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121 Rajshahi Govt. Girls High School. Helenabad, Rajshahi

Helpful teachers, protected area, beautiful environment, big playground, auditorium, library, everything you will find in this school. really proud to be an ex student of this school.

Long Live my dearest school!

Best school in this world, Not only for education but also for everything. The school might not d best education institute but their teaching can help every student to be a perfect human being. I feel proud myself to belong from there.

Best time that I have passed in my life

An example of an ideal school...

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122 National Ideal School & College

Best & most disciplined institute in Bangladesh. It is great to be a part of it!

123 Bangladesh Air Force Shaheen College, Dhaka

Best school, best infrastructure, best playing fields, ideal location, dedicated faculty and students.

124 South Breeze School

Best school ever!

I read here


125 Badda Alatunnessa Higher Secondary School

Really our school is the best as we know that if we search in every institution(College) in Dhaka I can fine minimum five or more than five person and we have also some student who get top position in Public University.

This is one of the Best School in Dhaka

Schooling with honour and prestige.

It is one of the best schools in Bangladesh.

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126 Dhaka Govt. Muslim High School

It is one of the reputed school in old dhaka... One of the best in Bangladesh also...

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127 Saint Placid's High School

Love and respect, super friends and faculty, miss those grt times

I spent my 10 years in this great School which helped to build my Life
I will never forget those memorable days I've spent with my Childhood Friends who are leading Successful life

Missed more moments as an old placidian. just a great campus, selected rules, more games,just love it

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128 Little Jewels Nursery Infant and Junior School

It is good for English medium. Historical school, best qualities, discipline, good English, good study etc are its good qualities. This school is nice.

This is the best school in bangladesh. It should be at first. It can overtake Willes


129 Dhanmondi Government Girls' High School

With best teachers & students, it is a best school

130 Dhaka Commerce College
131 Badda Alatunessa Higher Secondary School
132 Govt. Model Girls' High School, Brahmanbaria
133 International School Dhaka (ISD)

Being established in 1999 ISD is now one of the best schools yet one of the most expensive schools in Dhaka. Being famous for all their students making it into the Ivy league universities ISD is undoubtedly the best school in Bangladesh. It has resulted that more than 70% of the class of 2014 for this school have made it into Ivy league universities.

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134 Dhanmondi Tutorial

I know that Dhanmondi Tutorial isn't one of the best schools of the country, but it's not so bad that it doesn't even get a shot in top 100s. It deserves to be in the top 100s.

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135 Khepupara High School
136 Shaheed Police Smrity College, Mirpur, Dhaka

It's a real college and I am feeling proud to read this college..

This is a good school

Very good

I was a student of shaheed police smrity college.the help of this school I am able to read in dhaka residential model chowdhury.

137 Saint Alfred's High Scholl, Bakergonj, Barisal

Best school for discipline, result, and cultural function.

Its a Great school for creating leader.

Very good Academic and administrative record in Barisal

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138 Barisal Govt. Girls' High School

It is the most prestigious school in barisal city... but full of students' politics

I think this the worst school of the world

139 Tejgaon Government High School

I am proud, that I was a student of this School.

The hospitality of our school is best...

I like my school as the best one.

Chodani marka school

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140 Bangladesh Navy School V 3 Comments
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