - albhi

Good morning my love for you to be a good day at work and I have to go to the gym and then I will be there Uuuu you have a good day at - albhi

Clearly Zilla School has the best results in Board Exams. WE should be on top! - Bayezid

a man can achieve from childhood

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82 Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College

Excellent way to judge this school is to discuss with the teachers and students of this school and college

Disciplined system, well furnished, meritorious students & experienced, dedicated teachers all those things you will get in, the best school of Sylhet & all over the country, The Jalalabad Cantonment Public School & College.

The bet school and college in Bangladesh

I believed that jalalabad cantonmant is Real.

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83 Ibn Taimiya School & College, Comilla

They serve much quality education than others & It is well known School.. There result is also very much good... - MHB-RIAD

One of best school in comilla,Bangladesh

84 A. K. High School and College

A.K. High School and College is best school I like this school

A. K High School is the best

My School my choice. there has no confuse about its proper ducation.

AK school is the second best school in Barisal.

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85 Pledge Harbor School & Sports Academy

Not only a boarding school, but also a sport academy.

Not only a school, but also a sport academy

Bad school ever

The best school in the world! love you panthers

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86 Begumgonj Government Pilot High School, Noakhali

Despite the school is located in a sub-district level, it provides a high standard of education. Teachers are very friendly and supportive to all students. The school nurtures excellent academic climate that helps to realize the full potential of each and every students.

Every year it stands first position in the region!

One of the best schools in whole Chittagong

East o west pilot is the best

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87 Government Jubilee High School, Sunamganj V 1 Comment
88 Mohammadpur Preparatory and Higher Secondary School

Best techers and really comfortable environment... I would say that the best time of my life spent ever..

Preparatory and family has the same meaning in my vocabulary. :')

Preparatory is my childhood. I hated it while being in it but now that I'm thousands of miles away, I really miss it. I miss the campus, the teachers, friends and all the crazy memories!

It is the best school in bd!

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89 Bangladesh Elementary School

Yes I am also agreed because I am a student of that school...

Students are unable to make question answer oraly. So, class teacher have to ask them question answer in class room by oraly & then students will be make competition among them selve. Also, they will get scolarship in public exam. Plese, clarify in class room.

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90 Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls' High School

I think the rank which is displayed isn't perfect. The school is much better according to it's ranking.

This is my school & I am proud to be a student of this school.

The students of this school is always honest, sincere, confident and they obey their teachers, parents and all. So that they are able to create "soner bangla".

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91 Barisal Cadet College
92 The Aided High School, Sylhet

One of the oldest School in Sylhet

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93 Shishu Niketan High School Rangpur
94 Daffodil International College
95 Chandpur Govt. Technical High School
96 Mahilara A.N. High School V 1 Comment
97 Khulna Zilla School

The duty of a school is not only to teach some lessons but also to give the students a great opportunity to cultivate moral values, to embody the latent talents of the learners providing an arena of extra-curricular activities. In this aspect, Khulna Zilla School plays an appropriate role in education. So, it should be one of the top 10 schools in Bangladesh.

One of the best schools of our country. I feel very lucky and proud as a former student of the school. It made my childhood awesome.

Really a school to remember the rest of my life. There is no compromise in results. Always top on the board


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98 Barnamala Adarsha High School And College
99 Moulvibazar Govt. High School

I always boast being a student of Moulvibazar Government High School. It is the best high school in Bangladesh. I won't tell you about the advantages and facilities it has for its students rather I'll tell you to come and visit the school and be the witness of excellence. It has a huge play ground and a well equipped modern auditorium. Moreover there is opportunity to study for those who don't have the grace to see the light of the world in Brail system. Therefore there is an opportunity to enjoy the Sylheti lifestyle.

This is one of best school in Moulvibazar.

This is the best school in MOULVIBAZAR. It has a large number of facilities. It was made in the BRITISH period in 1891 and since than it has been the best school in MOULVIBAZAR. The play ground that it has can be called a mini cricket stadium. This school is really beautiful. Anybody will want to read in it when he will see the view of this school. I was also also a student of this school, SSC-13.


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100 Noakhali Zilla Schook (NZS)

Noakhali Zilla School is the best school in greater Noakhali.

Noakhali Zilla Scohool is one of the best school in Bangladesh. It is a very good school. The teachers of the school is very good and well trained. So, I think it is a appropriate school for. Every student.

Best school in Noakhali District.

Without Any Doubt I can say surely it'z the best.If Government gives more consentration to our school I can say surely that our school can perform more better result in SSC.Hope government will take some possitive step for our good...

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