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161 Feni Govt. College, Feni

It's an ideal school

162 British Standard School

The best English medium School

Worst school ever even the principle sucks

Britishstandardschool is best school teacher love kids teacher don't angry play zone so nice teacher play kids.

It is not best but it is the number one school every read the britishstandardschool the teacher is very good she said kids done you work and kids done her work draw class so good draw mam is so love kids every one like bss and read bss

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163 Ashraf High School, Comilla

It is a renowned school of Comilla Zilla.

164 Narinda Govt. High School

Narinda Govt. High School is one of the best renowen school in Dhaka.It is the most disciplined school of Dhaka. When every other school remained closed during strikes we continued our classes properly. It has a cozy and small student environment so the teachers could give attention to every student properly unlike some large schools with 10000 students and only 100 teachers. And we also get many good facilities which is very rare in Bangladesh like playground, computer room, hygienic canteen, new buildings, clean bathrooms, science laboratory and multimedia classrooms.Bangladesh Handball is rule by Narindian.It Establish in 1963.I studied here 10 years.

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165 Uttara High School and College

I am a student of this school. This SCHOOL IS VERY nice I love my school I read here from class 1. I think this school will be come to top 10 soon...

I am a student of this school this is very nice and big I love my school

One of the most beautiful & nc school in uttara at Dhaka... I just love this school...
Very nice

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166 Bangladesh Navy School V 3 Comments
167 Ahmed Uddin Shah Shishu Niketan School and College

I think Ahammed Uddin Shah Shishu Niketan School and College, Gaibandha deserves to be the best school in Bangladesh. Because very few schools in Bangladesh are not as well disciplined, mannered and specious like AUSSN. I've been reading in this school since 2000. That's not the reason I've voted for, the actual reason is the love, affection and respect. I know how we are taught and treated. And this teachings are enough to develop our everything, sooner or later everyone of us realize and become a eligible one both for own and country.
AUSSN has made us, has made us an all rounder, a person of well disciple, soft mannered and good characterized. So my vote goes for my school. Thank you.

I have been reading here since 1997 when I was in class 3. All of my teachers were so friendly. Lots of memories come to my mind when I think of my school. I think this is the best school in Gaibandha. So VOTE for my school...

168 Pabna Zilla School V 2 Comments
169 Gulshan Model High School & College
170 Junior Laboratory High School

Yep students made it bad. but the teacher no it was the school itself with you in your need

No doubt our teachers are best as they works very hard. Still the students are very lazy. JLHS is one of the richest scchool in Bangladesh and I'm proud of my school. It's brilliant architectural design is envious.. Love you JLHS.. ^_^

171 Shamsul Haque Khan School & College V 1 Comment
172 Chittagong Residential School and College

One my favorite and city famous school...S.N. K

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173 Chittagong Municipal Model High School
174 Dhanmondi Tutorial

I know that Dhanmondi Tutorial isn't one of the best schools of the country, but it's not so bad that it doesn't even get a shot in top 100s. It deserves to be in the top 100s.

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175 HEED International School V 1 Comment
176 Ansar V.D.P. High School

When Badiudjamman was the Head Master of this school..IT was the best school ever I seen. But Badiudzaman has retried. Now I don't. Know about this school. Some teachers like Rahman Sir, Mahiuddin Sir, Nurjahan Madam are the best teachers. I love this school. In present the school not so good

177 Hazrat Dewansha Primary School V 1 Comment
178 Shakhipur Islamia High School

Most oldest and traditional School in Shariatpur, Bangladesh - imranjnu

179 Bangladesh Agricultural University
180 Pabna Cadet College

Pabna cadet college is the best college in Bangladesh.

All the time 1st or 2nd in Rajshahi Board.

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