Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School


A legendary institute, St. Joseph has produced some of the best personalities in this countries history. What is most astonishing is how since being founded in 1954, till date it has maintained a status as the best school in the country. Many schools have taken leaves out of the great St. Joseph legacy and come close, but none have been able to match the regal dominance this school has had forever. Certainly the best school in Bangladesh, in the past, today and definitely tomorrow.

The campus will make you fall in love!

A student who enters this institution leaves not only with the finest education but also with life skills that help him survive and thrive in this competitive world. This institution doesn't have thousands of students passing every year but rather 160 solid personalities that can compete and dominate those thousands. Normally students just go through their school life knowing only their friends but here you can find students on good terms with seniors as well as juniors who are generations apart. Other schools have ex students but we have "JOSEPHITES" regardless of age, colour and religion. St. Joseph is our second home and we have been lucky enough to be a part of its family.

The quality of a school is determined by the awesomeness of her students. Right from the childhood to the adulthood, a person remains integrally attached with a school which helps in building the basics of a student. The humanity, brilliance, sportsmanship everything are taught by the culture of the school. Now, have a look at the Josephites. The most cultured, brilliant minds of the country, Saint Joseph can safely brag that she has produced the golden boys in this country. And yes, there is no doubt in my mind, and there should be no doubt in anybody's mind that our school is the best, not only in this country, but also in this world. Josephites rules

I am not from this school, still I vote them cause I felt that the friends I had from this school were all individuals... with their own thought process and belief... they inspired me a lot... I believe this school had a lot of impact on them...

The school which makes you work hard and at the same time how to enjoy your life. I remember the pressure of studies and immense scope of extra curricular activities side by side. Undoubtedly it is one the best schools in Dhaka

Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School, an institution governed by the Holy Cross Brothers from 1954 is undoubtedly the best academic institution in the country. This school brings up students with not only excellent academic quality but also with extraordinary moral values and life skills.

The Most Complete School In Bangladesh. Rich with History, It is the most Aristocrat School In Bangladesh, Founded in 1954. It has great Teachers, A great Campus, A large field, Many Clubs to organize Extra Curricular Activities and much more. We are like family here in St. Joseph.

Focuses on morals and values.
Excels in extra-curricular activities, which are very important in practical life.
Excellent sports facilities and performance.

The best school in Bangladesh. Have everything. Sports, Extra-curricular activities, good environment, great teachers, Very well-disciplined and many more things. A very few school in Dhaka has everything in it. That's y we r unique and exclusive. Love maa school. It's the best.

The best thing about us, the Josephites is that we don't give a damn what our position is here. St. Joseph admits a limited number of students each year because it's the quality and focus they believe in, not the quantity. Since people don't vote here with reasonable judgement rather by the school they have studied, it's not a proper way to rank.

St. Joseph does not teach you anything. It simply shows you a light at the end of the tunnel and just encourages you with all the things you need.

It is the best school of Bangladesh from every section including education, sports and cultural activities. - Undistinguished

Because of students number our school in behind otherwise it would the top of all. Nothing here is lags behind. Best school and it is never that commercial like residential

St. Joseph is the best school in Bangladesh without any doubt. St. Joseph has the strongest alumni network than any other school in Bangladesh. Whether it's Harvard, McGill, Cornell, BUET or MIT, you'll find a Josephite everywhere. St. Joseph ignites passion among the students, the opportunities available at St. Joseph ensure that josephites are getting the best academic and extra curricular education in the nation.

Actually this is the best school in Bangladesh. Students of this school awarded many prestigious recognition from home & abroad. Four of five grandmasters of Bangladesh passed from this school.

This is certainly the best school in the country. The education standard is better than any other schools. The institution also offers wide range of extra-curricular activities.

The School that has produced leaders. A place that still makes the student feel like home. A fraternity that's so closely bonded that other only wish they were part of it

It has the best academic background, besides study, a student can flourish himself by doing activities in different clubs..
"advancing in wisdom and virtue"-hell yeah!

The school has everything for what is needed for good education.

A sparta-styled training for students. Spartans were the best warriors of their time. so...

This institute stayed true to its motto, "Advancing In Wisdom And Virtue". It's a unique institute in every sense, one of a kind.

How can a voting competition judge a school's excellence is a mystery to me. But it IS the best school so I voted nonetheless.

Awesome campus. The best school of the country indeed for extra-curricular activities and academic education as well.

Most disciplined, consistent in educational standard and continuous talent production institute in Bangladesh...